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Paladins – Twitch Category Patch Notes | Massive Changes Coming!

As we continue to refocus our efforts around community engagement & meaningful support of smaller creators, we’ve made some changes to how Paladins’ presence on Twitch will be moving forward. This includes our views towards content types, our own Stream Team, & Drops.


Over the past several months, we’ve noticed an increase in streamers in our category pursuing this type of content, and while not directly malicious, it harms the health of the community & small creators. Moving forward, we will highly discourage and deter from this content type and work with our partners at Twitch to maintain the Paladins category. One such change is detailed down below concerning Drops.


Our goal with the Paladins Stream Team has always been to foster growth for our smallest creators and provide them a platform to bounce from into their own independence. Now, we have listened to feedback and decided to make changes that while bittersweet, will help provide more space for new voices & ensure that Paladins is still a great home for content creation.

Starting today, PaladinsGame will be live on Twitch 10 hours a day (12 PM ET-10 PM ET) as opposed to the 22 it was before. We’ve also changed each streaming block to be 1 hour shorter, so viewers will see more of our creators in a shorter period of time. We encourage creators on the Team & beyond to continue to stream on their channels, especially now with reduced time we are live! Paladins’ community is what has kept us going for years, and now we want to allow it more room to impact our presence on Twitch.


In conjunction with these changes, we’re also planning to reapproach how we handle Drops in the Paladins category. Players have been both frustrated with our reward structure, as well as inconsistencies in redemption. Moving forward, we will no longer run Drops constantly, instead running them on occasion to encourage more streamers to stream & players to watch at peak times for Paladins. Make sure to utilize the currently running Drops & stay tuned on socials for the first of this new format!

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