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Paladins – Schism Patch Notes | VII, the Ruthless Executioner!


Introducing VII, Right Hand of the Tribunal, the newest champion to join the Realm. In a world plagued by threats and the ambitions of evil, the Outer Tribunal has risen to restore justice. But justice alone is not enough. They needed an Executioner, someone who would ensure that judgements were upheld without mercy. VII is that Executioner, a figure whose past is etched upon the gravestones of the wicked. With ruthless force and deadly precision, he undertakes missions that would break most men. But is he even a man?

In terms of gameplay, VII takes on the role of a Flank champion, with a health pool of 1900. His weapon, the Heavy SMG, offers different firing modes to suit different situations. Burst Mode allows him to fire three shots, each dealing 150 damage, every 0.65 seconds. Mag Dump unloads the entire magazine, dealing 500 damage for every 10 bullets fired. The Heavy SMG has a maximum capacity of 40 bullets. Finally, Automatic mode fires off the SMG automatically, dealing 175 damage every 0.175 seconds. Whether you prefer close-quarters combat or long-range engagements, VII has you covered. Get ready to unleash justice upon the Realm with this formidable new champion.


Since the very beginning, the Realm has been in peril. Be it calamitous threats rivaling the Scourges of old, or the unbridled ambitions of evil men, fate has always conspired against Realmkind.

It was in defiance of this injustice that the Outer Tribunal was formed. But for true justice to prevail, the order would need more than pious Judges. They’d need an Executioner. Someone unburdened by the trappings of mercy who would ensure that judgements cast were judgements kept.

VII is one whose past is chronicled upon the gravestones of the wicked. He is the grim reaper; a collector of tithes made in guilty blood. Like a phantom, he undertakes missions that would break most men, employing ruthless force and deadly precision. But then again, who’s to say he is even a man?



  • Flank


  • 1900


Default: Burst Mode – Fire off three 150 damage shots every 0.65s. Has a maximum range of 300 units, being fully effective at 130 units with perfect accuracy.

Mag Dump – Unload your entire magazine dealing 500 damage for every 10 bullets fired. The Heavy SMG has a maximum round capacity of 40 bullets. Mag Dump has an effective range of 15 units with a maximum range of 100 units.

Automatic – Fire off your automatic SMG dealing 175 damage every 0.175 seconds. Maximum range is 175 units with an effective range of 90 units.


Swap between one of the three different fire modes – Bust Mode, Mag Dump Mode, and Automatic Mode


Dodge 30 units in one of four directions, dropping an explosive trap that has three explosions dealing 250 damage for each explosion. The explosions have an effective radius of 35 units and two explosives can be out at once. The traps explode every 0.45 seconds.


Grapple to walls and stick to them for up to 5s, becoming stealthed for the duration.

Target enemies with your Mask, locking onto them – while enemies are marked you can refire his ultimate to trigger the mark, dealing 250 damage and fearing them from 2s. Can target up to 5 enemies and the duration is 5s.


The Heavy SMG now has three elemental effects: Fire imbued Mag Dump that deals damage over time , Electrically charged burst mode that reveals enemies and deals AOE damage, and Ice infused Automatic fire that slows enemies.

Order 77 ultimate is now Overcharged. The ultimate will no longer fear enemies but will deal 1100 after targeting an enemy for 1s and the Ultimate charge rate is increased by 50%.

Explosive Dodge – Drop an explosion where you land and take off from; decrease the cooldown by 35% and increase range by 25%.


Heal for 10% of max health over 5s while latched to a wall.

Gain 50 Health

Reset the Cooldown of Grappling Hook after falling to or below 10% Health. (25s CD)

Decrease your reload speed by 5%


Grappling Hook enemies heals you by 100 for non-Frontline and 200 for Frontlines.

Gain 10% DR while latched to a wall

Increase the strength at which VII is pulled by 5%

Reduce the cooldown of Explosive Dodge by 1s after using Grappling Hook


Refill 4 ammo when you swap alt-fire

Decrease the recoil of Mag dump by 10%

Gain 4% movement speed while in the automatic fire mode.

Reduce active cooldowns by 1s after getting a KILL while in Burst Mode


Increase the distance of Explosive Dodge by 5%

Reduce the cooldown of Latch by 1s after using Dodge Roll

Generate 10 Ammo after activating Explosive Dodge.

Increase Damage radius of the Explosive Dodge by 10%


Deadly Pallor (Limited)

  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2022
  • This skin will become unobtainable after Season Pass 2022 has finished.


Crimson Guard

  • Can be purchased for 60,000 Gold or 300 Crystals (Season Pass 2022 holders will automatically unlock this skin)


Ivy Sentinel

  • Obtained by Gold Chest/ Direct Purchase/ PlayStation Plus Pack/ System Message


Death Orchid

  • Obtained through Trials of the Realm


Biting Wind

  • Obtained through the Bounty Store (Event Pass Exclusive)


Golden VII

  • Obtained by Reaching Mastery level 50 with VII



Silencer – Available with Season Pass 2022



Adjudicator – Available with Season Pass 2022



Become top of the class with our latest Event Pass – Abyss Hunter Academy! Instantly unlock the Schoolyard Maeve skin for purchasing, and unlock a total of 24 levels of rewards as you play!

Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content in the Abyss Hunter Academy Event Pass instantly!


Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Event Pass Purchasers)

  • 50% Experience and Gold Boost
  • Schoolyard Maeve

Level 12 Unlock

  • Study Hall Maeve

Level 18 Unlock

  • Class President Rei

Level 24 Unlock

  • Valedictorian Rei


Static Spray – Extracurricular Activities (Level 2)

Avatar – Pensive (Level 4)

Loading Frame – Abyss Hunter Academy (Level 6)

3D Spray – Give me a V! (Level 8)

Animated Spray – Naughty Lucipurr (Level 9)

Avatar – Maeve Charm (Level 14)

Avatar – Final Test (Level 17)

Death Card – “You obviously need to study more” (Level 19)

Death Stamp – Lucipurr (Level 23)


New Trials and rewards await you with the release of the Abyss Hunter Academy patch! Complete these challenges each week to unlock a variety of cosmetics, currency, and XP rewards.


  • Temple Isles – Unlocks January 26th
  • Eastern Reaches – Unlocks February 2nd
  • Trade Row – Unlocks February 9th
  • Abyss – Unlocks February 16th
  • Crosswind Hold – Unlocks February 23rd
  • Warder’s Watch – Unlocks March 2nd
  • Aico Tundra – Unlocks March 9th
  • Lunar Coast – Unlocks March 16th


  • 300 Crystals
  • 120,000 Gold
  • 6x Event Pass Levels
  • Event Pass Team Boosters
  • Skin Boosters

MVP – Proud

3D Spray – Good Cat, Bad Cat

Static Spray – Running with Daggers

Static Spray – Ok, Fine, Whatever!

Static Spray – Ra Ra REI!

Avatar – Floating Lucipurr

3D Spray – Teacher’s Pet

3D Spray – Death Metal

Animated Avatar – Sweet Lucipurr

Animated Spray – Catfight!



The Schism Update will feature 3 unique and 5 previously popular modes that rotate throughout the patch cycle. Each week there will be a different limited time mode available, from midnight Friday until 8am on Monday, EST. Here’s are some quick previews of what to expect next:

Super Random

  • Which champ will you get with faster abilities and faster movement?

Close Quarters Combat

  • VII and Corvus battle to determine the fate of the Outer Tribunal.


Golden Pip

  • Obtained by reaching Mastery Level 50 on Pip


Dark Drake Azaan

  • Available in Myths of the Realm Chest and for Direct Purchase


Jurassic Ying

  • Available with purchase of Season Pass 2022


Dino Dash Mount

  • Available with purchase of Season Pass 2022


Community Content

Holiday Avatars & Sprays

  • Valentine’s Day Avatar (Pip)
  • Lunar New Year Avatar (Year of the Tiger/Tigron)
  • International Women’s Day Static Spray(Octavia)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Avatar (Barik)

Valentine’s Day Community Avatar Program Winners

The following Community Artists will have their avatars below added into our Community Chest in the Schism Update to be obtained in a future Community Weekend Event.

  • Bl00bunny
  • Nirnoxic
  • Kinta
  • MrsCurlyStyles
  • MsWolfi
  • PocketKnaifu
  • Rexsey
  • RuV_2nd
  • Yellow
  • Belka



Myths of the Realm

Price – 400 Crystals
Release Date – January 26th, 2022


  • Dark Drake Azaan
  • Ska’drin Ash
  • Buckules Buck
  • Dragoncaller Cassie
  • Solfire Furia
  • Ironscale Khan
  • High Elf Lian
  • Monkey King Talus
  • Jotunn Terminus
  • Genie Ying


Final Frontier

Price – 400 Crystals
Release Date – February 9th, 2022


  • Invader Pip
  • FN-01 Erebos Fernando
  • battlesuit Godslayer Androxus
  • Galactic Scion Lian
  • Star Slayer Ruckus
  • Ebon Star Zhin
  • Battlesuit Eagle Eye Kinessa
  • Battlesuit Angel Furia
  • Stellar Protector Io


Developer Commentary:
In the coming year, and the new season, it’s important to the team that Paladins continue to grow, and that of course means trying new things. At the same time, we also want to find ways to improve the quality of existing features. There are examples of each in this patch, and we hope we’re on a great path forward to continue to deliver fun and exciting features to the community.

Siege Beyond

Evil Mojo wants to make 2022 the biggest year for Paladins ever! To do that, we’re planning 3 major feature shifts over the course of the year. For each of these, we’ll release them into the game for players to try out and give feedback on. We’re introducing a new version of Siege, “Siege: Beyond!” with the new features enabled. Current Siege rules will persist in the existing queue, renamed “Siege: Core”. None of the changes will immediately affect ranked, or non-Siege game modes. For each change (or Schism), if it’s something the players love, we’ll incorporate it into Paladins permanently. If they don’t, we’ll roll it back before trying the next Schism. The second one is expected in patch 3, and the third is planned for patch 5. The first is going live in this update – the item store Schism!

Schism 1 – Item Store

We’ve put together an entirely new item store! There are 3 focused tracks: Support, Tank, and Damage, as well as one Universal track. For any given stage of the store, players may choose one of 3 available items. By choosing the best option for your Champion out of 3, the system should be much easier for new players to learn. And with 12 stages of items to choose from as well as new types of items, the result is a greater strategic depth than our previous store. We expect this to offer the greatest degree of customization of Champions and play-style yet!


Season 5 Ranked Rewards

  • Play 100 Games
    • Insert Coin (Avatar)
  • Win 75 Games
    • Will.0 Willo Skin
  • Reach Gold 5 or Higher
    • Season 5 Loading Frame, awarded at the end of Season 5

Season 4 Ranked Frames

Players who reached at least Gold during Season 4 will receive a Loading Frame based on their highest rank achieved:



Players who received 500 commendations during Season 4 will receive this frame at the beginning of Season 5:

Split 1

Split Rewards

  • Play 15 Ranked matches
    • Gold Chest
  • Play 25 Ranked matches
    • Target Acquired


Healing and Cauterize

Since its inception, Cauterize has been used as a stopgap method to reduce Healing in a game and genre in which Healing is so important, Cauterize has been required for a match to feel “normal”. It becomes a necessary item to purchase, and a necessary item to balance itself, with other balance being done around it. We do not believe that Cauterize in its current form, regardless of the value of antiheal, is healthy in the long term for Paladins. As such, we’re changing how we approach Cauterize and Healing Reduction in general.

Our aim is to introduce a passive version of Cauterize such that everyone has Cauterize applied by their inhand shots, scaling over the course of the match. This should help ensure Supports continue to feel impactful while also facilitating a healthier power curve for healing over the course of the match.

As such, starting with the first update of 2022, we are introducing this new system.

  • Cauterize is no longer a purchasable item in the in-match store
    • It will be replaced with Provision
  • Cauterize’s former Anti-Healing effect will now be applied to everyone’s inhand at the start of every match at a base level, and then scale based on time and the game mode being played, to a max value
    • Initial Value: 25%
    • Maximum Value: 90%
  • The rate of this Cauterize scaling will vary based on the game mode being played


  • Cauterize has been removed from the item store
  • New Red Item: Provision
    • Price: {250|500|750}
    • Description: Restore {15|30|45}% of your maximum Ammo after earning an Elimination.
  • Veteran
    • Current: Increase your base maximum Health by {4|8|12}%.
      • Increased scaling {4|8|12}% ➡️ {5|10|15}%
  • Rejuvenate
    • Current: Receive 6% more healing from other players.
      • Increased scaling {6|12|18}% ➡️ {7|14|21}%

Developer Commentary:
After Cauterize itself, the biggest change here is the introduction of a new item to the store in its place. Obviously this is going to have an impact on many aspects of the game and individual matches. In support of this new Cauterize effect being baseline and this new item replacing it, we will be closely monitoring statistics and feedback, and making changes as appropriate until we find an appropriate balance.


  • Talents
    • Persistence
      • Current: Reduce the damage you take by 5% and gain 40% Lifesteal on your hits with Judgement.
        • Removed the 5% Damage Reduction granted by this talent.
  • Abilities
    • Sanctuary
      • Players can now refire this ability to destroy all of the currently active walls
    • Ire
      • The maximum Damage Reduction gained at max ire has been reduced from 20% ➡️ 15%
    • Judgement
      • Reduced maximum Range from 450 ➡️ 300
    • Conviction
      • Removed Crowd Control immunity and Debuff immunity during the Dash
  • Cards
    • Eternal Strife
      • Current: Using an ability above Ire threshold Heals you for {85|85}.
        • Reduced scaling {85|85} ➡️ {75|75}
    • Grim Deliverance
      • Current: Heal for {6|6} for every percentage point of Ire consumed by abilities.
        • Reduced scaling {6|6} -> {5|5}

Developer Commentary:
We’ve heard the community sentiment around Azaan, and with the upcoming patch going live, he’s in for a significant adjustment. The biggest frustration for Azaan in many people’s view has been his ability to remain alive – his sustain – many of these changes are to address that, reducing his overall Healing and Damage Reduction in a multitude of spots to get him in a healthier position.


  • Talents
    • Forgefire
      • Current: Dome Shield now costs 35% Ultimate charge and places a Flamethrower Turret with modified values and no Shield. Can have two active at once.
        • Increased Ultimate charge required to fire 35% ➡️ 40%

Developer Commentary:
Barik is doing well right now. Forgefire is doing just slightly too well. Increasing the Ultimate charge required to fire this ability means its uptime will be more manageable when playing against him.


  • Cards
    • Giga Siphon
      • Current: Increase your Movement Speed by {10|10}% while Recovery is active.
        • Increased scaling {10|10}% ➡️ 12|12%
    • No Escape
      • Current: Increase your Movement Speed by {5|5}% for 5s after getting a Killing Blow or Elimination.
        • Increased scaling {5|5}% ➡️ {7|7}%
    • Street Sweeper
      • Current: Increase your Reload Speed by {5|5}%.
        • Increased scaling {5|5}% ➡️ {7|7}%

Developer Commentary:
Buck is in a fairly good state overall. These card changes are meant to be slight Quality of Life improvements when playing him.


  • Cards
    • Great distance
      • Current: Increase the duration of Soar by {0.5|0.5}s.
        • Increased scaling {0.5|0.5}s ➡️ {0.55|0.55}s
    • Riftwalk
      • Current: Increase your Movement Speed by {8|8}% for 2s after using Blink.
        • Increased scaling {8|8}% ➡️ {10|10}%
    • Swift Witch
      • Current: Increase your Movement Speed during Soar by {5|5}%.
        • Increased scaling {5|5}% ➡️ {7|7}%
    • Chilled
      • Current: Increase your Reload Speed by {8|8}% for 4s after using Blink.
        • Increased scaling {8|8}% ➡️ {10|10}%
    • Avalanche
      • Current: Increase your Movement Speed by {8|8}% for 5s after getting a Killing Blow.
        • Increased scaling {8|8}% ➡️ {10|10}%

Developer Commentary:
Similarly to Buck, Evie is in a pretty good spot overall. These card changes are meant to broaden the range of viable playstyles available to those who prefer the Ice Witch.


  • Talents
    • Aegis
      • Increased time until Shield starts recharging at full speed after taking damage
        • 1.2s ➡️ 1.35s
      • Decreased percentage of Shield recharge while Shield is active
        • 0.275% ➡️ 0.225%
      • Increased percentage of Shield required to bring the Shield up after being broken
        • 20% ➡️ 25%
      • Decreased base Shield Health
        • 5500 ➡️ 5200

Developer Commentary:
Fernando is still among the highest pick and ban rates, in addition to performing well across all groups, specifically with Aegis. These changes further tone down Aegis’ effectiveness. We’re hoping to bring him to a place where Aegis is one of several viable ways to play Fernando, and making playing more enjoyable and interesting.


  • Talents
    • Cherish
      • Current: Kindle Soul Heals up to 15% additional Health based on your ally’s missing Health and its range is increased by 300%.
        • Increased scaling 15% ➡️ 20%

Developer Commentary:
We’re hoping that an increase in the effectiveness of Cherish, although not fully back to its previous level, will bring this Furia playstyle further into a “just right” spot compared to others.


  • Talents
    • Totemic Ward
      • Current: Gain a third charge of Healing Totem and increase their healing by 10%.
        • Increased totem healing bonus 10% ➡️ 15%

Developer Commentary:
Many have asked for an increase in the effectiveness of the Support Grohk playstyle. There is still more to do to get the Orc to be where he needs to be, but this will bring Totemic Ward slightly closer in effectiveness to other talent choices.


  • Abilities
    • Seismic Crash
      • Reduced the time before you throw your spear from 1.5s ➡️ 1.4s
    • Stone Spear
      • Increased the effective range 75 units ➡️ 85 units

Developer Commentary:
Inara has always been pretty rock solid, but still looked like she could use some love. These are small quality of life changes that should make playing her feel better. We will continue to monitor her and make changes as necessary.


  • Talents
    • Luminary
      • Current: All allies already affected by Astral Mark are Healed for an additional 250 when you use Astral Mark.
        • Increased value 250 ➡️ 285
  • Abilities
    • Astral Mark
      • Current: Apply a celestial blessing that passes through obstacles to heal allies for 300 and an additional 180 every 1s for 10s.
        • Increased the Healing over Time component 180 every 1s ➡️ 200 every 1s

Developer Commentary:
We’ve seen Jenos underperforming. Buffing two aspects of his Healing has a risk of pushing him over the edge into too good, so we’re hoping to get some clear feedback during the PTS cycle to let us know how Jenos’s new point of balance sits in light of these changes.


  • Talents
    • Vortex Grip
      • Current: Targets hit by Commander’s Grab are Stunned for an additional 1.2s.
        • Stun duration increased 1.2s ➡️ 1.4s

Developer Commentary:
With the prevalence of Crowd Control reduction as well as a more recent decline in Khan’s effectiveness, we wanted to increase the comparative value of Vortex Grip among his talents.


  • Talents
    • Alacrity
      • Current: Reduce the Cooldown of Grace by 1s and cause Grace to hit all enemies in front of you instead of only one.
        • New: Grace now hits all enemies in front of you instead of only one, but its Cooldown is increased by 1s.

Developer Commentary:
While early feedback about Lian’s recent nerfs were positive, the frustration surrounding Alacrity is still prevalent. This change directly reduces her ability to utilize that combo for those playing against her.


  • Abilities
    • Cannon
      • Increased per-shot Damage 550 ➡️ 575
  • Cards
    • Determination
      • Current: Increase your Healing received from other players by {5|5}% while at or below 50% Health.
        • Increased scaling {5|5}% ➡️ {6|6}%
    • Tidal Grace
      • Current: Heal for {50|50} every 1s while Shell Shield is active.
        • Increased scaling {50|50} ➡️ {55|55}
    • Sea Legs
      • Current: Heal for {100|100} after hitting an enemy with Dredge Anchor.
        • Increased scaling {100|100} ➡️ {110|110}

Developer Commentary:
We’ve seen Makoa fall by the wayside recently in several respects. A buff to his inhand damage should help make him overall more effective and beyond that a buff to some of his sustain is the start of bringing him closer to where we would like to see him to when compared to other Frontlines.


  • Talents
    • Combat Medic
      • Current: Potion Launcher also Heals allies hit for 750. You no longer take damage from your weapon shots.
        • New: Combat Medic now also increases the rate of fire of Potion Launcher by 10%

Developer Commentary:
Pip has always been fun for those who enjoyed him, and Combat Medic in particular is a unique playstyle that can be very enjoyable. This change increases the effectiveness of that playstyle, but is also one we hope to hear feedback for and will keep a close eye on during the PTS cycle.


  • Abilities
    • Ricochet
      • Increased the collision radius of the coin by 20%
      • Now targets the closest enemy on initial hit and the lowest Health enemy in its range for subsequent shots
    • Wallbang
      • Increased the size of Wallbang’s projectiles

Developer Commentary:
These quality of life changes are meant to make Saati’s Wallbang feel better to use, and Ricochet to be easier to confirm and a more gratifying expenditure of pips.


  • Base Health
    • 2000 -> 2100
  • Base Movement Speed
    • 380 -> 390

Developer Commentary:
Skye is in a unique position as a Champion who relies heavily on a mechanic that can be challenging to play against, especially with her ability to gain effectiveness the better she does in a match, so we want to be strategic in how she is adjusted. That being said, we want to see her be more than she is right now, so we have increased both her base Health for better survival and her base Movement Speed, to increase her ability to be where she needs to be to make an impact.


  • Talents
    • Inner Strength
      • Current: Reset the Cooldown of Overcharge and Blitz Upper when you Teleport using Rune of Travel.
        • New: Reduce the Cooldown of Overcharge and Blitz Upper by 6s when you Teleport using Rune of Travel.

Developer Commentary:
Talus still finds himself uniquely performing in certain situations, especially with the Inner Strength reset of his abilities. With this change, he should still find this talent useful but it is no longer a hard reset of his abilities regardless of their current cooldowns.


  • Abilities
    • Hyper Beam
      • Now grants Crowd Control immunity for its duration
    • Gauntlet
      • Damage per-shot increased 190 ➡️ 200
    • Nullify
      • Reduced the Movement Speed penalty during use 40% ➡️ 30%
  • Cards
    • Eldritch Speed
      • Old: Increase your Movement Speed by {10|10} while using Recharge.
      • New: Increase your Movement Speed by {10|10} for 3s after activating Recharge

Developer Commentary:
Many wonder where Torvald will end up. While we still have plans for him, we’re buffing a few different aspects of this Champion in the meanwhile to help out while we work on a better permanent solution.


  • Abilities
    • Fire Bomb
      • Updated text to reflect older balance change which removed Healing Reduction on base ability

Developer Commentary:
This just clarifies the description to match what has been the case for several of updates, now.


  • Abilities
    • Harbinger’s Wrath
      • Removed the Damage immunity at the start of the Ultimate
    • Deadly Scythe
      • Reduced the size of the projectiles by 10%
  • Talents
    • Deafening Silence
      • Current: Obliteration now Silences enemies hit for 1.5s.
        • Increased the duration of the Silence 1.5s ➡️ 1.65s

Developer Commentary:
Vora is in a pretty solid spot, but there are certain aspects of her kit that can be particularly frustrating to play against. Her Ultimate, Harbinger’s Wrath, has two moments in which Vora is unable to take damage: at the start of using the Ultimate and during her Execution animation. This change removes the immunity at the start of her Ultimate. Her projectiles losing about 10% of their size also helps reduce cases where players feel they have been hit in circumstances they should not have been – “I was around the corner!”. Deafening Silence should now have slightly more value compared to her other two talents with that change.


  • Abilities
    • Hardened Carapace
      • Reduce the benefits of Damage Reduction 35% ➡️ 30%
    • Devour
      • Increased time until pulling the enemy starts from 0.5s ➡️ 1.0s
      • Reduced the speed of pulling the target towards Yagorath by 5%
      • Reduced Yagorath’s Health while in Ultimate form from 3500 ➡️ 3300

Developer Commentary:
Yagorath persists as one of the most high-performing Champions, and we hear your concerns about pain points when playing against her. It is our hope that by further reducing her base Damage Reduction we’ll bring her overall effectiveness to a healthier spot, and these are some of the changes – but not all – in mind for shifting some of the frustration out of players being caught in her Ultimate, especially at close ranges.




  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where Azaan’s Ultimate, Deliverance, could deal the second instance of damage and knockback if he was killed while in the hammer throw animation of his Ultimate.


  • Fixed several issues related to VII’s Heavy SMG weapon getting into bad firing states when swapping firing modes with Trigger Discipline.
  • Updated several of VII’s cards for readability and consistency.
  • Fixed an issue where VII’s firing mode UI did not display correctly when using a Controller.
  • Fixed an issue where the bombs from VII’s Explosive Dodge ability would not display their explosion VFX at the correct time.
  • Fixed an issue where VII’s Heavy SMG weapon did not play reload SFX after firing Weapon Shots using the Mag Dump mode.
  • Fixed an issue where VII’s Grappling Hook ability could hit allies and enemies inside their respective Spawn Rooms.
  • Fixed an issue where VII’s Golden skin was not able to be obtained through Mastery levels.


  • [LIVE] Fixed an issue with Vora’s Tendril ability that caused her to sometimes not be pulled properly while using the ability with a Controller.


  • Fixed an issue where the new Provision item was not able to be purchased.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranks 2 and 3 of the Provision item were not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Provision item was able to be purchased on Champions who do not use ammo.
  • Fixed an issue where the passive Cauterize effect was not capping at 90%.
  • Fixed an issue where some Trials of the Realms regions had Work-in-Progress trials listed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Season Pass 2022 not displaying correctly in the DLC tab of the Store.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing the Season 4 Champions Bundle and relogging removed the items from the purchaser’s account.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing some of the new DLC bundles would cause the client to occasionally crash.
  • Fixed an issue where Players were not gaining increased Experience upon purchasing the Event Pass.
  • Fixed several visual issues related to the Dino Dash mount.
  • Fixed various issues with Trials of the Realm trials not progressing properly.
  • Updated the new Abyss Hunter Academy Death Card visuals for better readability.
  • [LIVE] Fixed various collision issues on the Jaguar Falls map and both Stone Keep maps.



  • Increased price 250 per level → 300 per level


  • Increased effectiveness of additional Healing 7|14|21% → 8|16|24%
  • Increased price 150 per level → 200 per level


  • Increased price 150 per level → 200 per level


  • Talents
    • Persistence
      • Gain 40% Lifesteal on your hits with Judgement.
        • Decreased Lifesteal 40% → 30%
  • Abilities
    • Conviction
      • Decreased duration of stun without Tempering 2s → 1.7s | 1s → 0.85s
      • Decreased duration of stun with Tempering 3s → 2.55s | 1.5s → 1.275s


  • Talents
    • Cherish
      • Kindle Soul Heals up to 20% additional Health based on your ally’s missing Health and its range is increased by 300%.
        • Decreased bonus Healing 20% → 18%


  • Abilities
    • Earthen Guard
      • Enter a defensive state. While in this state, reduce damage taken by your Deployables and you by 30% and increase Healing received by 30%. This effect lasts 5.3s.
        • Increased bonus Healing 30% → 40%


  • Talents
    • Improvised
      • Removed the pip reduction
      • New: “The Dead Ringer Decoy is now rigged to explode! The Dead Ringer decoy will now explode when enemies are close, dealing 650 damage to enemies within a 20 unit radius.”
  • Cards
    • Hide
      • Increase the duration of Saati’s invisibility by {0.2|0.2}s after deployment of Dead Ringer.
        • Decreased duration modification {0.2|0.2}s → {0.15|0.15}s

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