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Paladins – MacOS is Now Supported Anymore !

For the last three years, our teams at Hi-Rez Studios have worked to support the Mac operating system alongside Windows for Paladins and SMITE players around the globe. When macOS released the Catalina update on October 7, 2019, we discovered that their new OS is no longer capable of supporting Paladins due to their removal of all 32-bit code from the latest update.

Unfortunately, these changes are forcing us to remove Mac support for Paladins following our latest update, A Tigron’s Tale. This means Paladins will no longer be supported on Mac (including A Tigron’s Tale) if you are using the Catalina update (or a more recent one) for your computer. Additionally, we will not be shipping future updates for Paladins on Mac as a result of the changes implemented with the Catalina update.

But have no fear, there’s a few different ways to continue your journey in Paladins!

First and foremost, you can continue playing Paladins on your Mac as is by using Apple’s Boot Camp utility that lets you to switch between macOS and Windows freely as needed. Once downloaded, Boot Camp Assistant will allow you to download your copy of Windows 10 and walk you through an installation process. After you have Windows running on your Mac, you can visit Steam to download and play Paladins.

Players who do not wish to use Apple’s Boot Camp utility and want to continue experiencing the latest updates for Paladins can simply login on a Windows PC and use the same account! If a Windows PC isn’t an option, you can also use our cross-progression system to bring your account to the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch without losing any of your progress or content.

If neither option works for you and you’re unable to play Paladins, we will be offering refunds for any purchases made on a Mac in-game since July 13. These refunds will be open until February 18, 2020. Refunds will only be accepted for purchases made within Paladins, not purchases made on the Steam storefront.

Items which cannot be refunded:

  • Paladins – Champion Pack
  • Paladins – Season Pass 2019 + 2020
  • Paladins – Digital Deluxe Edition 2019 + 2020
  • Paladins – Obsidian Pack
  • Paladins – Future’s End Pack
  • Paladins – Sacred Wolf Pack

If you choose to request a refund instead of moving your account to a new platform, your account will be permanently disabled after the refunds have processed to close your Mac-specific account.

If you would like to pursue this option, submit a support ticket to begin your refund request. In your refund request, please ensure the subject is “Mac Refund Request” so our support team can assist you quickly.

Please keep in mind refund requests may take up to 7 business days.

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