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Paladins – Anniversary Patch Notes | Siege Remixed: New Map, New Strategies!


Get ready to celebrate in style with the Anniversary Event! This exciting update brings a free Event track that rewards players just for playing games. And that’s not all – Siege Remixed and universal Party Elimination VFX will be live throughout the entire event, adding even more fun to your gaming experience.

But wait, there’s more! All players will have access to a range of amazing rewards. Simply log in to receive the exclusive “5th Anniversary Celebration” Title. Then, as you play games, you’ll unlock even more goodies. From free Champion unlocks and Crystals to Limited Skin Tokens and Midnight Masquerade Event Pass XP, there’s something for everyone.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the Anniversary Event. It’s time to level up your gaming and reap the rewards!


A free Event track that gives you rewards just for playing games during our Anniversary update! Siege Remixed & universal Party Elimination VFX will be live for the whole event!


On Login

“5th Anniversary Celebration” Title

Play 1 Game

Play 2 Games

Play 4 Games

Play 5 Games

Free Champion Unlock & 100 Crystals

Play 6 Games

Play 8 Games

Play 9 Games

Free Champion Unlock

Play 10 Games

Play 12 Games

Free Champion Unlock

Play 14 Games

Play 15 Games

Limited Skin Token & Midnight Masquerade Event Pass XP

When redeeming the Limited Skin token, you’ll be able to select from the following Limited skins from past Battle Passes:

  • Redux Strix
  • Death Goddess Lian
  • Dragonslayer Furia
  • Forest Stalker Zhin
  • Bandit Tyra
  • Headhunter Lex
  • Saboteur Khan
  • Dragon Forged Androxus
  • Dragon Forged Barik
  • Dragon Forged Imani
  • Dragon Forged Mal’Damba
  • Beach Bash Fernando
  • Beach Bash Kinessa
  • Beach Bash Koga
  • Eight Oceans Io
  • Eight Oceans Maeve
  • Eight Oceans Ruckus
  • Siren Ying

These skins will also be added to the Endscreen selections this update!


Every player can earn a free roll of this chest by playing a game during the Anniversary event, however additional rolls of the chest can be purchased with 300 Crystals. Here are all the Anniversary skins:

Condemned Celebrant Androxus

Celebrant Cat Burglar Maeve

Celebrant Soothsayer Seris

Celebrant Soldier Viktor

Celebrant Spellcaster Ying


Return to the Past with a new variant of Siege with massive maps and a classic twist!

Rules remain the same as standard Siege with an important exception: the beginning of each round will randomly select 1 of 3 available capture points across the map, with new payload paths generated as a resultYou will need to coordinate with your team to figure out strategies for each capture point. Alongside this, due to the sheer size of these maps, the respawn timer for attacking teams is set to 5 seconds, and remounting is enabled for all players.

With this exciting mode, we’re bringing back 3 classic maps from the game’s closed beta:

Enchanted Forest

This map eventually became Fish Market and Timber Mill.

Temple Ruins

This map eventually became Serpent Beach, Jaguar Falls, and Frog Isle.

Glacier Keep

This map eventually became Ice Mines and Frozen Guard. The third capture point eventually became its own map of the same name but was removed later in the game’s beta.

If you’ve been playing Paladins from the beginning, these maps will look incredibly familiar. We’re happy we could bring them back in a new light!

Some important notes only for those who played Paladins when these maps existed years ago:

  • There are no Engine or Vault/Door mechanics in this mode. These could not be implemented for now, each capture point follows current Siege rules with our current cart.
  • The bright yellow light that indicates which capture point was selected could not be implemented for now. This does not affect gameplay whatsoever.
  • The ground floor of each map needed to be changed to prevent the game from crashing on consoles, and as a result you will notice a single material applied to the ground of all 3 maps (grass for Enchanted Forest and Temple Ruins, snow for Glacier Keep similar to how we adjusted the Payload maps). This does not affect gameplay whatsoever.



We’re trying something new with Anniversary! Instead of Limited Time Modes, we will be adding gameplay rules from other modes into Siege Remixed to spin up gameplay each weekend. Such variants include:

  • Cards to the Max Ruleset
  • Beefy Random Ruleset
  • Knock, Knock Ruleset
    …and 5 more!


Champion Pricing

We’ve updated the prices of various Champions to make them more accessible to players. The following price reductions have occurred:

30,000 Gold ➡️ 15,000 Gold

  • Androxus
  • Bomb King
  • Drogoz
  • Evie
  • Kinessa
  • Makoa
  • Ying

60,000 Gold ➡️ 30,000 Gold

  • Lian
  • Strix
  • Talus
  • Terminus
  • Vivian
  • Zhin

In addition, we’ve made Maeve a free Champion! There are now 2 free characters in each role, plus an additional 2 per role in Free Rotation, meaning every player has access to 16 Champion minimum!

Bounty Store Compensation

During the downtime for this update, we’ll be executing the compensation for both Bounty Coin balances & duplicate Bounty Store skins. Those who qualify will receive either Gold, boosters, and/or Flair & Style chests for their coin balance, while those who own multiples of skins will receive Gold, Crystals, and/or Diamond Troves based on how many they had. We appreciate players’ patience as we took the time to properly implement this.

Brightmarsh Restoration

We dove into the archives and rediscovered some artifacts! Several props that were in Brightmarsh’s original iterations have been re-added into the map.

Direct Purchase Skins

We’ve added another wave of skins to our direct purchase pool, the following skins are now available:

  • Ska’Drin Ash
  • Avatar Androxus
  • Digitized Bomb King
  • Dune Crawler Cassie
  • Digitized Inara
  • Remix Jenos
  • Nova Strike Kinessa
  • Boss Fight Koga
  • Galactic Scion Lian
  • Street Style Maeve
  • Emerald Bandit Maeve
  • Schoolyard Maeve
  • Raeve Maeve
  • Omega Makoa
  • Crypt Guardian Raum
  • Class President Rei
  • Jade Priestess Seris
  • Outlaw Sha Lin
  • Robo Force Ruckus
  • Academic Skye
  • Infiltrator Strix
  • Remix Strix
  • Sigma Vivian
  • Student of Magic Vivian
  • Divine Daughter Ying
  • Full Dive Ying
  • Ebon Star Zhin

Ranked Bans

After listening to feedback surrounding Ranked Crossplay, we’ve begun working on various QoL improvements for the mode. This update, we’ll be adding an additional ranked ban, increasing it to 4 per team. This will allow players to more comfortably ban enough characters to strategize. We’ll continue to watch Ranked and its health into the future.

UI Improvements

Versus Screen
We’ve done a minor layout adjustment to the Versus screen to make the Champion previews more clearly visible, as well as making various text including Player Names & Titles more legible on loading in.

Playstyle Screen
There has always been a bit of inconsistency between having our Talents laid out in a row of 3, then having your loadouts in rows of 2. We’ve updated this so both are in rows of 3, making it so the default loadouts match where the Talents are, enabling newer players to more easily find & select them. We also have made tracking which Talent you picked from the loadout selection screen easier, and for Supports with Keywords we’ve done a polish pass on their visuals.



Bulldozer’s is a conditional purchase depending on the enemy team’s Champions, and even then it often found itself overlooked in favor of more general use items. We’re increasing its strength to make it a more valuable conditional item pick regardless of upgrade level, and for it to make a more noticeable impact in games against Deployables.

Effect Values

  • 25|50|75% ➡️ 30|60|90% bonus damage to deployables


We’re increasing the price on Rejuvenate after its last buff to more closely match the power level it brings to an Item loadout. Making this Item more of an investment over the course of the match allows it to keep its powerful effect without becoming an oppressive item you see every game.


  • Increased from 200/400/600 ➡️ 225/450/675


Atlas is a powerful Champion in the right hands, but that same high-skill cap has made him unapproachable to many. We’re buffing the Cooldown on Second Chance to allow his abilities to flow into each other more smoothly without a heavy Item or loadout investment, and to give Atlas more of a presence when holding the frontline on his own.
For his Talent Temporal Divide, we wanted to shift it to bring its Cooldown to more reasonable levels – as originally using this Talent put Stasis Field on a massive 23 second Cooldown and meant more often than not it would be used only once a fight. By reducing the Cooldown penalty but also hitting the duration of Stasis Field with Temporal Divide, Atlas will be able to use this high-impact ability more often and not feel as punished when using it selfishly / trying to make big saves on an ally far away, while also preventing it from becoming an oppressive tool in a match as Stasis Field dissipates much quicker and opens up Atlas and his allies to a counter-attack.


Second Chance

  • Cooldown reduced from 18s ➡️ 16s


Temporal Divide

  • Cooldown penalty reduced from 65% ➡️ 30%
  • Duration reduced from 5s ➡️ 3.5s


Azaan is a notorious Champion to many, as on his release he was a force to be reckoned with. Since then however he has been nerfed in many aspects, and his general impact in a match has been brought down to reasonable levels. We’re leaving his history of nerfs in place to keep him from becoming the massive threat he was before, but we’re touching up on some areas that will make him more consistent in a match and allow him to utilize his Ire Passive more impactfully. We’re buffing most of the ways Azaan generates and loses Ire, giving him space to enter his most powerful state (max Ire) more often and benefit from the Passive for longer.



  • Reduced cooldown from 14s ➡️ 13s

Passive: Ire

  • Rate of Ire generation on damage dealt / taken increased by 17%
  • Increased delay before draining Ire from 2.5s ➡️ 3s
  • Reduced the decay of Ire by 10%


The rotund and destructive king of our hearts, Bomb King has always had a commanding presence in the Realm. Able to output very high damage in powerful bursts, Bomb King often finds himself on the Ranked Ban List due to his power. Part of this power came from the consistency Royal Subjects gave him, allowing Bomb King to more easily utilize his high burst damage and control the battlefield by quickly deleting enemies with non-direct shots of his Sticky Bombs. Bomb King is also one of the few Champions who possesses two Talents for a single Ability, while more often than not Champions have a Talent for each non-Ultimate Ability.
We took the opportunity to blow up two birds with one Sticky Bomb and have reworked Royal Subjects to now be a Talent for Poppy Bomb. Giving Bomb King two charges on Poppy Bomb gives him access to a very powerful mobility option for traversing the map and allows him to more efficiently bomb-and-weave (heh) through team fights. Though to compensate for the power granted by two Poppy Bombs, we’ve reduced it’s knockback strength (against enemies only) to prevent making a fight against Bomb King more annoying than engaging. With this change Bomb King still keeps his incredible burst potential with his first Talent, Chain Reaction, and now has access to a unique movement focused playstyle with Royal Subjects.

Talent Rework

Royal Subjects

  • Now grants a second charge on Poppy Bomb but reduces Poppy Bomb’s knockback effect against enemies by 40%.


Caspian was a very powerful (and very attractive) threat on his release, partly due to the consistency of the combo of Measured Cadence + Rogue’s Tempo Cards. With this card being able to trigger on any hit of Love, it synergized too well with the above combo and was nerfed. Since then we have made more changes to the combo and Caspian himself, and this Card has found itself being more uncomfortable to use than powerful – as the 1s duration gave a stop-and-go feeling to activating it and made Caspian feel more like a bumper car when repeatedly activating this Card. We’re buffing it up to 2s, not completely to its original 3s duration, but we’re keeping an eye on Caspian to make sure he still feels good to play.


Finer Things

  • Increased duration from 1s ➡️ 2s


With a powerful burst heal on top of his constant area of effect healing, Grover was performing a bit too well in matches. We’re reducing the burst heal and heal over time for the Rampant Blooming Talent to bring it more inline with other Supports, but we’re also increasing his Weapon’s damage to give him a little more bite to his bark (hehe) to allow him to hold his own when engaged on or when he has just Vined into a teamfight to heal his team. The max bonus damage on his Passive is still 700 however (when not augmented by Ferocity that is), but the increase in base damage will allow Grover to be a little closer to his team and healing instead of a mile away going for axe-snipes.


  • Increased damage from 300 ➡️ 350


Rampant Blooming

  • Reduced initial heal from 500 ➡️ 425
  • Reduced healing over time from 300 ➡️ 275


We recently buffed Astral Mark on Jenos, seeking to modernize his kit and bring his power level more in line with other Supports. The buffs proved extremely effective, too much in fact, and so we’re rolling them back a bit across the board. These new values are still buffs to the original version of Astral Mark (except its Cooldown, which has had its buff fully reverted) so Jenos will still find his healing has improved and his presence in a fight more noticeable, just without the ability to easily get 100k+ healing every match.


Astral Mark

  • Reduced duration from 12s ➡️ 11s
  • Reduced initial heal from 450 ➡️ 400
  • Increased cooldown from 6s ➡️ 7s


Our resident ghost has been a tricky Champion to adjust, since both fighting as her and against her had a few sour points in the general flow of the match. We’ve introduced a new miss animation to her Yokai Doll which locks her out of firing for a moment after attempting to fire without a valid target, meaning you need to have your target probably locked on before taking your shot. To compensate for this change, we’re reverting the nerf that required Kasumi to click per shot instead of holding down the fire button.
Now, Kasumi is punished if she just holds down the fire button without any valid target, but once a valid target is obtained she can curse her foes freely with by holding the button. This change will give players a bit more options when fighting Kasumi, allowing them to duck behind corners and break her line of sight, punishing unaware Kasumi’s as she is locked into her miss animation and vulnerable to a counter-attack.


Yokai Doll

  • Now enters a new locked animation when she fires without a valid target
    • Includes audio to indicate failure to hit
  • Reverted the firing change to how she attacks initial targets from Tap ➡️ Hold


Similarly to when we changed Strix, we have to be careful adjusting Sniper type Champions. Their gameplay styles can often be frustrating to fight against, and while they have their powerful niche, if they stray too far from it they can become hated foes and make matches frustrating to play. That being said, Kinessa has been performing quite poorly, and has a bit of space where she can improve across her kit and cards. We’ve reduced the bloom on her Carbine’s fire and increased the speed it returns to the center to make it less spray and pray when Kinessa gets flanked. While still suffering from poor accuracy (by design), Carbine mode can now be utilized more efficiently in bursts to fend off Flanks and the like. Kinessa has also received a Passive, Tag ‘Em and Bag ‘Em – which Reveals enemies (only to her) when hitting them in Sniper Mode. This gives her a unique map-control tool, being able to track and call out enemy positions to her allies, while also making her a more serious threat once she has her sights on you. Though be careful Kinessa players – hyper focusing on that shiny Revealed target may open you up to some Flankers with malicious intent in mind…
To compliment this new passive, we’ve reworked Quick Scope and incorporated it into her base kit, as the 60% ADS speed was in all of the default decks and used often by Kinessa players as a quality of life slot in her loadout, making experimentation a bit more difficult if a slot was always filled by this Card. This card is now Eagle Eye, which extends the Reveal from her Passive. Less of a balance note and more of a fun one, this gives Kinessa and Strix an interesting dynamic when fighting each other – does Strix manage to enter Stealth first or does Kinessa land that important first shot? Chaos ensues as these snipers clash with their unique mechanics!


Carbine Mode

  • Reduced bloom & increased return to center speed


New Passive: Tag ‘Em and Bag ‘Em

  • Hitting targets in Sniper Mode now reveals them for 1s


Quick Scope ➡️ Eagle Eye

  • Old effect at level 3 was moved into base kit (60% ADS speed)
  • New effect: Increases duration of passive reveal by 0.25|.025s


  • Scaling increased from 1.2|1.2% ➡️ 1.25|1.25%


Precision’s effect is powerful, but hard to manage in the hecticness of battle as enemies put up their Shields or duck behind cover. We’ve extended the duration of the stacks to make them easier to build up and maintain, allowing Lian to keep those numbers pumped up for longer in a fight.



  • Increased duration of stacks from 3s ➡️ 5s


Makoa brings a lot to the table, but sometimes lacks at playing point compared to other Frontlines. We’ve increased the duration of Shell Shield by 1s to give him a bit more presence on the point and allow him to more effectively make space for his team.


Shell Shield

  • Duration increased from 4s ➡️ 5s



Pip has benefited from the Keyword changes granted to him in a previous patch, but lost the famous polymorph combo as a result. We’ve increased the damage on his Potion Launcher to bring back this combo regardless of Talent equipped, while also rounding out the damage numbers some players were not so excited to see. Speaking of benefiting from Keywords, Combat Medic has been performing a bit too well in matches, and so we’re reducing it’s base healing by 50 to bring its power level down a bit while keeping it as a powerful healing tool in a match.


  • Damage increased from 570 ➡️ 600


Combat Medic

  • Healing reduced from 750 ➡️ 700


Rei’s healing ability is powerful, but due to the nature of being unable to control the projectile Rei could often find it difficult to keep key members of her team up and running while remaining safe. We’ve increased the range on Chain Heal to allow Rei to maintain the Health of her teammates from safer ranges while also giving her the ability to maintain a wider area in combat – giving teammates a bit more room to extend and control important choke points. We’ve also increased the power of each bounce of Chain Heal, so that Rei can more effectively heal allies and keep them healthy as the Chain Heal bounces a bit farther away (and as such takes longer to return). Finally, we’ve increased the self damage reduction on Vivify back to its original level at 100% – allowing Rei to survive if she’s quick enough to activate it. As always though, we’ll be keeping an eye on Rei and the health of the game in response to these changes to make sure Vivify stays in the best position possible.


Chain Heal

  • Range increased from 120 ➡️ 150
  • Healing increased from 520/676 while linked ➡️ 600/780 while linked



  • Self damage reduction increased from 50% ➡️ 100%


Terminus has a powerful presence on the battlefield, but could still find himself in awkward situations post-Revive. Generally drained of resources and on Cooldown across the board, Revival oftentimes could just be an opportunity for enemies to gain Ultimate Charge off of the new target. With this new change, Terminus will enter the fight essentially brand new after casting Revival – allowing him to keep on swinging and holding the frontline against the enemy team. This makes Revival pretty much an always viable ability, giving Terminus much needed space to control the enemy team with his short range weaponry.



  • Power Siphon is now refilled on use


While generally a good Talent, Unnatural Persistence didn’t “feel” like a good Talent to use. Its low values meant that the impact wasn’t really noticeable to players, and Yagorath players tended to choose other Talents with more active and direct impacts on the match. As such, we’ve reduced the tick rate to every 1s, but increased the healing received at all levels to make it more clear to the Yagorath player how much they’re being healed for and allow them to contest the point more efficiently. However with a slower tick rate and larger numbers comes a larger susceptibility to Anti-Healing – so take note of that value and plan accordingly for longer matches.


Unnatural Persistence

  • Slowed healing tick rate from .25s ➡️ 1s
  • Increased base heal from 25 ➡️ 110
  • Increased scaling of effect from 4 ➡️ 50
  • Increased maximum heal from 65 ➡️ 275



Updated some Loading Frames in order to better display player information

  • Mystic Grove
  • Shogunut Frame
  • Season 1 Silver
  • Season 1 Bronze
  • Season 1 Gold
  • Season 2 Gold
  • Season 4 Diamond
  • Commendation 2022


Though many of them are not active in this patch, several LTMs now have deserter queue and match history enabled. Return to Lobby should no longer show up as a pause menu option, and these modes should properly show up in your match history.


  • Eight Oceans Ruckus endscreen doesn’t display a preview icon in the Store
  • Players who buy all anniversary chests before earning the free one will be stuck with an additional chest.
  • Switching between Anniversary and Midnight Masquerade passes can cause visual errors.
  • Deal of the Day will be temporarily unavailable for this update.
  • Sometimes players may not be able to equip character cosmetics in character select. We are working on a fix & recommend players preselect cosmetics in Champion menu until then.

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