RuneScape – Summer Ninja Week

RuneScape – Summer Ninja Week

Ninja Week

How many ninjas does it take to change a light orb in Dorgesh-Kaan?

… Wait a minute, where did that light orb come from?

Anyway, here’s some highlights of what you can expect this week:


  • The Ancient elven ritual shard has been added to Solak’s drop table, with a drop rate of 1/1000. We’ve also added a few news broadcasts for items from the Lost Grove.
  • Summoning will now visibly display as 990 and the Summoning stat will not be drained when using Summoning Pouches.
  • Teleporting with chests and through doors in Elite Dungeons no longer require you to be out of combat.
  • Dungeoneers will no longer have to wait for skeletons to finish dying before progressing when facing the Divine Skinweaver boss in the Abandoned Floors.
  • And of course, the most important patch of the week: The Thieving Skillcape Perk now correctly notes triangle sandwiches. So go stock up on your sandwiches and find a nice spot to have a picnic!


To read all the patches in full detail, click here.


Just north of the Combat Academy in Lumbridge you’ll find the self-proclaimed King of Fashion Capes – Joey. Apparently he’s the reigning champion of the “Gielinor Cape Designs of the Year Award” for the past four years, but we’re not sure if we believe him!

From now until 23:59 UTC on the 2nd September, you will be able to find “Tokens of Might” and “Tokens of Talent” along your journeys. You can earn “Tokens of Might” from gaining experience in your Combat stats, while “Tokens of Talent” are gained from skilling.

All you need to do is hand in 5000 of the currency to unlock the respective “Cloak of Might” and “Cloak of Talent” – when you’ve handed in 5000 of each token, you will be able to unlock the elusive “Cloak of Proficiency.”

If you fancy speeding things up, or you are focusing on something specific, you can spend RuneCoins buying Token Packages from Joey. Giving you a helping hand to get the awesome looking Capes!

We can’t wait to see you wear them in game!

Botany Bay

With this week, we wave goodbye to the infamous Botany Bay.

After accusing thousands of Clockwork Menaces, the claws of justice have crushed so many bots it was causing irreversible damage to the foundations of the Island – causing it to sink down to the bottom of the ocean; However, before as it was sinking the Botfinder General, decided he had passed enough judgement and decided to retire – while firing all of his Trial Announcers over a nice cup of tea. Pfft, what a charmer!

PS: With the removal of Botany Bay, we are still tirelessly removing active bot users. Infact, the (real) reason for its removal is the fact that we have been banning bots much faster than before; this means that they haven’t been sent to Botany Bay, as by the time they should be teleported there – they have already been banned! In the past twelve months alone we have removed 6.5 Million botted accounts across both games. While we have been dealing with bots quicker, it was making Botany Bay look empty – which goes against the desired affect. In a recent poll of polls, “decluttering the game world” was voted highly – and this is one step closer to us achieving that.

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