RuneScape – Dragonkin Laboratory Released

RuneScape – Dragonkin Laboratory Released

Having conquered the Temple of Aminishi, at long last it’s finally time to enter the second Elite Dungeon: Dragonkin Laboratory.

How to Start

Head to the island east of the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness. Or if you don’t want to risk it, buy a teleport tab from Bryll Thoksdottir in Daemonheim!

Click on the lift to go down and enter the Elite Dungeon.


-RuneScape membership

-Completion of the first Elite Dungeon: Temple of Aminishi*

-High combat levels and your best gear are recommended.

* Story Mode players will need to complete the Temple of Aminishi again following the release of this update.

The Dragonkin Laboratory is located in the Wilderness. The Wilderness can be a very dangerous place; however, you can teleport there by using teleport tabs or the grouping system. These will bring you directly to the entrance of the Elite Dungeon. You can then enter the dungeon alone or with up to two other players.

The Dragonkin Laboratory is a dungeon filled with all kinds of dangerous dragons and monsters, so watch out because every step could be your last! This Elite Dungeon contains three distinct areas, each with their own boss. Along the way, you might run into challenging minibosses impeding your progress to the third and final boss, making it an especially perilous journey.

Going through the Elite Dungeon is a great way to go about your Dungeoneering a little differently, while also gathering loot and dungeoneering tokens as you progress.

Fortunately, if you die in the dungeon, your progress will be saved – once you head back in, you’ll continue from an unlocked checkpoint. For those who prefer lore, you can choose to play the dungeon in Story Mode, where the monsters will be toned down significantly… but so too will be the rewards.


T92 Magic Armour

Elite tectonic armour is now available in game. You will be able to create this by combining tectonic armour with draconic energies and stones of binding. You can get draconic energies by killing the final boss in the Elite Dungeon.

Mutated abilities

Each boss will have a chance to drop a new permanent melee ability (effects of all abilities are the same in PvP):

Mutated Flurry

  • When used against a single target, damage is increased from 94% to 157%.
  • Each hit of Mutated Flurry lowers the cooldown of Berserk by 1.2s (for a total of 4.8s if all hits are cast). These reductions can stack if used again.


Note: The standard version of the Flurry ability no longer cancels its channel when missing a target.

Mutated Fury

  • Unlike it’s regular version, Mutated Fury is not a channeled ability. It is now an instant cast of 1 hit, rather than 3 smaller hits.
  • Mutated Fury will deal up to 157% weapon damage.
  • Casting Mutated Fury will increase the crit chance of your next ability by 10%.
  • If Mutated Fury crits then your next ability has a 100% chance to crit.

Mutated Barge

  • Mutated Barge’s damage is based on the time since you last attacked your Barge target. There will not be any effect on first attack, since there isn’t a ‘time since you last attacked’.
  • For each server tick (0.6s) since you last attacked your target, Mutated Barge gets +10% weapon damage on its cap, to a maximum of +100% weapon damage.
  • If used immediately after global cooldown, this will potentially make Mutated Barge a +155% weapon damage ability.
  • If used after 10 cycles, this will potentially make Mutated Barge a +225% weapon damage ability.
  • If, when using Mutated Barge, it has been at least 8 cycles since you last attacked your target (4.8s), your next channelled melee ability (Fury, Assault, Flurry or Destroy) will act as damage-over-time instead.
  • This damage is still sourced from the player, rather than placed as a DoT on the player, so other players won’t overwrite each other’s damage.
  • Unlike standard DoTs, these converted DoTs check accuracy for each hit. run roll-to-hit damage and are affected by boosted for each individual hit.
  • These converted DoTs work slightly different from regular ones, so other players’ ones won’t overwrite each other’s.
  • The channel-to-DoT conversion buff expires if not used after 10 cycles so it can’t be stalled for later.


Elite Dungeoneering outfit

It’s now possible for players who don’t already own the Gorajan trailblazer outfit to create it with their Invention skill:

To unlock this outfit, first discover it at your invention workbench, then collect fragments by clearing floors in Daemonheim or playing through the Elite Dungeons.

A Small Gift!

We’re aware that this dungeon has taken longer to arrive than we all hoped. We have used the additional time to polish the content and add more rewards and, as a little bonus, we will all players a small gift! Speak to Bryll Thoksdottir near the entrance of the second Elite Dungeon to grab your gift. Each player will receive:


  • 3x Dragonkin Laboratory lucky charms
  • 3x Shifting Tombs reward enhancers
  • 5x Vital spark drop enhancers


Are you a Gold Premier member?

If you are a Gold Premier member you can collect some additional items at the Premier Club Vault:


  • 5x Dragonkin Laboratory lucky charms
  • 5x Shifting Tombs reward enhancers
  • 10x Vital spark drop enhancers



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