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Neverwinter – 31 July 2023 | Mycelial Depths: Uncover the Hidden Secrets!

Content and Environment


  • The Mycelial Depths will now appear correctly when loading into the instance.

Abyssal Hunts:

  • Adventurers participating in the Purple Worm hunt will be able to return to the hunt arena if they release after the hunt mark is defeated.
  • The Manticore boss poison is now less punishing and can be dodged or blocked.
  • The Balor boss that appears in hunts now has more readable attacks, is less likely to turn at the end of a charged ability to strike an unexpected area, and uses less crowd control. Their damage and hitpoints have also been reduced.
  • Hezrou Demons across the realm now have less punishing poison, frenzy attacks, and fireballs!
  • Abyssal Essence rewards messaging has been updated to properly display on the Hunting the Abyss mission turn-in rewards. It was previously granting the currency but not displaying the reward in the journal. The tooltip now indicates more clearly that Abyssal Essence specifically comes from the mission Hunting the Abyss.

Demonweb Pits Dungeon

  • Additional measures have been added to prevent bosses from leaving their respective arenas in The Demonweb Pits Dungeon.


Combat and Powers

Barbarian Class

  • Escalating Rage Incapacitation Removed
    • Escalating Rage no longer incapacitates the player if Battlerage expires after Rampage.
    • Our hope is to make the feat more competitive with Relentless Battlerage, but we’d like to hear your feedback on how it performs.
  • Brutal Critical and Roar Rage Fix
    • These two powers no longer generate unusable rage while you are in Battlerage.
    • This solves the issue of the Rage bar sometimes displaying a misleading amount of remaining rage.


  • Bobby the Barbarian
    • Stats now properly scale based on his quality, rather than Bruenor’s quality.
  • Cantakerous Mage
    • Repel is used more consistently at all ranges.
    • Repel now grants Combat Advantage against CC immune targets.
    • Storm Pillar area increased.
    • Various small bug fixes and rebalanced as a Multi-Target Companion.
  • Gromph Baenre
    • Stats now properly scale based on his quality, rather than Bruenor’s quality.
  • Vallenhas Elite Guard
    • Reworked Vallenhas Elite Guard’s powers and fixed several bugs preventing him from dealing damage.
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid Companion.


Items and Economy


  • Vistani Set: Vistani’s Curse no longer stacks with different sources; only one instance can apply per target. Vistani’s Curse now refreshes its duration when re-applied.
  • Dragonbone Wand’s increased damage now properly scales with the tooltip.
  • Regal Insignia of Precision: This insignia now properly counts as a Regal insignia instead of Enlightened. It will stay slotted in Enlightened slots if slotted prior to this change, but will now count as a Regal insignia for slot bonuses. If you would like to move this insignia out of the Enlightened slot, you can do so by selecting it and opening the context menu.

Reward Claims Agent

  • For players who claimed the Realm Engineer Pack from the Epic Games Store, the pack can now properly be claimed from the Reward Claims Agent.
    • Note: This was addressed prior to this build via hotfix on Wednesday, July 26, and confirmed to fix the issue. It may take a relog to work properly.


  • Abyssal Hunts: The Resilience hunt modifier now properly grants 15% bonus Fey-Branche Favor to players with the Prototype Realm Engine equipped.
  • Campaigns: The Uncommon Wild Card enchantment in the Insignias & Enchantments tab of the Demonweb Pits campaign store now properly unlocks after claiming the third Demonweb Pits campaign reward.
  • Demonweb Pits: The final chest of The Demonweb Pits (Advanced and Master) now properly grant 15% bonus Fey-Branche Favor when the Prototype Realm Engine is equipped, increased from 10%.

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