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Neverwinter – 30 September 2020 Patch Notes

Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • A hole has been patched in the terrain near the Stygian Docks.
  • Increased the number of spawn locations for Scout of Stygia, Searing Hezrou, and Interrogator Incubus in Avernus.
  • Resource Allocation: Angelic Equipment: The interactive objects for this quest now cool down more quickly, so that players who receive this quest twice in a row aren’t blocked.
  • The Infernal Warmachine is no longer invulnerable to attacks from certain locations.



  • The achievements for Zariel’s Challenge now clearly state that they’re for Master difficulty.
  • Players who completed the achievement for finishing Zariel’s Challenge (Master) without any player characters going into near-death or dying, now gain a cape and title as a reward. Players who have already unlocked this achievement can claim them from the Reward Claims Agent.



Combat and Powers


  • Players may now swap powers while outside of combat without incurring a cooldown.


Classes and Balance

  • Cleric: Celestial Prominence can now be affected by the buff from Sturdy Regal Collar.
  • Hunter: Predator: This feat now properly applies to melee damage.
  • Rogue: Killing Storm can now be affected by the buff from Sturdy Regal Collar.
  • Rogue: Path of the Blade can no longer generate AP outside of combat.
  • Rogue: Path of the Blade is now properly affected by enhancements to Encounter powers.


Healing Adjustments

  • Healer Mark effects now clear off of a target when they die.
    • Note that marks will continue to persist through Near Death, so they do not need to be reapplied if your marked target is revived by a player, a Scroll of Life, or the Soulforged effect. The tooltips of all powers which apply a mark now indicate that they will disappear when the target dies.



  • Rejuvenation: This mount power now shows a buff icon when a player is affected by its heal-over-time effect.
  • Runic Aura: When a group has multiple copies of this aura, there is no longer a chance for it to stack.


Item Powers

  • The item power from Wisps of the Shadow Demon is now properly named “Ghosted,” and now properly gives Defense and Maximum HP.


Enemies and Encounters

Tower of the Mad Mage

  • Halaster can no longer get into a stuck state.



Items and Economy


  • A few typos have been addressed.
  • All collar, collar pack, and purchase descriptions now explicitly state that only one collar of each type can be equipped at a time.
  • King of Spines: The rider’s position has been updated.
  • King of Spines: This now shows up in Collections even if you don’t already own it.


Redeemed Citadel

  • The leaderboard reward for milestone II mistakenly displayed the “Scathing Light” artifact as Bind On Equip. This artifact now properly displays as Bind to Account on Pickup.
  • The leaderboard reward for milestone II now grants an epic level “Scathing Light” artifact, rather than an uncommon level version.


Zen Market

  • Mount Upgrade Pack: This pack no longer incorrectly says it upgrades companions. The tooltip has also been updated to show how many tokens are required for each upgrade rank.


User Interface


  • We discovered an issue where some players were still being prompted to complete the tutorial to access various game features, even though they had already completed it. This should now be resolved.


Visual Effects


  • Crystal Eruption: This mount power’s effect no longer has a chance to display sideways.
  • Holy Vorpal Enchantment: This no longer incorrectly shows a halo at lower ranks.




  • Text has been updated for French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.

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