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Neverwinter – 29 August 2023 | Massive Update: New Quests and Rewards!

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • A number of older Northdark Reaches quest objects have been removed from the Narbondellyn quest hub.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: Players should now be able to complete the “Consecrate Southern Field” step of the “Rest in Peace” quest.

Abyssal Hunts

  • Hunt targets should no longer respawn if a player leaves the arena too quickly.

Campaigns and Adventures

  • Tyranny of Dragons: The mission Mercenary Outpost Tier 1 Upgrade has been reworked and is now able to be completed again. It requires completing Heroic Encounters in the Well of Dragons.
  • Whispering Caverns: The Scrying Stone in the Laboratory has been re-tuned to no longer label the area as The Dread Vault.

Demonweb Pits Dungeon

  • Rocks no longer fall on players just before, or during, the second knockup.

Combat and Powers


  • Barbarian Relentless Slash
    • Both hits of Relentless Slash are now considered  ‘area of effect’ attacks, and can trigger effects like Vistani’s Curse.


  • Bobby the Barbarian
    • Bobby’s Vigor, the equip power for Bobby the Barbarian, is now consistently Item Level 750.

Items and Economy


  • 50% off 10 Enchanted Keys Coupon now has proper description text.
  • The Incomparable title will now be correctly granted when claiming it. Those who have already claimed the title will need to visit the Reward Claims Agent in Protector’s Enclave and repurchase the title.
  • Dark Maiden’s Ward Helms no longer display erroneous temporary buff icons.

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