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Neverwinter – 17 July 2020 Patch Notes

Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • More information has been added on how to interact with the Blood War.
  • Players should no longer be able to fall out of the world in Mote of Virtue, and if they do, the character should now properly die and be prompted to respawn.
  • Soul Coins: This Heroic Encounter should have less of a negative impact on performance.
  • Treasure maps now drop more frequently.

Avernus: Blood War

  • War Parties now give credit to all players who participate in the kill.

Summer Festival

  • Players who received a Summer artisan last year can now properly gain one upon entering the Workshop.


Combat and Powers


  • Fear and Charm effects should no longer cause players to become stuck in a power channeling or charging state.


  • Sun’s Insight: This companion power should now apply its bonuses properly.
  • Tutor: This companion’s Instructional Aid now properly attacks.


  • Arcane Maelstrom now deals more damage, to bring it in line with other mount powers.
  • Infernal War Machine now deals more damage, to bring it in line with other mount powers.


Enemies and Encounters

Zariel’s Challenge

  • During phase 2 the “Shade of Fire” and “Shade of Ice” will now spread out slightly when they are close to one another.
  • Zariel should no longer retain effects whenever she flies away, and therefore “0” damage pop-ups should no longer appear over empty space.

Lair of the Mad Mage

  • There should no longer be a case where an invisible enemy can attack the party, preventing them from progressing.


Items and Economy


  • A few typos have been addressed.


User Interface


  • Guild leaders should once again be able to do things that require guild leader permissions.


  • The PvP season indicator once again appears.


Character Art


  • Minor visual fixes and tweaks have been made to various story characters and enemies.


Performance and Stability


  • A memory leak has been addressed in the display of mount and companion tooltips.

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