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Neverwinter – 03.06.2019 Patch Notes


  • The health of all enemies (including bosses) has been reduced by 10%.


  • All Enchantments and Runestones, aside from Bonding Runestones, have had their item level and stats doubled.
  • Enchantments are now affected less by level scaling downward, while gear is affected a little more.

Soloable Content

  • All Campaign Zones, and their soloable instances, are no longer scaled by Item Level.
  • Challenge Campaigns have been renamed to Legacy Campaigns.

Queued Content

  • Most Dungeons and Trials have had their Item Level requirements and scaling targets increased.
  • Most events that scaled players to level 60 now scale players to level 40 instead.


  • The upward scaling on the Stronghold map has been removed; the map is now consistently level 80.

Level Scaling


  • Armor Kits now properly function when their Character Level is scaled down.
  • Character Level scaling has been removed from a variety of exterior and solo instance maps where players are Item Level scaled. This should not change the difficulty, but will instead leave the player at their usual level.
  • Characters with an Item Level below target, when their Character Level is scaled down, no longer incorrectly have their Item Level scaled down a little further.
  • Dread Legion, Throne of the Dwarven Gods, and Prophecy of Madness now scale players to Item Level 12000.
  • Ravenloft and Cradle of the Death God now scale players to Item Level 17000.

Known Issue – Expeditions

  • Leveling Expeditions no longer scale character level. (This is working correctly.)
  • Leveling Expeditions have incorrectly have had item level scaling added. We plan to remove this in a future build.
  • Master Expeditions are still properly unscaled, and we don’t have any current plans to change this.

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Introductory Quests
    • Jarlaxle’s drink is now visible.
    • One of the cutscenes no longer has a green screen fade.
  • Catacombs: Certain chests no longer become unlootable after the first player uses them.
  • Certain interactive objects that teleport a player to another location in the same map no longer cause the player to turn around once they arrive.
  • Control Gem: The flavor text of this quest-granting item no longer contradicts its icon.
  • Dressed to Kill: The quest path now consistently leads to appropriate objectives.
  • Out of Control: This quest now properly directs players to talk to Celeste for completion.
  • Peace of Mind: Multiple players in the same party can no longer interact simultaneously with the same corpse.
  • Rune Etching: Chaotic: This quest item can no longer be destroyed.
  • Terminus: A buried skill node has been removed.
  • Twisted Caverns: In a cutscene involving the Alchemist, there’s no longer a warning indicator for a non-harmful visual effect.
  • Twisted Caverns: The Alchemist can once again be found in case you need to hand something to him.
  • Vanrakdoom: The shadowfell transitions now play the appropriate audio.
  • Various overlapping voice-over cases have been addressed.
  • Waning Darkness: In this quest’s instance, the player no longer receives a placeholder debuff icon.
  • Waning Darkness: When this quest is available, a certain character no longer has a temporary doppelganger.
  • Yawning Portal: Players no longer occasionally die when jumping down the well.

Undermountain Expeditions

  • Certain dungeon-difficulty enemies no longer incorrectly spawn in expeditions of any difficulty.
  • Certain rare spawns no longer incorrectly have a 100% spawn chance in certain rooms.
  • In most cases, only one Gravemaster can now spawn in an encounter. (There are some exceptions, particularly in specific challenge rooms and 5-player runs.)
  • Mini-boss rare spawns now only spawn in Master Expeditions, rather than in normal-difficulty Expeditions.
  • Risk vs. Reward: This quest should now flow more smoothly.
  • Water-to-stone doors no longer slow players with leg injuries down so much that they cannot get through.

Cloaked Ascendancy

  • Gyrion’s Tower: Players no longer take falling damage when jumping between platforms.
  • Nostura’s Fey Castle: The stag is no longer stagnant; it now staggers forward and takes the player to the next stage.

Masterwork Professions

  • The first Masterwork Mailsmithing quest is now buried behind dialog options, so players are less likely to accidentally accept both it and the Masterwork Platesmithing quest at the same time. This is so that players can still accept it in case they want to, but don’t spend more resources than necessary to unlock Armorsmithing recipes.


  • A placeholder plot has been removed.
  • Players below level 80 are no longer level-scaled upward while at the Stronghold.
  • Ship Crew members no longer appear in place of some guards.
  • The Temple structure now properly references the Awareness stat instead of Lifesteal.


  • Acquisitions Incorporated flyers should no longer be floating in mid-air in Protector’s Enclave.
  • False Idols: This quest no longer references Scrolls of Identification.
  • Green Slaadi are no longer referenced once as a green salad in lore.
  • Icewind Dale: The quest, “The Long Night,” no longer requires the deprecated Black Ice profession.
  • Kavatos no longer inexplicably wanders the ice fields of Bryn Shander.
  • Lore from certain rare spawns no longer include placeholder text.
  • When fishing in Soshenstar and Sea of Moving Ice, the fishing meter now correctly increases when pulling correctly.

Combat and Powers


  • A visual issue has been resolved in which the rage meter would deplete in an unpredictable manner when using Battlerage or Unstoppable. The duration of the Unstoppable and Battlerage effects are unaffected.
  • Crescendo no longer incorrectly has a Paragon Path border.
  • Crescendo now properly grants immunity to control effects during its use.
  • Spinning Strike now properly grants control immunity from all directions, rather than in a 200 degree frontal arc.
  • Blademaster
    • Avalanche of Steel now properly has a Paragon Path border.
    • Steel Blitz can no longer proc from Vorpal enchantment damage, and other similar sources.
  • Sentinel
    • Sentinel’s Slash no longer incorrectly grants more Action Points than expected.
    • The feat “Crushing Advance” now properly modifies Savage Advance after Unstoppable is used.


  • Sacred Flame now deals 70 magnitude damage, up from 65.
  • Sacred Flame: The animation for this power no longer frequently stutters.
  • Arbiter
    • Channel Divinity and the divinity meter now unlock at level 5, when the Cleric receives their first divinity spending encounter power.
    • Daunting Light no longer incorrectly grants two stacks of Burning Judgement.
    • Divine Equilibrium no longer shows a buff icon.
    • Doomsayer: This class feature’s buff now properly states that it increases damage, rather than crit rate.
    • The feat “Focused Light” now increases the damage of daunting light under its effect to 450, up from 400.
    • The feat “Perfect Balance” now requires 4 stacks of Burning and Radiant Shift to activate, down from 6.
    • The at-will “Lance of Faith” now deals 80 magnitude damage, up from 75.
    • The encounter “Forgemaster’s Flame” now deals 650 magnitude damage, up from 600.
    • The encounter “Prophecy of Doom” has had its duration extended to 12s, up from 10s. Its cooldown has been reduced to 26s, down from 30s.
    • The amount of divinity restored by Channel Divinity for the Arbiter has been increased, both the over time restoration and the effect of consuming judgement to restore divinity.
    • The divinity cost of Daunting Light has been increased to 200, up from 180.
    • The divinity cost of Searing Javelin has been increased to 240, up from 220.


  • Heavy Slash should now consistently hit certain small targets or targets on slopes.
  • Marathon Runner: This skill no longer causes the Fighter’s movement speed value to flash in the character sheet.
  • Reave should now consistently hit targets on slopes.
  • In character creation, the Fighter now shows Dig In instead of Dungeoneering as a sample power.
  • Dreadnought
    • Into the Fray: With the Bloody Reprise effect active, this power now properly sets the Vengeance gauge to 75% instead of 50%.
    • Prepared Slam: Tremor and Onslaught now properly benefit from the effect of this feat.
    • Seethe no longer sometimes causes the camera to shake unexpectedly.
    • Seethe: The visual effects for this power have been slightly adjusted.
    • Shockwave now properly deals damage appropriate to the magnitude on its tooltip.
    • The feat “Heavier Slash” may no longer proc off of Heavy Slash itself.
    • The feat “Landwaster” now properly functions regardless of whether the player has chosen the feat “Bloody Reprise.”
    • The feat “Weight of Vengeance” now also decreases the cooldown of Anvil of Doom by 4s.
    • The class mechanic “Vengeance” now grants a 20% increase to damage when the Dreadnought is “Vengeful,” up from 10%.
  • Vanguard
    • Brazen Strike no longer generates more AP per second than other at-wills.
    • Cleaving Bull: When this feat procs off Enforced Threat, it now properly deals damage.
    • Determination now properly grants immunity to crowd control effects.
    • Determination, when modified by the feat “Perfect Block,” can no longer incorrectly have its cooldown modified by recharge speed. This brings it in line with other similar tank powers.
    • Dig In should no longer have a chance to get the player stuck in a blocking mode, making Retaliate impossible to use.
    • Enforced Threat now states that it reduces targets’ Awareness.
    • The visual effects when a target is hit by “Enforced Threat” have been updated to be a bit easier to spot in combat.


  • Burning Light now shows its magnitude as a range, representing the scale for how long it’s charged.
  • Channel Divinity and the divinity meter now unlock at level 8, when the Paladin receives their first divinity spending encounter power.
  • Justicar
    • Shielding Strike no longer generates more AP per second than other at-wills.
    • The feat “Burning Vengeance” no longer causes Burning Light to sometimes place the Paladin into a broken state, where the additional automatic blocking was always in effect.
  • Oathkeeper
    • Aura of Restoration’s buff icon no longer flickers.


  • Forest Ghost now shows its range in its tooltip.
  • Plant Growth now uses Weak Grasping Roots.
  • Rangers can no longer attack (for a mighty 0 damage) when they have no weapon equipped.
  • Seeker’s Vengeance now functions more consistently with ground-targeted AoE powers.
  • Weapon Mastery: This skill now properly grants 5% Critical Chance, up from 2.5%.
  • Hunter
    • Aspect of the Falcon: This power’s tooltip has been adjusted to clarify its functionality.
    • Bear Trap now properly states that it applies Hold, not Root.
    • Slasher’s Mark no longer refers to itself as a Mark effect.
  • Warden
    • A typo has been fixed in Binding Arrow.
    • Blade Hurricane: The Flurry effect is now represented with a buff icon.
    • Call of the Storm: This power’s buff now has a description.
    • Clear the Ground now deals Lightning damage.
    • Deft Strikes: Rangers can no longer end up with both the ranged and melee versions of Deft Strikes at the same time.
    • Enhanced Conductivity: This feat now properly increases the magnitude of Lightning Enchanted Weapon.
    • Nature’s Envoy: This feat’s description has been clarified.
    • Oak Skin now properly works with Deft Strikes.
    • Split the Sky can now proc Deft Strikes.
    • Split the Sky no longer causes two separate debuff icons. It no longer claims it has a defensive lightning effect, but the magnitude of the base attack has increased.
    • Throw Caution now properly procs Blade Hurricane.


  • Sneak Attack: This class feature now displays its effect on the character sheet.
  • Assassin
    • Oppressive Darkness: This class feature now shows its magnitude in its tooltip.
    • Skillful Infiltrator now displays its effect on the character sheet.
    • Wicked Reminder: The Critical Avoidance debuff caused by this power now properly has an icon.
  • Whisperknife
    • Disheartening Strike now shows its added effect in a way consistent with other powers.
    • Return to Shadows: This feat no longer pops up text repeatedly when Smoke Bomb is used.


  • Brood of Hadar now shows its area of effect radius in its tooltip.
  • Hand of Blight: The visual effects of this power should more consistently appear.
    • As part of the resolution, the first cast now takes a little longer to fire, but its magnitude has increased to make up for this change.
  • Immolation Spirits now properly roll their crit chance on each attack, rather than just once and keeping the result for all attacks.
  • The Soul Puppet buff now shows a duration.
  • Warlock’s Bargain is no longer usable if the warlock is below 20% health.
  • Hellbringer
    • Creeping Death now properly affects all enemies damaged by the Warlock, rather than just one per cast.
    • Hand of Blight now consistently shows its duration in seconds, instead of just giving the player 5 in ranged mode.
    • Hand of Blight: The melee version of this power now properly states that the ranged version has a magnitude of 35.
    • Hellfire Expertise: A typo in this skill has been fixed.
    • Hellish Rebuke now consistently only shows one debuff icon, rather than sometimes showing two.
  • Soulweaver
    • Healing encounter powers no longer show a blank cooldown.
    • Life Bind: This feat now properly applies its defense value to the character.
    • Pillar of Power: This power’s buff icon now shows the remaining duration after leaving the circle.
    • Pillar of Power: This power’s cooldown time is now 15 seconds, increased from 12.
    • Pillar of Power: This power’s duration is now 10 seconds, decreased from 12.
    • Some power unlocks have been swapped in order to provide earlier access to healing powers.
      • Essence Defiler is now unlocked at level 72, up from 33, while Soul Reconstruction is now unlocked at level 33, down from 72.
      • Pillar of Power is now unlocked at level 47, up from 30, while Shatterspark is now unlocked at level 30, down from 47.
    • Soul Pact: This power’s tooltip has been adjusted to clarify its functionality.
    • Soul Reconstruction now properly states “Magnitude” instead of “Added Effect” before its magnitude.
    • Soul Scorch no longer shows a blank cooldown field.


  • Arcanist
    • Elemental Reinforcement should no longer be able to provide more than two damage boosts at any given time.
  • Thaumaturge
    • Chill Strike now displays a Paragon Path border in the Powers UI.
    • Smolder now displays a Paragon Path border in the Powers UI.


  • Arcturia’s Music Box: The mimics spawned by this artifact’s power now properly charge forward even when there’s not enough room for a full-distance charge.
  • Defender’s Banner: This artifact’s power now affects a maximum of 10 targets, with any split of allies or enemies. It previously was designed to affect 5 allies and 5 enemies, but incorrectly affected more.
  • Lantern of Revelation: This artifact’s tooltip now shows the expected values of 2/4/6/8/10% increased damage taken, reduced from 10/12/14/16/16%. This is only a tooltip change to match the effect.
  • Oghma’s Token of Free Movement: At Mythic quality, this artifact’s CC immunity effect lasts 6 seconds, increased from 5.
  • Symbol of Water: This artifact’s power no longer deals one extra tick of damage.
  • Tarokka Deck: The Darklord and Executioner cards now properly deal more damage at higher artifact qualities.
  • Tarokka Deck: The Darklord card no longer incorrectly shows the Raven card’s effect.
  • Tarokka Deck: The Ghost card no longer gets worse at higher artifact qualities.
  • The visual effects for the Manticore Talon now properly display when the power is used.


  • Blessed Advantage: This boon now properly procs.
  • Blessed Resilience: This boon now properly procs.
  • Certain Boons that give bonus HP now properly provide that bonus HP.
  • Control Avoidance: This guild boon now works and its effect now properly displays on the character sheet.
  • Critical Avoidance: This guild boon’s effect now properly displays on the character sheet.
  • Death’s Bulwark: This boon no longer incorrectly shows a buff.
  • Guild boons no longer incorrectly give players higher than 8000 stats above level 70.
  • Incoming Healing: This guild boon’s effect now properly displays on the character sheet.
  • Lingering Fortification and Lingering Power now properly function without a maxed Lingering Medicine.
  • Lingering Medicine can now properly proc at all valid ranks.


  • Alpha Compy: Other compies summoned by this companion now properly walk and run, rather than traveling via teleportation and sick drifting skills.
  • Archmage’s Apprentice: This companion’s bonus power now properly increases movement speed by a percentage, rather than just “1.”
  • Astral Deva’s Insight: This companion bonus now properly heals the summoned companion.
  • Black Scorpion’s Instincts: This player bonus now has a higher proc chance.
  • Companion powers that give bonus currency now properly do so.
  • Con Artist: This companion’s powers no longer try to convince the player that this companion is a Sellsword companion.
  • Critical Severity bonus powers now properly function.
  • Dread Warrior’s Instinct: This player bonus effect can no longer stack if it procs multiple times.
  • Grung: The power Mesmerizing Chirr now has a debuff icon.
  • Honey Badger: This companion’s Rip and Tear power no longer deals immense damage quite as consistently.
  • Honey Badger’s Instinct: The tooltip of this player bonus now properly states its damage reduction value, and no longer reduces damage taken by an immense value, but also no longer competes with the Defense stat’s damage reduction cap.
  • Hunting Hawk’s Presence: The tooltip of this player bonus now properly states that it scales by quality, rather than rank. At Legendary quality, it has a maximum of 10% bonus damage.
  • Mageslayer’s Assault: This companion bonus now properly functions.
  • Panther’s Instincts: This player bonus now properly functions as described.
  • Paranoid Delusion: Wizards with an equipped Orb no longer cause this companion to look strange when it copies the Wizard’s form.
  • Quasit’s Insight: This player bonus now properly functions as described.
  • Redemption: This player bonus now properly ticks 15 times, down from 16.
  • Redemption: This player bonus now properly heals the player character based on their Max HP, and the companion based on the companion’s, rather than cross-referencing Max HP values.
  • Repentant Cultist’s Discipline: This player bonus no longer incorrectly states a massive damage bonus against dragons, and now properly functions against dragons.
  • Rust Monster’s Presence: This player bonus now properly procs.
  • The following player bonuses have been updated to display the correct stats or companion.
    • Aarakocra’s Discipline
    • Abolethmaw’s Presence
    • Baby Polar Bear’s Instincts
    • Dreadwarrior’s Insight
    • Quickling’s Wisdom
  • War Boar’s Instincts: This player bonus no longer deals a lot more damage than it says in the tooltip.

Enchantments, Enhancements, and Runestones

  • Negation Enchantment now shows correct Damage Resistance values in its tooltip.
  • Thunderhead Enchantment no longer shows a blank buff icon during its internal cooldown.

Item Powers and Set Bonuses

  • Trobriand’s Ring: The damage bonus now applies as described in the tooltip, as a bonus to an existing strike rather than a second burst of damage.
  • Undermountain gear no longer incorrectly claims it increases damage in Chult Jungles; it now properly states that damage is increased while in Undermountain.
  • Watcher’s Charge: This effect now grows stronger every 5 seconds, rather than every 10 seconds.


  • Certain class mechanic meters are now restored when leaving situations that change the player’s power tray, such as when dismounting a khyek or leaving a sahha match.
  • Certain powers now properly show the range of their effect in their tooltip.
  • Deflect: This stat now has a tooltip in the character sheet.
  • The Arcana skill no longer suggests that it influences combat at all.

Enemies and Encounters – Queued Content

Castle Never

  • Cthylar the Illithilich should more consistently show the warning effects on the ground before their room gets flipped, turned upside-down.
  • Orcus now deals more damage, as do the annihilation spheres in the dungeon. These should now be closer in line with their pre-M16 difficulty.

Castle Ravenloft

  • Sisters of Strahd: The holder of the tome should be targeted less frequently by the active Sister.

Cragmire Crypt

  • Traven Blackdagger and his minions now have less health.
  • Traven Blackdagger now spawns minions less frequently.


  • Demogorgon no longer periodically backs away from the tank.
  • Demogorgon (Normal and Master): Players can no longer be attacked by enemies while watching cutscenes.

Kessell’s Retreat

  • Most weak and medium enemies in this dungeon now deal less damage with their auto-attacks.
  • The black ice spheres used by Akar Kessell now deal less damage.

Lair of the Mad Mage

  • The Bore Worm intro cutscene now properly states the name as two words.

Malabog’s Castle

  • All fomorian enemies’ debuffs have been lowered in efficacy by 50%.
  • Fomorian Totemists: These enemies now deal 66% less damage with melee attacks.
  • Fulminorax encounter: Valindra’s portals now properly appear instead of being replaced by some weird humanoid, and function correctly.
  • Fulminorax now properly flies off, rather than disappearing, when transitioning to the lightning attack.
  • Fulminorax no longer deals damage with the lightning attack before warning effects appear.
  • Krol Nightforge: The Evil Eye power once again has a proper animation, delay before firing, and a cooldown.
  • Redcap Witherer: These enemies now deal 50% less damage with ranged attacks.
  • Redcaps should now deal less damage in general.

Manycoins Bank Heist

  • The vault has been reinforced, and now has much more HP.

Shores of Tuern

  • Garakas’ Rage Drakes now have more HP.

Spellplague Caverns

  • Enemies spawned by the center anvil once again properly aggro on players in the outer ring.


  • Permafrost created in this encounter is now considered level 70 for combat purposes.
  • The manticores have had their health reduced, while Storvald has had his health increased.
  • Svardborg (Normal) is now in the Intermediate queue.


  • NOTE: This Trial is still closed for maintenance.
  • Legion Devils and Erinyes now deal less damage in this trial, while Tiamat’s heads now have more health.

Tomb of the Nine Gods

  • Ras Nsi: Defiant Souls now have 240k HP, reduced from 450k.
  • The mimics who volunteered for the mimic puzzle have gotten too energetic, and wandered off elsewhere. Withers has replaced them with a repeat of an existing puzzle.

Valindra’s Tower

  • Summoning portals no longer flicker when summoning enemies.
  • Wraiths in the final encounter now move more slowly.

Enemies and Encounters – Other

Undermountain Runic Encounters

  • Empowered Enemies: This runic effect has been nerfed, and should no longer be much more difficult than other runic effects.
  • Enemies in Runic Encounters no longer incorrectly have a chance to despawn while in combat.
  • Minibosses spawned by Runic Encounters now properly fight back.


  • Acquisitions Incorporated Orientation: The possessed statue no longer incorrectly leashes if a player moves a tiny distance away.
  • Beholders now consistently deal damage and status effects to players caught inside their red AoE damage indicators.
  • Barovia: Minor Heroic Encounters here no longer spawn super-powered enemies.
  • Cornering Karzov: Karzov no longer speeds up during his Spinning Strike attack.
  • Enemies can now aggro on players up to 20 levels above them, increased from 7.
  • Enemies in minor Heroic Encounters should now properly have silver-bordered health bars.
  • Ettercaps can no longer get into a state where they cannot attack a character.
  • Goblinoid Wolf Riders now display the proper animations and visual effects when attacking.
  • Goblinoid Wolf Riders’ mounts now properly stay in combat when the rider is dismounted.
  • Infernal Rifts in Dread Ring no longer spawn as some weird skull-faced person.
  • Polar bears should no longer look like brown bears.
  • Red Wyrmlings can no longer turn while preparing their fire breath attack.
  • Stronghold enemies in most Heroic Encounters should now have significantly less HP.
  • The tank buster effect used by Skeletal Frost Giants as well as the Stronghold Blue and Black Dragons now lowers damage resistance by 5% per stack (max 10 stacks), decreased from 30% per stack.
    • Note: We may revert this later to target just Skeletal Frost Giants.
  • Wolf Riders no longer summon giant spiders when dismounted.

Items and Economy

Artifact Gear

  • Seasonal artifact gear from Call to Arms and Tales of Old events now scales up to the equivalent of Item Level 980.
  • Undermountain Artifact Equipment now properly has a sigil unique to Undermountain, rather than using the vistani caravan sigil from Ravenloft.


  • Envenomed Storyteller’s Journal: The AP Gain of this item has been reduced across all ranks.
  • Symbol of Fire: This artifact should now properly show its cooldown timer.


  • Various Endgame gear pages now have more correct information.


  • Companions granted by the Twisted Dwarf Scroll Case now properly function.
  • The summon item for the Legendary Knox companion is now properly named “Alphonse Knox” rather than “Sergeant Knox.” The epic version is unchanged.
  • Tomb Spider: This companion now properly has a description.

Enchantments, Enhancements, and Runestones

  • Armor Enchantment Choice Packs rank 8 and above no longer incorrectly state in their description that they give Rank 7 enchantments.
  • Barkskin Enhancement: The effect now goes away when all stacks are gone, and it no longer says it blocks 1 damage in that case.
  • Empowered Runestones now state that their HP gain does not apply to augment companions.
  • Glorious Enchantment and Greycloak’s Insignia now have an item level of 8.
  • Heart of Fire Enchantment now has an item level of 130.
  • Low-rank enchantment packs can no longer grant enchantments that aren’t properly implemented at those ranks.
  • Quartermaster’s Enchantment, Rank 5 now properly states it has a 0.5% chance to trigger, rather than 0.1%.
  • Tactical Enchantments can now be slotted into Utility slots.
  • Tenebrous Enchantments should now function correctly and display their percentage values in their tooltips.
  • Tenebrous Enchantments now have a maximum damage dealt per rank, which is now stated in the tooltip. The tooltip is now also clearer that extra Tenebrous Enchantments only increase proc chance, and do not add to the damage.
  • The damage resistance calculation of Negation and Shadowclad Enhancements has been updated. These should now be a little more effective.
  • When upgrading Enhancement Shards, shards with the lowest Guaranteed Upgrade counter are now prioritized as reagents.
  • Woven Tales Enchantment, Rank 15 now properly requires extra confirmation to convert to Refinement Points.


Ancient Mulhorand, Dragonbone, and certain other level-matching items now properly scale up to level 80.

  • Orcus’ rings no longer show an immense damage value.
  • Ring of Sieging: The damage reduction given by this item is now 10%, down from 30%.
  • Successor gear now properly has a text-verification prompt when attempting to discard.
  • Successor gear: Armor (Body) slot pieces for tank roles now have 50% more Defense and 50% less Armor Penetration.
  • The Movement stat has been removed from any remaining gear that had it.
  • The names of Gold Ring of the Companion and Brass Ring of the Companion have switched, as gold is usually rarer than brass.
  • Valhalla’s Rebuke: The effectiveness of this set bonus is now 1% Damage Reduction per stack, down from 3%.
  • Various typos have been addressed in item names and descriptions.

Mounts and Insignias

  • Insignia of Initiative now properly uses more Insignias of Initiative to upgrade, rather than other types of Insignias.
  • Obsolete Insignias are no longer available via rewards and certain vendors.
  • Suratuk’s Teal Crag Cat: This mount once again provides the same insignia bonus it previously could. Note that some insignias may remain slotted that are no longer valid in an altered slot.


  • Bibliothol and Reliquary Wax now properly state that they come from Blacksmithing, rather than Weaponsmithing.
  • Iron Nails can now properly be produced as a level 16 Blacksmithing or Armorsmithing recipe.
  • Outdated profession rewards have been removed from certain packs, such as bounties.


  • Bounty Treasure Caches can once again properly be opened.
  • Demogorgon (Master): Twisted Ichor now properly drops as expected when Silver or Gold ranks are achieved.
  • Loot auto-pickup should now be working once more.
  • Master of the Hunt: The reward chests now properly accept Reward Reroll Tokens.
  • Named enemies in Undermountain should now award a certain currency when defeated.
  • Players who have completed the Third Eye campaign, but are missing Symbols of Savras, now have enough Symbols to total the amount they would have gotten prior to Undermountain, minus the ones they already spent.
  • The quest, “A Companion,” no longer incorrectly grants incorrect versions of companions.

Vanity Pets

  • The Adorned Mimic vanity pet no longer incorrectly looks like some weird skull-faced guy.


  • Seals of the Crown can now be bought in bulk from the Seals Store.

Zen Market

  • Adventurer’s Support Pack now states that it gives reroll tokens instead of dungeon chest keys.
  • Companion Helper Pack now gives a Rank 9 Bonding Runestone, up from Rank 7, and no longer contains an obsolete Companion Idle Slot Pack.
  • Companion Player Bonus Slots now specifically mention that they unlock the next locked player bonus slot.
  • Knox’s Veteran Recruitment Order now states an item level of 9000, up from 7400.
  • Knox’s Veteran Recruitment Order: New level 70 characters created after this update will now be able to receive some minor Refinement and Astral Diamond rewards, rather than nothing, when completing the Undermountain intro quest.
  • The Darkmagic Key Bundle and other, older key bundles are no longer available in the Zen Market.


  • Major Injury Kits are now usable at level 70-79, while Intense Injury Kits are now usable at level 80. The correct versions of these kits should now be available in all appropriate places.
  • Portable Altars can now be purchased in bulk from the consumables store.
  • Power Point packs can no longer be used.
  • Stronghold Coffers once again properly accept Enchantments and Runestones above rank 5.

User Interface


  • Players can no longer get stuck in a state where their campaigns are filtered by options that no longer exist. This fixes players who were already in that state.

Character Creation

  • For healing classes, the WIS ability score in now shows in character creation that it increases outgoing healing.

Character Sheet

  • The Current Experience tooltip now properly has a line break after the experience multiplier information.
  • The Powers tab now has an indicator if the player has unlocked, unchosen feats.


  • A Companion can now be bound if the player already has a lower-rank version of that Companion. When doing so, it will prompt the player that it will delete the lower-rank version of the Companion. Don’t worry, no harm comes to the Companion.
  • If a player manages to bind two Companions in a row, the first Companion will now be given a default name and the second Companion will properly have a rename prompt.
  • Inspecting an unbound Companion now properly shows what powers it will provide.
  • The Enter key can now be used to confirm companion name entry.
  • The tutorial for the updated Companion experience now function more smoothly with smaller screen sizes and non-standard window placement.
  • The “Unlock Power Slot” purchase action for bonus powers has been clarified in function and flow.
  • When binding a Companion, the powers now appear before the rename prompt. Players can now back out of that first prompt without binding the Companion.


  • If a player is item level scaled, the enemy’s level now displays in a gray-blue shade.
  • The Glory Boost indicator can no longer overflow if the player has too much remaining bonus Glory.
  • The power tray no longer hovers quite as much above the bottom of the screen by default, now that the XP bar has moved.

Inventory and Gear

  • At large UI scales, the warning when destroying an enchantment no longer incorrectly displays in teeny tiny text.
  • Attached Armor Kits and Jewels once again properly display on item tooltips.
  • Comparison tooltips no longer appear on Companion Only gear.
  • Enchantments slotted in gear now properly display the proper stat values.
  • Stacks of high-quality Profession Resources can now be converted to normal-quality resources of the same type, so that they can be used for Masterwork Profession quests.
    • To do so, split the stack first, then select the appropriate stack in the inventory, bring up the context menu, and click Convert to Normal Material. The entire stack will be converted.
  • When comparing items, the item comparison no longer displays incorrect enchantment stat values.


  • PvP Leaderboards should now function correctly, for reals this time.


  • Feats now sort consistently in the Powers UI. As a result, the position of a large number of feats have likely swapped top/bottom locations in the feat selection UI. Any chosen feats still remain chosen.


  • Queue descriptions no longer incorrectly refer to Epic Dungeon Chest Keys.


  • The Refinement Point display no longer incorrectly appears on the Relic Restoration screen.
  • When restoring Runic gear, the Relic Restoration screen now shows a more thematic background.
  • When “Try until succeed” is not relevant to an upgrade attempt, the choice is no longer present.

Animation, Audio, Character, and Effects


  • Stronghold PvP: Ballistas’ animations no longer desync from their actual shots.


  • False Idols: The VO now matches the text of this quest.
  • Hellfire Engine: The jumping and landing audio have been improved, along with the in-motion audio.
  • Paladin: Divine Fulmination: This power’s animation should no longer stutter quite as much when transitioning to / from other power animations.
  • Reptilian Wyrmlings no longer make sound at the same volume regardless of distance.
  • Slythed Simulacrum: This vanity pet is no longer ultra stompy.
    • Several other vanity pets have also been fixed.
  • Vanrakdoom: A cutscene in this zone has had its audio re-timed.
  • Various audio fixes have been made to player powers.
  • Various other audio improvements have been made to the game.

Character Art

  • The High Paladin, Soul Golem, and Trobriand vanity pets have been updated to look more like the creatures they’re based on.
  • Umber Hulks no longer look like weird blocky humans when they display at low render quality or from a distance.
  • Various weapons, when wielded by a blocking Barbarian, now look more natural in the blocking stance.


  • Paladin: Bane: This visual effect has had minor tweaks to be a little less visually disorienting.
  • Paladin: Radiant Charge: The knight effects spawned by this power should less frequently ride backward.
  • The visual effects for the Plague Fire Enchantment, Rank 7 no longer look like the max-rank version.
  • Valindra no longer has a purple shadow-light column effect in cutscenes.



  • For the French locale, the Overpenetration feat for Barbarian now properly states its cap.
  • Localized voice-over for the German locale should now play more consistently.

Performance and Stability


  • A rare crash involving taking lots of items from the overflow bag has been addressed.

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