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NBA2K23 – Current Gen Patch Update 3.0 | Game-Changing Updates: Patch 3.0 Drops!



  • Preparations for NBA 2K23 Season 3, launching this Friday, December 2nd, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST. Stay tuned for what we have in store!
  • New City alternate courts and uniforms have been added for all NBA teams currently using them
  • Baseline team wordmarks and corner championship trophy graphics have been added to the Chicago Sky arena
  • The following players have had general likeness updates or adjustments made:
    • Jimmy Butler
    • Tyson Chandler
    • Nicolas Claxton
    • Moses Moody
    • Frank Ntilikina



  • Addressed an issue that was preventing custom difficulty levels from working as intended
  • Increased the frequency of putbacks to bring them more in line with expected levels
  • Adrenaline boost usage has been disabled when sprinting off-ball when on offense




  • Multiple updates to the Jordan Challenge arenas have been made to improve the historical accuracy
  • Player positions will now be correctly displayed in the Starting Lineups



  • Continued improvements to performance and stability have been made to enhance the overall experience on the G.O.A.T. Boat
  • Various lighting improvements have been made on the Platinum deck and Deuces courts while active events are running
  • The option for players to set their spawn point to the Game Room has been removed
  • Fixed an issue where a faint black border could be seen on some tattoos
  • Player icons will now properly update when the MyPLAYER appearance has been changed
  • Players will now be taken to the correct screen when accessing the Jumpshot Creator from the Gameplay Animation menu
  • The ‘New’ animation indicator will now appear when viewing the Gameplay Animation menu after buying a new animation
  • The Funnel jumpshot meter will now correctly display in the Gameplay Animation menu



  • Addressed a rare hang that could occur when attempting to load a save
  • Decision prompts will now appear more quickly during postgame interviews 



  • Various improvements and updates have been made to all modes and many menus throughout MyTEAM
  • Due to anti-competitive trends impacting the experience of Unlimited players, Position Lock has been disabled in Unlimited, GameDay, and Tournament modes. Position Lock is still available in MyTEAM’s other multiplayer modes
  • Added new visuals for Ascension and Draft Mode
  • In Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, the camera will now properly focus on the controlled player and keep them on screen
  • Adjusted the 2K Cam in all Triple Threat modes to keep the 3-point arc in view when the ball is under the basket
  • Fixed an issue between active times of Limited Time Events where the event bonuses were incorrectly displayed
  • In the Evolution menu, all badges will now display in the upgrades list
  • You are now able to replace badges on player cards without needing the higher tier version of the badge
  • Addressed issues that could occur when alternate custom uniform cards are used in the away uniform slot
  • Fixed issues with the Agenda Tracker not properly displaying progress for some agendas
  • Resolved a rare hang that could occur in the Exhibitions menu
  • Added the ability to view rewards for other tiers in the Clutch Time menus
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from sending duplicate high-tier coach cards to the Auction House under certain circumstances



  • Resolved an issue in MyLEAGUE Online where the season wouldn’t continue when reaching the playoffs
  • Addressed an issue where team control could be switched when disconnecting and reconnecting a controller during local multiplayer games

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