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NBA 2K23 – Current Gen Patch Update 2.0 | Exciting Patch 2.0 Changes!



  • The Bill Russell “6” logo has been added to the court floor for all 30 NBA teams
  • The Bill Russell “6” patch has been added to the uniforms for all 30 NBA teams
    • Resolved an issue that would cause compression shorts to clip into players
    • Multiple shoe and clothing updates that improve their visual quality
    • Player Likeness Updates:
      • Tyrese Haliburton
      • Patrick Beverley
      • John Salley
      • Courtney Williams
      • John Wall
      • Charlie Brown
      • Caleb Martin
      • Garrison Matthews
      • RJ Hampton
      • Tre Mann
      • Riquna Williams
      • Sue Bird
      • Jonquel Jones
      • Brionna Jones
      • Satou Sabally
      • Malik Fitts
      • Kurt Thomas
      • John Drew
      • Michael Cage
      • Allen Leavell
      • Jay Humphries
      • Blue Edwards
      • Johnny Davis
      • Brevin Knight
      • Mamadou N’Diaye
      • Marcus Fizer
      • Gene Banks
      • Cliff Robinson
      • Gary Grant
      • John Long
      • Ed Pinckney
      • Willie Burton
      • Kevin Ollie


  • Fixed an issue with certain standing layups that would cause them to fade away from the rim instead of towards it
  • Dream Shake badge will now lessen the penalty when chaining multiple fakes together
  • Fixed an issue with shot fakes that could force the player to go out of bounds unintentionally
  • CPU players no longer use layup timing as they were unrealistically proficient with it
  • Air balls will no longer occur when shot timing is slightly early, slightly late, or better
  • Shot timing will now work correctly for hook shots when playing online games
  • Increased the boost duration of Adrenaline while off-ball
  • Resolved issues with hitching and abrupt stops in motion. This was both a visual and a control issue
  • The frequency of contact dunks on lower difficulty levels has been increased

MyCAREER / Neighborhood:

  • Resolved an issue where Pro-Am players were unable to ready up when entering from the Gatorade Gym elevator
  • MyPLAYER’s in-game appearance in the builder will no longer reset to default hair when creating a new save
  • Fixed an issue where players could not re-enter The Bridge after an event ended
  • In The Galleon and MyCOURT, players will now walk full out of bounds before being passed the ball (no more errant turnovers)
  • For REC, changed the AI spawn time in a Rec lobby from 90 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Toned down the idling sound for the hoverbike
  • Resolved an issue where Season XP animated slowly during the end game recap
  • Fixed an issue where the endorsement popup in the recap screen had no background making it difficult to read
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Prize UI would overlap the Birds Eye overlays
  • Resolved a MyCOURT hang that could occur when a guest starts a shootaround at the same time the host starts a drill


  • Fixed an issue where the 0 would not display when the game clock was greater than 10 minutes
  • Game scores should now properly be reflected on the jumbotron in Jordan Challenge games
  • Updated the end of game Goal Progress overlay to better distinguish from previously completed goals and goals completed within the current game
  • The Challenge Progress overlay should now properly display as the user approaches the goal in “Start of a Dynasty”
  • Challenge Stars should no longer flicker when user scrolls through the game list


  • Various improvements and updates have been made to all modes and many menus throughout MyTEAM
  • An anti-competitive check for idle players has been added to Multiplayer modes in MyTEAM
  • Added the option to turn off visual Era filters in Single Player modes from the pause menu. Era filters will not appear in Limited games
  • High level Coach Cards will now give appropriate boost amounts (Pink Diamond Jerry West now gives +6 to attributes!)
  • Updated the Wheel Spin to make the location of featured prize slots less confusing
  • Players will no longer receive losses on their menu records when their opponent quits
  • Cards and configurations in Triple Threat Online: Co-Op will now be saved after games are played
  • Addressed a rare hang that could occur when quitting Triple Threat Online: Co-Op games
  • Fixed an issue where the adaptive coaching engine (ACE) was reset to default settings in multiplayer games
  • Added a ‘Trophy Case’ category to The Exchange
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the “Level Up” Trophy/Achievement from unlocking in MyTEAM
  • Replacing badges on a Player Card from the Edit Player menu will now work correctly
  • Playbooks will now save as expected in the Coaching tab of Edit Lineups
  • Dynamic Duos will now consistently report their boosted overall ratings
  • Dynamic Duo info has been added to the General page on the back of MyTEAM cards
  • Prevented an error that could occur when players have more than 101 wins in Clutch Time modes
  • Fixed the Limited countdown timer reporting different times on the main menu and within Limited
  • Free Agent cards will now warn the player if their final game will be played in Triple Threat modes
  • Prize Balls have received a visual update
  • Fixed the alphabetical order for the “Killer Combos” badge in the Auction House search options
  • Removed Original Owner stickers from Player Cards listed in the Auction House
  • The Original Owner sticker will now only appear in Exhibition Missions requiring Original Owner cards
  • Duplicate player cards will no longer be able to be used in the same Exhibition Mission
  • Addressed a visual issue that could occur when Evolving Player Cards
  • Updated various Historic court floors to improve accuracy
  • Fixed an issue where Community Logos were appearing on both sides of the gamertag
  • Improved the lighting of the crowd in Triple Threat arenas

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