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Mortal Kombat 11 – DECEMBER 2019 Patch Notes

19 December 2019

General Gameplay Adjustments

• Fixed the crash on launch on AMD RX 5700 GPU’s

• Fixed a desynchronization issue in Online Versus

• Fixed an issue causing several Krushing Blows to do slightly increased damage

• Added a Newsletter Subscription option which rewards players with a Raiden Announcer Voice for signing up

• Fixed minor issues with Mouse/Keyboard input.

• Fixed several issues with RGB supported devices.

• Localization updates and fixes.

Kombat League / Online

• Reduced the Kombat League Point Cap that a player can lose in a match to 50

Towers of Time

• Fixed a widely encountered crash in Towers of Time

• Fixed an issue with certain attacks killing the opponent at the same time a modifier activates during an Endurance Match causing a long delay before the next opponent appears

Character Specific Adjustments

• Baraka – Blood Lunge’s Krushing Blow works correctly again in all situations

03 December 2019

· Fixed a crash related to ‘Manifest Fury’ augment.
· Fixed Private and Cross-play invitations on Discord.
· Fixed the Discord overlay issue.
· We are aware of new crash reports, we are working on resolving those issues as soon as possible.

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