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MORDHAU – #16 Patch Notes & HOTFIXES


  • Removed Christmas stuff
  • Added fortifications to Grad commander part
  • Enabled texture streaming amortization options by default to improve performance. Will significantly reduce stutters on some (older) computers


  • Reverted backparry change from previous patch fixing the attacks going through parry in cases where enemies were 90 degrees to the side from the player
  • Fixed attacks going through parry on active parry and chambers where enemies were 90 degrees to the side from the player (same as above, but was in place since release)
  • Improved stab windup animations to see transition to release easier (does not show up for self)
  • Third person Feint animations are now slightly more snappy/responsive
  • Global feint lockout increased 25ms, this will make feint punishing easier
  • Parry recovery increased 25ms
  • Chambering will now disarm like a parry when on low stamina, meaning you can no longer chamber at 1 stamina without being disarmed
  • Disabled team hitstop for strikes (Experimental)
  • Morph to kick 15ms faster
  • Added jump kicks
  • Throwables and ranged equipment can now kick
  • Throwables can now be used on ladders
  • Shield wall now has a longer raising/lowering delay to prevent abuse in duels
  • Players can now riposte out of the shield wall at any time, even without blocking
  • Shield wall stab riposte animation now comes from the same side, making it a bit harder to read
  • Shield wall shields now have 1 less stamina negation, but 25ms more parry window (50ms more total compared to regular parry)
  • Shield model now acts as blocking collider during ripostes, buffing their ability to 1vX
  • Shield wall turncap more lax
  • Shield wall movement speed increased to 66% (from 50%)
  • Couch no longer disarms
  • Removed previous CombatTest changes, CombatTest now has experimental movement on it. Added SKM variant.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Executioner sword turncaps nerfed. Now more strict
  • Zweihander main mode stab windup slowed down 25ms
  • Bastard Sword 1H strike release reduced 25ms
  • Greatsword main mode stab release reduced 25ms
  • Bardiche main mode now 15cm longer
  • Maul stamina drain on strike increased by 1
  • Estoc main mode stab combo 50ms faster
  • Poleaxe all windups 25ms faster
  • Shortspear stab windup 25ms faster
  • Shortspear miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Shortspear throw now 250ms faster
  • Increased blunt slowdown on hit slightly (Tier 1 12.5 -> 15%, Tier 2 25% -> 30%)
  • Increased Recurve Bow damage against Tier 2 and Tier 3 chest (4HTK instead of 5HTK)
  • Improved Bow 1p firing animations, making it more snappy/satisfying to shoot
  • Adjusted longbow sway slightly
  • Buffed Crossbow and Longbow projectile speed very slightly
  • Throwing knifes now throw faster
  • Throwing knife can now be equipped slightly faster
  • Throwing Axe can now be thrown twice in a row faster
  • Throwing Axe proj speed slightly faster
  • Tier 2 Chest now has the same speed as Tier 1 Chest, making it a straight upgrade
  • Slowed down shield throws and reduced their damage
  • Deliverable despawn time from 20s to 30s
  • Throwable two handed rock now throws faster
  • Throwable shields now get thrown with LMB if nothing is in the right hand.
  • Fixed pavise planting not working on LMB anymore
  • Toolbox structures now build faster across the board

Visuals & Misc

  • Fixed a bug where invasion actually counted ‘tickets’ for deaths and could cause loss if a team died more than 1000 times
  • Fixed the case where ladders would be climbed while holding because someone got onto it
  • Tightened collision on footsoldier wagon and king wagon
  • Fixed wonky skinning on splinted arms
  • Improved fall damage camera shake
  • Console key can now be bound in options
  • Feitoria gate can’t interrupt open but can interrupt closing

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