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Mobile Legends – NEW HERO MINSITTHAR | 1.3.24 Patch Notes

I .New Heroes & Revamped Heroes
1. Courageous hero – Minsitthar is coming to the Advanced Sever as a free hero (Limited). Unavailable for purchasing.


Hero Special Abilities: Minsitthar is a Fighter with crowd control. He can call Royal Guards to fight together with him and stop enemies from using directional Blink skills.


Skill 1: [Spear of Glory] Minsitthar stabs ahead with the Spear of Glory, dealing Physical Damage to all enemy units along the way.
When pulling back the spear, Minsitthar will also pull towards himself the first enemy hero that the spear hits. dealing Physical Damage and knocks them back. Meanwhile his Attack Speed will be increased.


Skill 2: [Shield Assault] Minsitthar awakens the strength of the Golden Shield to obtain Shield and increases Movement Speed immediately. Meanwhile, he releases the power within the Golden Shield forward. The power explodes upon hitting the first enemy unit and deals Physical Damage to all enemies in the area. The first enemy will be stunned and the other enemies will be knocked back.


UIt [King’s Calling] Minsitthar charges a short distance forward and calls 4 Royal Guards to form a field and fight together with him. When staying in the area, Minsitthar increases his Physical Attack. Physical and Magic Defence. Enemies within the field reduces Movement Speed and can not use directional Blink skills. (The Royal Guards can not move, but they’ll attack enemies in the field first.)


Passive [All United] Minsitthar inspires the whole team. Whenever teammates slay the enemy heroes. he obtains an extra Gold; whenever Minsitthar himself slay enemies, all the teammates obtain an extra Gold.
II.  Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins
1.8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/10/19 05:01:00 to 2018/10/26 05:00:00
Karina: Bruno: Akan: Lollta: Vexana; Harley; Diggie’ Jawhead
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Alpha: Johnson: Zhask: Roger’ Helcurt: Pharsa
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/10/26 05:01:00 to 2018/11/2 05:00:00 (Tap
the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
Clint; Kagura; Aurora; Lapu-Lapu; Chou; Grock; Argus; Gusion
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Irithel; Moskov; Hylos; Vexana; Harley; Uranus
III. Hero Adjustments
1.ln order to improve the fluency in display, the skill effects of some heroes are hidden under the Low Display setting.
2.0ptimized some skill effects and the display logic of flying bullets.
3.Added a new crowd control [Grounded]: the Grounded Hero can not use any directional Blink skills (Minsitthar‘s Ult can perform such control effect).
Sacred Hammer: Fixed a problem where he can‘t collide with the next target when he slays an enemy.
Ninjutsu: Equinox Fixed a problem where her Passive still exists when the Shield is broken by Blade Armor.
Wolf Transformation: Fixed a problem where he can’t transform into human after respawning when he gets slain while using the skill.
Rough Waves: Adjusted the Damage dealt to the enemies on the path when tsunami returns to 200/220/240 from 150/165/180. Adjusted the Magic Bonus to 0.4 from 0.3.
Power of Nature: Adjusted the Physical Attack and HP regeneration strengthened by HP lost to 8% from 6%.
Synchro Fission: Fixed the problem of the wrong description of the color effects in the Skil Info.
Adjusted ATK Growth to 7 from 8.
Electro-airbag: Adjusted CD to 905 from 755.
IV. Battlefield Adjustments
[Equipment items]
1.Divine Glaive: Fixed the problem where the Spellbreaker effect is inappropriately activated when player purchases it with HP more than 70%.
Deadly Poisoned Stinger
1.Reribution: Adjusted the Damage Reduction effect to its Passive when players jungle with jungling equipment, the damage they take will reduce by 40%.
1. Custom Jungle emblem – adjusted
Brutal: The extra Damage dealt to Creeps increases to 10% per level from 7% per level.
Durability: renamed as [Iron] the damage taken by Creeps reduces by 7% per level.
V. New Systems & Events
1. Added a new mode – Practice
In order to help players to get familiar with the heroes they own in the most cost-effective way. we have added a new mode PRACTICE, where they will be exploring the skills and combo against highly customized and multi-functional training bots.
Players can enter by [Custom] Practice Mode.
A. All data in the Practice Mode won‘t be shown in Personal Profile, History, Achievements. Daily Quests. etc.
B. Players can summon Bots. increase levels and reduce Cooldown in the Practice Mode to better understand the heroes.
C. Players can only use the heroes they’ve already owned in the Practice Mode. 2. Added to the Survival Mode: There are 6 Events and in each match 2 Events will be activated The Events will add much fun and to the battlefields.
Event 1: [Snow Ball Battle] A big snowball shows up in front of each player. The farther the snowballs move. the bigger they’ll become. Attack enemies with small
snowballs and the size of their snowball becomes reduced, and the reduced snowballs can be picked up by players to enlarge their own ones. The weight of Snowball will finally turn into the Physical and Magic Defence (Each 1 kilo of snowball will be converted into 10 Physical and Magic Defence.)
Event 2: [Christmas Gifts] Christmas chests are randomly distributed in the battlefield. in which hides at least 1 Christmas Bell. Collect Christmas Bells and exchange for rewards!
Event 3: [Hide and Seek] Each player gets into Conceal State. This state will not be removed when players attack enemies, but it will be when they are attacked.
Event 4: [Storm Punishment] Each player reduces their Movement Speed. Kill Creeps, pick up Small Fire Bead of them, and players can get out of the state. If players fail to get out of the state before the event, they’ll get freezed for 5 seconds.
Event 5: [Energy Disorder] The Energy Disorder Area is now in the battlefield. Stay out of it! Great Damage is being dealt randomly in this area!
Event 6: [Catch Snowman] There’re 10 Snowmen randomly distributed in the safe area of the battlefield. Use the loop to catch them. Each Snowman can add 1000 HP for you
VI. System Adjustments
1. Improved credit system.
A. Adjusted the determining rules of new players‘ Intentional Feeding actions.
B. Optimized the AFK Warning in matches.
2.New rules on trial in Custom Draft Pick Mode. Now each side can ban 3 heroes.
3.0ptimized the display of big body-type heroes in Draft Pick Mode.
4.Referees now can see Emblem Gift and KDA data of each player.
5.Optimized the experience of purchasing the same bundle. Steps of purchasing again are reduced.
6. Twilight code
A. Fixed the display bugs of certain devices.
B. Added the new tasks to the following heroes: Fanny. Zhask. Pharsa, Jawhead, Angela. Gusion, Uranus. Aldous, Claude, Harith.
7. 0ptimized the notice of changing regions. Now it’s clearly shown whether there’s free chance to change regions.
8. In order to create a good communication enviroment. some rules are now added to the Live Stream in case of repeating messages.
9. Added a new refusing note when others invite you “I‘m going off line. Let’s team-up next time.”
10. 0ptimized the logic of surrendering in advance in Draft Mode. Now it won’t be influenced by [Whether Firstblood takes place].
11. 0ptimized the display of Personal Profile.
12. 0ptimized the display of the notice to change Avatar.
13. Added the notice and button [Download Manually] for those devices which don’t have the High-Quality display resources.
14. 0ptimized the effect loading speed of returning to home page when the match ends. Now the fluency has been greatly improved.
15. lmproved the opening speed of limited events.
16. 0ptimized the fluency of opening Live Following, Achievements Gallery, Escorts.
VII. BUG Fixes
1.Fixed the wrong display of some indicators.
2.Fixed the bug where the data in Profile Statistics Details are sometimes wrongly shown.

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