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Mobile Legends – Magic Chess Patch Notes V.65.1

1. Newly Added: Shape-shifter – The heroes will be greatly enhanced in shape-shift. Shape-shifters: Selena; Zhask; Yu Zhong

2. Adjusted: Celestial – 2/4 Synergy adjusted to 3/6. Under Synergy of 6 Celestial, the ‘heroes gain extra Attack Speed.

3. Temporarily Removed: Eruditio

4. Temporarily Removed: Summoner

5. Wrestler – Additional damage adjusted from 350/700 to 400/900.

6. Guardian – Physical Defense provided by Guardians adjusted from 120 to 130.

7. Dragon Altar – Extra Shield of Dragon Altar adjusted from 12% to 10%

8. Monastery of Light: Magic Defense provided by Monastery of Light adjusted from 70 to 60.

1. New Little Commander – [Naughty Dragonling] Pao

Skill 1: Shields Up (Active) – Increase Physical & Magic Defense for allied heroes in the front row

Skill 2: Magic Circle (Passive) – At the beginning of each stage, automatically generates a draggable Magic Circle. Allied heroes within the Magic Circle gain Physical Attack and Magic Power.

Skill 3: Dragon’s Gift (Active) – Usable in Showdown Stage. Allows the player to choose 1 buff from several options which will be effective for all allied heroes at the beginning of each round.

[Yu Zhong]

Newly Added; Dragon Altar/Shape-shifter; Cost 5 gold Skill: Transforms into the Black Dragon form and stuns the enemies collided.

[Luo Yi]

Newly Added; Dragon Altar/Elementalist; Cost 4 gold, Skill: Creates a teleport circle and sends the heroes in stock to the battlefield.


Newly Added; Celestial/Mage; Cost 3 gold,
Skill: Releases waves of stardust and deals damage.
Skill Damage adjusted from 300/500/900 to 350/600/1100.


Newly Added; Celestial/Targeman; Cost 2 gold Skill: Stuns the enemies in front and gains a shield.


Newly Added; Abyss/Guardian; Cost 2 gold Skill: Use Cyclone Sweep to deal damage to nearby enemies.


Adjusted; Celestial/Shape-shifter; Cost 4 gold Skill: Fuses with the Nightmaric Spawn. His skills are enhanced during the fusion period.
Damage increases after transformation adjusted from 50%/50%/50% to 75%/100%/150%.
Mana Cost of transformation adjusted from 125 to 100.


Adjusted; Elf/Shape-shifter; Cost 3 gold, Skill: Switches between Abyssal Form and Elven Form.


Gold cost adjusted from 3 to 2.


Temporarily Removed.


Temporarily Removed.

[Popol and Kupa]

Temporarily Removed.


Temporarily Removed.


Temporarily Removed.


Temporarily Removed.


Skill damage adjusted from 200/400/800 to 220/440/880.


Base HP increased by 290.


Ricochet damage adjusted from 150/300/600 to 200/400/800.


Extra Physical and Magic Defense provided by his skill adjusted from 80/120/160 to 80/140/200.


Base HP reduced by 200.


Base HP reduced by 600.


Damage of the enhanced Basic Attack adjusted from 600/900/1500 to 500/750/1250.

In the last season, we’ve noticed that the Boots often had little effect on the battlefield, and our players tend to choose other types of equipment instead of the Boots.

As a result, the Boots are temporarily removed this season. Instead, the Spells are added to Magic Chess. We believe the functional Spells will enrich our players’ game experience.

1. Newly Added: Inspire – Ignores Physical Defense on the first few attacks

2. Newly Added: Revitalize – Summons a Healing Spring when HP is low.

3. Newly Added: Petrify – Petrifies enemies when HP is low.

4. Newly Added: Purify – Removes the first CC.

5. Newly Added: Flicker – Blinks to the most dangerous position at the beginning of a round.

6. Temporarily Removed: Warrior Boots

7. Temporarily Removed: Tough Boots

8. Temporarily Removed: Arcane Boots

9. Temporarily Removed: Swift Boots

10. Temporarily Removed: Demon Shoes

11. Glowing Wand – Burning damage adjusted from 1.5%/2.5%/3.5% of the target’s current HP to 1.5%/2.75%/4%.

12. Necklace of Durance – The duration of the HP Regen reduction adjusted from 3 to 6s.

13. Helcurt’s Curse – The silence duration adjusted from 5 to 7s.

The Dragon Altar chessboard will be added in the next update.

The art resources have been fully updated, which will provide brand-new experience for players.

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