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Mobile Legends – Magic Chess Patch Notes V.57.1

1. Targeman – Adjustment is made for the new Targeman hero. 2-Targeman Synergy provides a shield of 12% Max HP for nearby allied heroes. 4-Targeman Synergy provides a shield of 18% Max HP for nearby allied heroes.

2. Wrestler – Extra damage of 3-Wrestler Synergy adjusted from 330 to 350. Extra damage of 6-Wrestler Synergy adjusted from 660 to 700. Stun protection duration adjusted from 2.5 to 2.2s.

3. Guardian – Physical Defense gain adjusted from 110 to 120.

4. Western Desert – Dodge Chance adjusted from 20%/40%/60% to 15%/30%/50%.

5. Elf – Damage caused by 6 Elves adjusted from 75% to 80%.

6. Cyborg – HP gain for the whole team caused by 4 Cyborgs adjusted from 1500 to 2000.

7. Empire – Mana Reduction caused by 6 Empire adjusted from 22 to 24.

New Heroes:1. Jawhead: Cyborg-Wrestler. Cost 2 gold.

2. Lolita: Elf-Targeman. Cost 2 gold.

3. Esmeralda – Base HP reduced by 200.

4. Carmilla – Base HP reduced by 100.


Removed temporarily.


It seems like Gatotkaca has become a necessary component of many team comps. Thus, we slightly adjusted his skill damage. Skill Damage adjusted from 700/1200/2400 to 650/1000/2000.


Ling has been a Mage killer since he joined the mode. We think now is a good time to adjust him a little bit so that Mages can have a better time facing against him. Mana Regen CD after skill cast adjusted from 1 to 2s.


With the longest attack range among all Marksmen, we hope Irithel can have a decent teamfight performance regardless of her positioning. Defense Reduction adjusted from 30/50/100 to 40/70/140.


Mana cost adjusted from 100 to 75.


Base HP increased by 100. Base Attack increased by 15.


Base Attack Speed Increased by 15%.


Slightly reduced lifesteal of splash damage while in Valkyrie form.


Base HP increased by 260.


Immobilization duration adjusted from 0.8/1/1.5 to 1/1.2/1.5s.


Base Attack Speed decreased by 5%.


Base HP reduced by 100.


Base HP increased by 450.


Base Attack Speed increased by 10%.


Skill damage adjusted from 400/600/1200 to 400/700/1400.


Base HP increased by 200.


Base HP reduced by 500. HP Regeneration caused by his skill adjusted from 20/35/60 to 30/45/75.


We’re glad to see the new addition – Benny becoming a star in the mode, and we hope some of our old friends can share the love with him. In this patch, Ragnar, Eva. and Abe return to the mode.


Regen: HP restoration adjusted from 3 to 4.

Defense: CD adjusted from 4 to 3 rounds.

Recovery – HP requirement adjusted from 25% to 20%.


Coordination – Physical Attack adjusted from 50 to 60. Magic Attack adjusted from 100 to 120.


Deadly Strike: Shield adjusted from 20 to 25. Abe gains a shield each time he deals a certain amount of damage to the enemy little commander. This shield stacks.

Cohesiveness: After dealing a certain amount of damage to enemy commanders, Abe’s next attack is enhanced, dealing a large amount of damage.


Initiator: Extra Gold gain adjusted from 3 at the beginning to 2 at each stage.


Money-grubber – Cooldown adjusted from 5 to 4.

Gold=Life! – Sacrificed HP adjusted from 5 to 7. Gold gain adjusted from 3-5 to 3-7.


Freezing Trap – Freeze duration adjusted from 10/15/20/30 to 15/20/25/30s.

1Helcurt’s Curse: Upon wielder’s death. silence nearby enemy heroes.

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