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Mobile Legends – 1.7.06 – Re-Release the Talent System

The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.

[Fredrinn] (~)

We’re optimizing the mechanics of Fredrinn’s Crystal Energy while lowering the absolute maximum damage of his enhanced Ultimate.[Passive] (↑)
Crystal Energy Decay Timer: 5s >> 8s
Fixed an issue where the Combo Point’s decay timer was reset when Fredrinn cast skills using Combo Points.
New Effect: The Crystal Energy stored cannot exceed Fredrinn’s current HP.

[Ultimate] (↑)
Combo Points are no longer consumed when the skill is interrupted.

[Enhanced Ultimate] (↓)
Cooldown: 20-16s >> 30-24s
New Effect: Hitting non-minion enemies with this skill also grants Combo Points.
Added a damage cap.

[Faramis] (~)

We’re optimizing Faramis’s skill casting experience while balancing the extra HP from his Ultimate.

[Passive] (↑)
Increased the Soul Fragment absorption range.

[Ultimate] (↓)
The skill can now be cast when moving.
Reduced the extra HP in the Specter state.

[Badang] (↓)

Badang’s been overperforming since the previous buff, so we’re taking away some of his baseline power and lowering the uptime of his Skill 1.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Initial Damage: 240-390 >> 210-360
Recharge Time: 12-7s >> 13-10s

[Skill 2] (↓)
Base Shield: 400-800 >> 350-600

[Gord] (↑)

Gord’s been struggling to hold down his enemies, so we’re buffing his Passive, allowing him to inflict a higher slow with multi-skill hits.[Passive] (↑)
Slow Effect: 30% >> 20%
Duration: 0.5s >> 1s
New Effect: The slow effect can stack 2 times.

[Thamuz] (↓)

Thamuz’s still dominating the early game, so we’re further dampening his lava power by restricting his access to his Skill 1.[Skill 1] (↓)
Cooldown: 2s >> 3s

1. Added a feature that allows you to report Verbal Abuse in matches. You can now tap and report inappropriate messages in In-Game Chat and view the report feedback after the match ends.2. Fixed an issue where players could be redirected to the Ranked Season screen from certain screens before they had unlocked Ranked mode.

3. You can now check info related to MVP Star-Up Cards as Protection Cards.

1. Tickets used to purchase extra talent pages will also be converted into Talent Essence.2. Activating regular talents now costs 800 Talent Essence, while the free uses granted upon activation are increased to 200.

3. When your Talent Essence is sufficient, you’ll see a One-Tap Purchase button on the main Talent screen for you to purchase all talents with one tap.

[Removed Talents]

Core Talents: Temporarily removed [Fatal Snare], [Master Assassin], [Arcane Furor], and [Immortal Fury].

Regular Attribute Talents: Temporarily removed [Warrior Lineage], [Giant Slayer], [Vampiric Touch], [Essence Reaper], [Spell Master], and [Wilderness Blessing]; and added [Speedy Recovery].

Regular Attribute Talents: Temporarily removed [Crit Chance & Damage], [Spell Vamp], and [Cooldown Reduction & Penetration]; and changed [Attack Speed] to [Attack Speed & Crit Chance].

Due to the talent removal, you may only see a limited number of Popular and Pro Plans available for most heroes after the version update.

[Balance Adjustments]
Balance adjustments in this patch focus on the following aspects:

1. Reduce the cooldowns of talents with long cooldowns and nerf overpowered effects (including [Last Stand], [Lethal Ignition], etc.).

2. Avoid the drastic scaling of specific attributes to maintain a balanced in-match environment (including [Eternal Bloodlust] and [Spell Vamp]).

3. Balance the talents’ effects throughout the game (including [Lethal Ignition], [Cosmic Blitz], etc.).

4. Revamp some talents’ trigger conditions and effects so they can be used more reasonably (including [Glorious Dominion], [Deadly Dart], etc.).

5. Other balance adjustments.

[Core Talents]

[Open Fire] (~)
Duration: 5s >> 4s
Cooldown: 15s >> 12s

[Lethal Ignition] (↓)
Damage: 102-270 >> 54-250
Cooldown: 18s >> 15s

[Battle Frenzy] (↓)
Cooldown: 7s >> 6s
Damage Boost: 6% >> 5%
Physical & Magic Lifesteal >> Physical Lifesteal & Spell Vamp (Magic skills can also benefit from Spell Vamp)

[Cosmic Blitz] (↓)
Damage: 175-525>> 92-540
Cooldown: 12s >> 9s

[Killing Spree] (↓)
First On-Kill HP Regen: 8% >> 7%

[Last Stand] (↓)
Total HP Regen: 20% >> 15%
Cooldown: 60s >> 45s

[Glorious Dominion] (↓)
Inflicting slow effects on enemies no longer triggers the talent effect.

[Deathly Alliance] (↑)
Damage: 240-450 >> 240-520
Extra Gold: 5 >> 8

[Regular Skill Talents]

[Weapons Master] (↓)
Attack Boost: 8% >> 7%

[Eternal Bloodlust (↓)
Initial Spell Vamp: 4% >> 2.5%
Extra Spell Vamp Per Kill: 1% >> 1.5%; upper limit unchanged

[Deadly Dart] (~)
Revamped: Casting a Blink/Dash skill increases the damage of the attack within 3s by 6% >> Casting a Blink/Dash skill increases damage dealt within the next 1.5s by 4.5%.

[Speedy Recovery] (↑)
Recharge Time: 45s >> 30s

[Bargain Hunter] (↓)
Discount: 94% >> 95%

[Regular Attribute Talents]

[Adaptive Penetration] (↓)
Attribute Value: 13 >> 12

[Attack Speed & Crit Chance] (↑)
Attribute: 10% Attack Speed >> 10% Attack Speed & 5% Crit Chance

[Fixed Attributes]

[Fearless Assault: Sword] (~)
HP: 170 >> 185
Attack: 12 >> 16
Spell Vamp: 6% >> 4%

1. Fixed an issue where Ling’s Skill 1 would go on cooldown upon spawn if he was killed when he was leaping toward a wall.2. Fixed an issue where Diggie’s Skill 2 would occasionally fail to pull back the marked enemy.

3. Sun’s Doppelgangers now have a minimum of 100 initial HP.

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