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Mobile Legends – 1.5.26 Patch Notes



Shield and HP Regen Boost: 30%-50% → 20%-30%


(~)Aldous is very weak in the early game, but it is difficult for the opponents to deal with him in the late game. Therefore, in this patch, we continue to enhance his early game farming and combat capabilities and nerf him in the late game.

Skill 1(~):

Base Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack 130-330 → 150-400

Physical Attack Bonus: 100% → 90%

Cooldown: 5-3 → 5-4

Extra Damage of Each Stack: 7 → 6


( ↑)We’ve improved his ability to kill high-HP heroes.


Base Damage: 300-500 → 400

Physical Attack Bonus: 100% → 60%

Extra Damage of Enemy’s Lost HP: 20% → 20%-30%

Max Damage to Non-Hero Units: 1300-2500 → 1500-3000


HP Restoration from Killing Minions or Creeps: 7% → 8%


(↑)Optimized gaming experience.

Skill 1(↑): The wisps will now attack multiple targets nearby instead of single target.

Damage increased.

Skill 2(↑) Upon casting nearby allies will receive a shield immediately now.


When casting this skill toward a nearby target, Mathilda can circle for at least 2 seconds now, instead of running into the target.


(~)We’ve nerfed him in the early game and increased his damage in the late game.

Skill 1(~):

Damage Decay Ratio: 20% → 15-25% (scales with skill level)

Skill 2(↓):

Jumping Back Distance: 4.8 → 4.4


(↓)In the last patch, we underestimated the enhancement of his durability, making

Barats one of the most tanky heroes. We hope the following adjustments will bring him back to a reasonable level.


Base Physical Defense: 25 → 12

Passive (↓):

For each stack of Big Guy.

Defense Boost: 3-6 → 2-5

Resilience Boost: 3% → 2%


Extra Stacks of Big Guy by Devouring the Target: 3/6/9 → 3/4/5


(~)We’ve reduced her damage to high-HP targets but slightly enhanced her durability in the middle and late game.

Skill 2(↓)

Extra Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 1%-4% → 1%-2.5% (of the target’s Max HP)


Damage Reduction: 30% → 30%-40%


(~)We’ve increased her Shield so that she can defend more control effects in full-shield state in order to maintain balance, we’ve slightly reduced her damage.

Skill 1 (↓)

Damage of the First Shot: 50% → 45%


Shield Limit: 20% → 30% (of Max HP)


(~)In order to enhance the shooting experience during her Ultimate, we’ve increased her Movement Speed during her Ultimate. And we also slightly reduced her damage to maintain balance.

Passive(↓): Physical Attack Bonus of Each Arrow’s Damage: 42% → 40%


Movement Speed increased by 30-50 during Ultimate


(↑)We’ve slightly enhanced his farming speed,

Passive (↑)

Extra Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack to Minions and Creeps: 4% → 12% (of Max HP)

Optimized the first two recommended builds.


(↑)Skill 2(↑): Base Damage: 270-370 → 300-400


Skill 2 Fixed the incorrect damage.

1. Chang’e’s Starlight Skin [Strawberry Parfait], the November Starlight Exclusive Skin, will be available on November ist on Advanced Server and Official Server.2. Leomord’s Skin Jack-o’-lantern will be available on October 30th (Server Time). Diamond 749. Launch Week 30% OFF.

[Leomord] and Skin [Jack-o’-lantern will be in a bundle and available on October 30th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

3. Free Heroes:

Server Time 10/23/2020 05:01:00 to 10/30/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Franco: Carmilla; Hilda; Lancelot; Leomord; Uranus; Minsitthar; Badang

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Ruby; Helcurt; Argus; Claude; Granger; X.Borg

Server Time 10/30/2020 05:01:00 to 11/6/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Hayabusa; Fanny; Moskov; Thamuz; Harley; Dyrroth; Hylos; Baxia

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chang’e; Johnson; Diggie; Rafaela; Lancelot; Kimmy



1. Aegis

Initial Shield: 720 → 800

Shield for Allies: 50% → 70%


Roaming Equipment

Our original purpose of designing roaming equipment is to provide a way for the roaming heroes to farm, so that they will not farm too slowly without laning. However, with the recent changes to the battlefield resources in recent patches, currently the roaming equipment has provided excessive benefits in the early and mid game.

Once other heroes make a slight mistake, the heroes with roaming equipment will surpass them in Gold or EXP, which is neither our original purpose nor a good experience for players. In addition, as the benefits from killing minions and creeps increased in the late game, the farming efficiency of the roaming equipment does not grow accordingly, which makes the advanced roaming equipment not so cost-effective. Therefore, we have made some balancing adjustments to the roaming equipment.

[Unique Passive – Thriving]

When your Gold ranks the 5th in your team, you’ll get 12 → 8-12 (scales with equipment level) Gold every 4s.

When your EXP ranks the 5th in your team, you’ll get 25 → 20-30 (scales with equipment level) EXP every 4s.


1. Added equipment filters on the battlefield according to 9 attributes.

2. Added demonstrations for spells. You can check them in Preparation – Battle Spells.

3. Now you can see the Violation Rate of your friends when inviting them.

Fixed the issue of some of the report mails.

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