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Mobile Legends – 1.5.22 Patch Notes


(↓)We’ve weakened her overpowered damage in the early game, enhanced her durability and supporting ability, and optimized the control feeling.


Base Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 150 → 100

Magic Power Bonus: 80% → 100%

Skill 1(↓):

Cooldown: 6.5-5s → 7.5s

Magic Power Bonus: 50% → 60%

Damage Decay Ratio: 75-90% → 40-70%

Mana Cost: 60-100 → 90-140

Skill animation greatly shortened

Skill 2(↑):

Cooldown: 15-10s → 13-10s

Magic Power Bonus of Shield: 100% → 180%

Skill animation greatly shortened


The first attack removed Wisp Damage: 64-80 → 40-50

Magic Power Bonus: 20% → 10%

Magic Power Bonus of Shield: 120% → 180%


(↓)We’ve slightly nerfed her in the early game.

Skill 1(↓):

Mana Cost: 45-80 → 65-90


Cooldown: 45-35s → 55-45s

Slow Effect: 0.8s → 1.5s

[Revamped Clint]

(↓)We’ve slightly weakened his burst damage.


Basic Attack Enhancement Ratio: 140% → 130%

Skill 1(↓)

Damage Decay Ratio: 25% → 20%


(↓)We’ve slightly nerfed him in the early game.

Base Shield: 450 → 400

Ultimate(Twin-Blade) (↓)

Base Damage: 350-550 → 300-500


(↑)Due to the changes in the latest patch, it is difficult for Bruno to take advantage by aggression. Thus, we’ve increased his early-game damage in order to help him regain his lane domination,

Skill 1(↑):

Base Damage: 95-245 → 120-270

Mana Cost: 90-140 → 75-125


(↓)We’ve weakened his durability and benefits of charging, which will lead to a high requirement of the skill hit rate, while his attacks still have a great impact on enemies


Damage Reduction: 35 → 25

Skill 2(↑):

Max HP Bonus of Damage: 5% → 6%


Base Damage: 50-70 → 40-60

Damage Reduction Boost: 75% → 140%

Total Damage Reduction effect almost unchanged


(↑)In the new patch, more importance is attached to laning, so it is more difficult for Belerick to play a role in team fights. In order to handle this problem, we’ve strengthened his durability and mobility. “It’s time to share some love on this old friend.”


Base HP: 2719 → 2819

HP Growth: 235 → 245

Skill 2(↑):

Restoration of HP Lost: 8% → 10%

Movement Speed Boost increased (decaying over time)


Skill animation and backswing slightly shortened.


(~)We hope Barats performance will be more balanced both at advantages and disadvantages


Shield provided by each stack of Big Guy: 5 → 3-6 (grows at Lv. 48, and 12)


His damage doesn’t grow with increased body size anymore.

New Effect: Devouring the target will recover up to 20% of Max HP.


(↑)We’ve strengthened his damage taking ability in Rage State.


Base HP: 2709 → 2859

Base Magic Defense: 10 → 5


Physical & Magic Defense Boost in Rage State: 11.5-32.5 → 14-70


(↑)We’ve enhanced his competitiveness among Tanks!


Physical Attack Bonus: 80% → 120% (Scales with charging time)

Cooldown: 6 → 5


(↑)In order to increase the utility of the Ultimate, we’ve reduced its control difficulty and early game cooldown.


Optimized control feeling. Cooldown: 53-43 → 45-40

Base Damage: 400-600 → 300-500


(↓)We’ve nerfed him in the early and middle game.

Skill 1(↓):

Base Damage: 150-250 → 50-100

Max HP Bonus of Damage: 7.5%-10% → 7%-12%

Skill 2(↓):

Physical & Magic Defense Boost: 50%-100% → 30%-100%

Max HP Bonus of Damage: 3.5-6% → 36%


(↓)We’ve weakened his ability to take damage and restrict enemies.

Passive (Human Form)(↓):

Slow Effect: 20% → 10%

Ultimate(Wolf Form)(↓):

Physical & Magic Defense Boost: 40-100 → 20-50


1. Brody, the Lone Star, will be available on October 16th (Server Time). Diamond 599. Battle Point 32,000. Launch week 30% OFF.Brody’s Skin [Nameless Stray] will be available on October 16th (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% OFF.

[Brody] and Skin [Nameless Stray] will be in a bundle and available on October 16th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

2. Lylia’s Skin [Haunted Doll] will be available on October 18th (Server Time). Diamond 749. Launch week 30% OFF.

[Lylia] and Skin [Haunted Doll] will be in a bundle and available on October 18th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

3. Free Heroes:

Server Time 10/16/2020 05:01:00 to 10/23/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check:)

8 Free Heroes: Roger; Johnson; Hanzo; Grock; Gatotkaca; Alpha; Khufra; Bane

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Lylia; Thamuz; Silvanna; Lesley; Lolita; Masha



1. Natural gold gain is changed from 2 gold every is to 5 gold every 2s.2. Natural EXP gain is adjusted, but the number of each minute is almost the same as before.

3. Fixed the issue where minions go directly to the enemy base in some cases.

4. Fixed the abnormal indicator when Kimmy uses Basic Attack after casting Skill 1.

5. Fixed the issue of Nana’s Passive when she is resurrected by Faramis.

6. Removed the Walkie Grass that follows the killer of Lithowanderer. Movement Speed Boost remains the same.

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