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Mobile Legends – 1.5.06 Patch Notes

1. Revamped Hero – Lapu-Lapu, the Courageous BladeFrom the designers:

Having two stances of Twin-Blade and Heavy-Sword and the corresponding personalized mechanisms is the main characteristic of Revamped Lapu-Lapu. In the battle, players can choose either to play ranged with the twin blades or play melee with the heavy sword according to the actual condition. In this revamp, we have preserved the main mechanism of Lapu-Lapu – swapping weapons and redesigned his skills, in order to make this old hero more distinguishable between his two instances and more playable in the battle.

Hero Feature: A free warrior who has two instances and can swap between two weapons.

Passive: [Hero’s Faith]

Lapu-Lapu gains Energy from Passive now instead of Bravery Blessing stacks. The Energy will increase automatically every second. Lapu-Lapu gains Energy from hitting enemies with his skills. When his Energy is full, his next Basic Attack or [Justice Blade] will be enhanced. The next enhanced Basic Attack will grant him a shield and cause him to dash toward the target, dealing extra damage. The next enhanced [Justice Blade] will apply a slow effect and grant him a shield.

Skill 1: [Justice Blade]

In Twin-Blade stance. Lapu-Lapu releases two boomerangs in the designated direction. Each boomerang deals damage to enemies hit on its way out or back.

In Heavy-Sword stance, Lapu-Lapu slashes forward with his heavy sword, dealing damage to enemies hit and stun them.

Skill 2: [Brave Stance]

In Twin-Blade stance, Lapu-Lapu slashes his twin blades and charges in a designated direction.

In Heavy-Sword stance, Lapu-Lapu whirls his twin blades, dealing damage to nearby enemies. For each hero hit, he gains a certain amount of damage reduction.

Ultimate: [Chieftain’s Rage]

In Twin-Blade stance, Lapu-Lapu releases Chieftain’s Rage, leaps up, combines his twin blades into one heavy sword, and slashes in a designated area, dealing a great amount of damage. He then enters the Heavy-Sword stance with all his skills enhanced for 15s.

In Heavy-Sword stance. Lapu-Lapu releases three heavy slashes with his heavy sword forward. Each slash deals a great amount of damage. Right after each slash, he is able to move a certain distance toward a designated direction.



Although it is a large feature for Brody to release skills while winding up his Basic Attacks, the combination of the high-damage skills and Basic Attacks can deal damage which is unforeseeable for the enemies. Thus, we have removed this setting and made some compensations to Brody.

Basic Attack: While winding up his Basic Attack. Brody is unable to release skill 1 and skill 3 now and still able to release skill 2, which will interrupt the upcoming Basic Attack.

Passive: The Movement Speed gain after dealing critical damage: 25% -> 50%, but it will decay rapidly in 1s.

Skill 1: Base Damage 250-450 -> 250-550, slightly shortened the casting.

Skill 2: Slightly shortened the casting


Because the Ultimate has become more complicated now, we have decided to simplify the Passive. In addition, we have adjusted the damage of the skills to avoid over-negative experience of the enemies that are devoured by Barats.

Attributes: Attack Speed Ratio (The ratio of Attack Speed benefits from equipment and emblem): 90% -> 50%

Passive: Deals extra damage to enemies that have 4 stacks of [Gnaw] => When [Big Guy] reaches 16 stacks. Detona will deal extra damage and inflict slow effect with his Basic Attack.

Skill 1:

Oil Damage Bonus: 5% Total HP > 7% Total HP

Base Detonation Damage: 90-240 + 120-320


Deals a large amount of damage at one time → Deals lower damage when Detona spits the target out and when the target knocks against wall or other enemies.

Cooldown: 28-22s → 42-30s.


Skill 1: Deals only 40% damage to minions and creeps

[Yi Sun-shin]

With players’ growing familiarity with the hero, Yi Sun-shin has become more powerful in the early and middle game especially in the high-rank matches. We will keep observing his performance and may have more adjustments on him in the future.

Passive: Critical Damage of the first enhanced attack: 85%-100% -> 70%-100%

Skill 130% Damage Reduction removed


We believe it is reasonable for Ling to have high damage, but we also hope that the opponents can deal with Ling’s assassination to some extent.

Passive: If Ling is controlled on the wall, he will fall onto the ground and be slowed by 30% for 2s

Skill 2: The delay of casting this skill on walls: 0.45 0.55

Ultimate: Movement Speed gain: 30% -> 10% Optimized the description of Skill 1 and Ultimate


We have nerfed the combo of Atlas in order to give the opponents more possibilities when facing Atlas Skill 2, Blink, and Ultimate

Skill 2: Use ultimate in Ejected State: 0.2s stun effect -> 40% slow effect

[Popol and Kupa]

In the high-rank matches, Popol and Kupa have always been backing up teammates. We decide to reduce their backing up ability and increase their damage.

Attributes: Kupa’s HP Inherition: 1000+100% Popol’s HP 1300+80% Popol’s HP

Skill 1: Base Damage: 240-330 -> 200-290 Physical Attack Bonus 60% -> 75%

Skill 3: Movement Speed Reduction: 35% 20%

Ultimate: Attack Speed gain: 30%-50% -> 30%-70%

[Yu Zhong]

Though being nerfed last time, Yu Zhong still shows his strong ability in high-rank matches. By reducing his mobility, durability, and damage, we hope the opponents can find a way to deal with him.

Passive: Eruption Duration of Sha Residue: 1s -> 2s

When Sha Essence is fully charged:

Movement Speed gain: 30% -> 45% (can only be triggered once and will decay rapidly in 2s)

Spell Vamp: 20% -> 10%

Ultimate: Base Damage dealt in Black Dragon form: 200-360 -> 180-310

[Luo Yi]

With players’ growing familiarity with the hero, Luo Yi is often used in the high-rank matches now. Here we have slightly reduced her damage and control ability.

Skill 1: Base Damage 250-450 230-430

Skill 2: Base Damage of the First Damage: 250-350 -> 200-280

Magic Power Bonus of the First Damage: 50% -> 40%

Reaction damage and distance reduced by 10%


As a Fighter, Kaja lacks pushing ability and durability in the early game. Thus, we have strengthened him in these aspects.

Attributes: Base HP: 2459 -> 2609

Skill 1: Base Damage: 120-270 -> 135-285


The last adjustment has made Claude less competitive in the early game. Thus, we have slightly strengthened his Skill 1.

Skill 1: Attack Speed and Movement Speed gain: 2%-4.5% -> 2.5%-5%


As an Assassin that can counter heroes who rely heavily on skills, we think it’s reasonable to preserve his silence ability. But currently his Passive is too easily triggered, which makes the opponents hard to deal with him. Therefore, we have made the following adjustments:

Attributes: Attack Speed: 1.0875 -> 1.1675

Passive: The enemy can now be silenced only when being controlled


The huge gap between her damage in the early and late game has affected the game experience of both her users and opponents. Thus, we have balanced this problem while preserving her high hit chance in the early game.

Basic Attack: 35% Total Physical Attack -> 30%-39% Total Physical Attack


Aldous is relatively weak in the early game, but his enhanced Basic Attack in the late game makes him hard to deal with. Thus, we have reduced the difficulty of farming for him and nerfed his enhanced Basic Attacks.

Skill 1: Base Damage of enhanced Basic Attack: 100-300 -> 130-330 Damage increase from each stack of Soul Steal: 8 -> 7


We have fixed the shield limit issue and strengthened the shield provided by her Skill 1.

Skill 1: Shield: 350-700 -> 400-750

Fixed the issue where her shield gain can surpass 50% of her Max HP. Optimized skill description.


We have balanced the two skill branches and slightly enhanced his farming ability in the early game.

Skill 1:

Mana Cost: 75-100 -> 60-85

Base Damage: 230-430 -> 250-450

When Damage Range Increase is chosen: Cooldown: 8.5-6s -> 5s at all levels

Synchronized the indicator size with the actual range.

Skill 2:

When Stop-on-hit Effect is chosen, Base Damage of the continuous whirlwind: 60-160 -> 90-215 When Knock-airborne Effect is chosen the airborne duration: 1.2 -> 1.1


Passive: 10% 15% of enemy’s lost HP

Ultimate: Cooldown: 36/30/24 28/24/20


Ultimate: Physical Attack Bonus of the damage dealt by Beta: 270% -> 360%


Skill 2: Base Damage: 230-455 -> 300-450

Cooldown: 9-7 -> 8-6

Mana Cost: 60-110 -> 50-75


Passive Slightly reduced the damage of the enhanced Basic Attack in the late game

Skill 1: Slow Effect: 40% 30%

[Revamped Zilong]

Skill 2: Skill range increased by 8%

Base Damage: 200-400 – 250-450

[Revamped Eudora]

Ultimate: The ratio between the first damage and second damage to the main target adjusted from 5:6 to 6:5. Total damage remains the same.

[Revamped Alucard]

Skill 1: Removed slow effect

Skill 2: Cooldown: 4 -> 5

Ultimate: 40% Added Slow Effect that lasts for 4s


1. Freya’s skin [Raven Shogun] will be available on August 18 (Server Time). Diamond 899. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.[Freya) and [Raven Shogun] will be in a bundle and available on August 18 (Server Time) Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

2. Dyrroth’s skin [Orochi Chris] will be available from August 12 to September 10, (Server Time). Diamond 1288. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

[Dyrroth] and [Orochi Chris] will be in a bundle and available from August 12 to September 10 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

3. Guinevere’s skin [Athena Asamiya] will be available from August 12 to September 10 (Server Time). Diamond 1288. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

[Guinevere] and [Athena Asamiya] will be in a bundle and available from August 12 to September 10 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

4. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 8/14/2020 05:01:00 to 8/21/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Lolita: Rafaela: Yi Sun-shin: Kimmy, Gatotkaca; Ling; Minsitthar: Valir

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chang’e; Moskov; Lancelot: Clint; Argus, Belerick



1. Fixed the issue where the default map will be changed to The Celestial Palace when switching from higher quality graphics to lower quality graphics.

2. Fixed the abnormal warning frame when the hero is on the edge of the bush near the Mid Lane Turret.

3. Fixed the abnormal animation when using Irithel’s Ultimate, Winter Truncheon, and Cyclone Eye is simultaneously triggered.

4. Credit Score cannot be restored in VS Al mode when it is higher than 70.

5. Optimized the visual effect of “One More Game” on the post-game screen.

6. Added the introduction of Hero Power.

7. Added the history of matches that are played with friends.

[Brawl Mode]

[From The Designers) — A new patch focuses on the Brawl Mode balancingIt has been several months since the last Brawl adjustment. During this period, we have been testing the Magic Chess and another upcoming new mode and have accumulated some effective experience on mode balancing. Although the experience is still not mature enough, we have decided to apply what we have learned in these months to the oldest arcade mode in MLBB — Brawl Mode.

In the past, we thought the balance performance should be almost the same in Brawl Mode and the common modes, so players didn’t have to learn how to play Brawl Mode.

But now, we have found some new balancing methods which can make most of the heroes more balanced in different modes.

When we apply these methods to Brawl Mode, what we hope is not to purely change the order on hero tier list but to narrow the gap between the upper heroes and the bottom heroes. Odette and Estes are still powerful, but you can find a way to deal with them now other than dodging!

We hope Brawl players can learn something useful after reading this patch note.


Revitalize – Restoration reduced by 50%

Flameshot – Cooldown increased by 50% Damage reduced by 25%

Strengthened Heroes

1. Natalia: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt+8%, Damage Taken+5%

2. Aldous: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+8%

3. Chou: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+8%

4. Karina: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt+8%

5. Fanny: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt+8%

6. Zilong: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+5%

7. Jawhead: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+5%

8. Kaja: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+5%

9. Esmeralda: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+5%

10. Harith: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt+8%

11. Grock: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+3%

12. Harley: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt+3%

13. Granger: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+3%

14. Helcurt: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+3%

Weakened Heroes

1. Odette: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt-5%, Damage Taken+5%

2. Estes: No Adjustment -> Healing Effect-5%, Damage Taken+5%

3. Bane: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt-5%, Damage Taken+5%

4. Vexana: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+8%

5. Zhask: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+8%

6. Uranus: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt-5%

7. Hanabi: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+5%

8. Cecilion: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt-3%

9. Hanzo: No Adjustment -> Damage Taken+3%

10. Chang’e: No Adjustment -> Damage Dealt-3%

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