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Mobile Legends – 1.3.60 Patch Notes | NEW HERO ESMERALDA

New hero – [Astrologer] Esmeralda. Diamond 599, BP 32000, Launch week 30% diamond OFF.
Free access to this hero in the Advanced Server will be disabled in advance. The detailed time will be announced in the next patch note.

Free access to the revamped heroes in the Advanced Server will be disabled when the update of the official server is released.

II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

All new Rafaela is online!

Rafaela skin – Fertility Goddess has been revamped.

Miya skin – Burning Bow has been revamped.

Eudora skin – Flame Red Lips has been revamped.

Pharsa Skin – Indigo Aviatrix. Diamond 50. Limited offer for 14 days. Available from 00:00, March 15th (Server Time).

Hilda Zodiac Skin – Aries, obtain it in Event [Zodiac Summon].

Chou – Iori Yagami Obtain it by [KOF Bingo] event. Available from March 19th (Server time).

Karina – Leona Obtain it by [KOF Bingo] event. Available from March 19th (Server time).

Adjustments in goods of the Fragment Shop from March 26th:
❀ Rare Skin Fragment Shop: [Alucard] – Viscount

III. Hero Adjustments

Flying Sword: Decreased mana consumption.

Energy Wave: Adjusted Cooldown to 4 of at levels from 5.5/5.3/5.1/4.9/4.7/4.5.

Demonic Grip: Fixed a problem where the model’s hand disappears when the skill touches the ground.

Fixed a problem where the effects of Destruction Rush disappear under some circumstances.

Charge: Now this skill deals 1000-1500 extra damage to non-hero units at most.

Optimized her display effects and Voiceovers.
Starmoon Casket: Slightly decreased the speed of transforming shield into HP.

IV. Battlefield Adjustments

Adjusted the EXP gained from killing an enemy hero to (45 + 5*hero level of the killed) from (50 + 5*hero level of the killed).

V. New Systems & Events

[Ranked Matches]
S11 end time in the Advanced Server: 23:59:59, March 13th (Server time).

Limited-time access to the [KOF Bingo] event.
Available from March 19th (Server time). KOF Collaboration skins – [Ion Yagami] and [Leona] will be available for limited 30 days only!
When the event is over, the related items including KOF Bingo Lotteries will be recycled automatically into BP.

Speed Mode:
To offer a better experience for the devices with low capacity (less than 700M), we developed the [Lite Settings]. In the Lite Settings, the displays and voice qualities are slightly decreased in exchange for greatly improved smoothness.

[Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Championship League Online]
An online league that everyone can participate in. Everyone has the chance to win the final championship! MCL is now available! Enter in the new “Contest” Button. Players in the Advanced Server can obtain the Entrance Tickets via Collect & Exchange events.
We will group players into different contests according to their regions and MCL levels. Everyone can participate in the league. Form a team and fight for your glory! At the end of each league season, MCL Champion will be held, in which all the teams that have won the championship in the MCL Weekly can participate. The final team enjoys the chances to be invited to the offline MPL!
❀ 5 Regions of MCL: Asian Region 1. Asian Region 2, European Region, North American Region and South American Region. Battles in each region start at different time.
❀ In MCI matches each team bans 3 heroes. We highly recommend that players form a 5-player team to take part in battles for better cooperation! Before the matches, players have 30 minutes to prepare, during which time they can invite friends, purchase the Entrance Tickets, etc.
❀ To ensure a fair competition, each team needs to match up within 15 minutes after the opening time for the first round. For the next two rounds, each team should match up within 5 minutes after the end of the last round.
❀ MCL uses 8 Promotion systems. Any team that wins 3 matches in a row is a champion. The championship will be shown in friends’ lists, personal Profile, and the battlefield loading interface. Also, they will receive an invitation to the MCL Champion at the end of the season, and an exclusive Battle Emote as well! For more details, please check the rules in the game. For any suggestions and complaints, please contact our Customer Service so that we can improve this exciting new feature!

VI. System Adjustments

Recent players are now shown in Survival Mode.

Now you can choose the difficulty of VS Al mode.

Optimized the Voice Chat:
❀ Optimized the notifications if the feature is not activated yet.
❀ Optimized the default status of the Voice Chat Listening. Now each time you restart the game, it will be set as your last choice.

Optimized the Japanese Voiceovers:
❀ Optimized the Voiceovers of Belerick.

Optimized the process of purchasing the Sacred Statue. Now when players are to purchase the Sacred Statue of heroes that haven’t been unlocked, the system will guide players to purchase heroes first.

Optimized the item description of the limited-time Battle Emotes.

Optimized the display of the skin achievements.

Optimized the display of Preparation – battlefields interface.

Optimized the display of the Shop – Lucky Draw.

[Spring Carnival] now unavailable.

VII. BUG Fixes

Fixed a problem where game sounds may disappear when iOS players turn on the Voice Chat speaker and then turn it off.

Fixed a problem where the game may be stuck for a short time when iOS players turn on Voice Chat Listening.

Fixed a problem where some players may enter two Lobbies at the same time.

Fixed a problem where the chat messages may be gone occasionally.

Fixed a problem where Android players may fail to upload their avatars. It requires a game version above 1.3.60.

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