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Mobile Legends – 1.3.48 Patch Notes | BELERICK REVAMP

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

Revamped Heroes :

Guard of Nature – Belerick

Belerick is coming to the Advanced Sever as a free hero (Limited). Unavailable for purchasing. Within this duration, the Mastery Code of Belerick is unavailable.

Hero Specialty : Belerick is a counter-attacking Tank who can share the counter-attack ability to his teammates.

Skill 1 :

Nature’s Vine

Belerick casts vines in a designated area, dealing Magic Damage to enemies on the path, and immobilizing them. To minions, extra damage will be dealt.

Skill 2 :

Nature’s Strike

Belerick sacrifices HP to increase his movement speed and strengthens his next basic attack, which deals Physical Damage together with enemies’ HP lost at certain ratio. Belerick also regenerates certain amounts of HP depending on his HP lost. Meanwhile. Belerick puts a “Nature’s Seed” effect to enemies.

Ultimate :

Nature’s Shield

Belerick recovers his HP and creates a guarded area. The teammates who have entered the area will enjoy the effect of “Flower of Life” shortly. When allied heroes within that area take damage, Belerick will absorb their damage taken at certain ratio. While this skill is active, damage dealt to Belerick is reduced.

Passive :

Flower of Life

The HP obtained from equipment items are increased. For damage inflicted upon Belerick, the Flower of Life attacks in a the direction of an enemy unit and deals Magic Damage. The Flower of Life first attacks nearby enemy units marked with “Nature’s Seed”.

II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

Weekly Free Heroes :

Tap the Settings button in the top-right corner of the home screen to check.

Server Time 2019/1/11 05:01:00 to 2019/1/18 05:00:00

8 Free Heroes :


6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes :


Server Time 2019/1/25 05:01:00 to 2019/2/1 05:00:00

8 Free Heroes :


6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes :


New Skins :

  1. Fanny and her skin Campus Youth has been revamped!
  2. Layla and her skin Bunny Babe has been revamped!
  3. Alice and her Starlight Member Skin – Steam Glider will be available from 00:00, February 1st (Server Time).
  4. Shop-Skins-Sacred Statue : Added Angela – Lovely Puppet Use Twilight Code to exchange.

III. Hero Adjustments

  1. Slightly increased the body-size collision area of the following heroes:
    • Kaja
    • Leomord
    • Belerick
    • Thamuz
    • Khufra
  2. Guinevere
    • Spatial Migration: Adjusted Cooldown to 17/16.4/15.8/15.2/14.6/14 from 18/17.4/16.8/16.2/15.6/15.
    • Magic Thump: Slightly decreased the area of the skill. Violet Requiem Adjusted Magic Bonus to 0.4 from 0.3. Now each enemy can be extra knocked up for 5 times. Fixed a problem where Guinevere’s skill will deal damage to turrets.
    • Violet Requiem: Adjusted the damage-reducing effect in two-sword state to 80% from 50%. Fixed a problem where his basic attack deals wrong damage.
  3. Badang
    • Ionic Edge: Adjusted the Mana Cost to (55+5*SkillLevel) from (50+SkillLevel*10).
    • Radiance: Adjusted HP Regen from each stack of energy for 1 sec to 2-10 from 2.5-11 (scales with hero level).
  4. Lolita
    • Charge: Fixed a problem where the damage of the enhanced basic attack doesn’t grow with skill level.
  5. Khufra
    • Tyrant’s Revenge: Enlarged the damage area at the end of his blink.
  6. Sun
    • Simian God: Adjusted Physical Defense reduction effect to 8% from 10%.
  7. Badang
    • Qigong Fist: Adjusted Cooldown to 7/6.6/6.2/5.8/5.4/5 from 7/6.7/6.4/6.1/5.8/5.5. Adjusted HP Growth to 220 from 205.
    • Optimized the logic of the obstacles.
  8. Leomord
    • Phantom Stomp: Adjusted Physical Bonus to 1.2 from 1.
  9. Claude
    • Adjusted Physical Defense Growth to 3 from 3.4.
  10. Kimmy
    • Energy Transformation: Adjusted Physical Bonus of this skill to 0.4 from 0.45.
  11. Aldous
    • Contract: Soul Steal: Adjusted the increased damage from each layer of Contract: Life Steal to 7 from 8.
  12. Faramis
    • Cult Altar Adjusted CD to 50/45/40 seconds from 60/55/50 seconds.
  13. Fanny
    • Optimized the display.
  14. Faramis
    • Adjusted his role to Mage from Mage/Support.

IV. System Adjustments

  1. Now in Classic and Ranked Mode, the recently frequent used ones will be chosen when players don’t pick heroes.
  2. Now you can tap on the Avatar of friends to check Profile in Chat.
  3. Optimized the item icon of Double BP Card.
  4. Optimized the deployment for Mi 8.

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