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Mobile Legends – 1.2.88 Patch Notes

Developer Update

The Developer Team has received a lot of good feedback from players over the past month. In order to create a better experience for all of our players, we have made major adjustments to MLBB’s reporting and punishment system. Additionally, we have refined the criteria for determining players who purposely play poorly (e.g. feeding).

New mode – Survival mode (99 Players) will be available in the middle of July! And stay tuned for more stories and events in MLBB!

We have always that our new players have some trouble when they first start out. We hope that our new players can now use our Mentoring Program and find veteran players to help each other out. New players can find a mentor and learn the tricks of the game to get past the difficult beginner period. Not to mention, the Mentoring Program also requires players and their mentors to complete Mentoring Tasks — Prizes await! Our veteran players who wish to mentor new players in our community can earn respect and rewards through Mentoring Tasks!

For the upcoming competitive season, we have made major changes to MLBB’s battle equipment. We hope that the new changes will add more variety and depth to everyone’s experience, especially when comparing the strengths of equipment builds for two opposing teams. At the same time, we also created `equipment items with active skills` to give everyone more ways to play MLBB! We have also made balance adjustments for certain equipment items based on everyone’s feedback. Moving forward. we hope that more heroes will see the battlefield with these new changes.


New Heroes :

Abyssal Witch – Selena

599 Diamonds or 32.000 Battle Points. Launch week 30% Diamonds discount.

Hero Specialty : An assassin mage that possesses two different forms, featuring strong ranged magic attack and close-handed combat.

Elven Form :

Skill 1: Abyssal Trap

Selena summons an Abyssal Devil to lurk in a designated location. The Abyssal Devil smothers a nearby enemy with its body. Within a few seconds, the enemy’s movement speed is reduced. After some time, this skill deals Magic Damage to the target and other nearby enemies, slows enemies for a certain duration. Selena can summon up to 3 Abyssal Devil’s. Damage will decay when a target takes damage from multiple devils at the same time.

Skill 2: Abyssal Arrow

Selena channels the power of the Abyss into magic arrows. firing them in a specified direction. Enemies hit are stunned for a certain duration and take Magic Damage. Stun duration and damage increase the further the arrows fly. Stun affect lasts for a few seconds and at most inflicts a capped amount of magic damage. The arrow absorbs Abyssal Traps as it travels to the target enemy, effects of the traps will be inflicted to target enemy upon hit.

Ultimate: Primal Darkness

Selena melds with the Abyss, entering Abyssal Form and gains movement speed for a short time. She also gains access to new skills while in Abyssal Form and her basic attacks deal additional Magic Damage.

Abyssal Form :

Skill 1: Soul Eater

Selena uses the power of the abyss to strengthen both claws, causing the next basic attack to deal an additional Magic Damage, while granting a shield that absorbs damage.

Skill 2: Garotte

Selena charges in the specified direction, dealing Magic Damage to enemies along the way. If this damage triggers the Abyssal Mark effect, its cooldown will reset immediately.

Ultimate :Blessing of the Moon God

Selena calls upon the power of the Moon God to rid her body of the Abyss, increasing movement speed for a short time and restoring Elven skills.

Shared Skills :

Passive :Symbiosis

Selena uses the power bestowed upon her by the Moon God and the Abyss to switch freely between her two forms. When using skills in her Elven form, Selena attaches one Abyssal Mark to her enemies (when Abyssal Trap hits an enemy, it immediately adds an Abyssal Mark). Up to 2 Abyssal Marks can be added to an enemy. Skills used in Abyssal form will consume 1 of these marks to deal bonus Magic Damage.

Contractor – Aldous

599 Diamonds | 32.000 Battle Points. Launch week 30% Diamonds discount. (Available in July).

Hero Specialty : Aldous is a highly-dynamic fighter who has the ability to locate and hunt down enemy heroes on the map and can permanently raise his attack power.

Skill 1: Contract: Soul Steal

Aldous unleashes his inner energy to strengthen the next basic attack, which deals physical Damage. If this attack eliminates the enemy hero or unit, the additional damage of this skill is permanently increased. When attacking minions or monsters, the damage of strengthened basic attacks are raised.

Skill 2: Contract: Explosion

Aldous assumes a defensive stance for a few seconds. During this time, Aldous is immune to basic attacks, while damage from other forms of attacks are reduced. After 1 second, he can reactivate this skill to end it immediately, his scale armor will explode, dealing Physical Damage to surrounding enemy units. The longer the Defensive state lasts, the longer the resulting stun effect impacts the enemy unit.

Ultimate Skill: Contract: Chase Fate

Aldous gains the ability to see the positions of all enemy heroes a short time. During this time, if Aldous uses this skill a second time while it is still in effect, then he charges towards one selected enemy hero. When Aldous hits that enemy hero, he will deal Physical Damage and cause knock back. Ending the charge early results in an decrease in cool-down time.

Passive Skill: Contract: Transform

After every 2 basic attacks, the damage dealt by Aldous’ third attack will be transformed into a shield. Can be activated every 5 seconds.

Revamped Heroes

Mighty Legend – Gatotkaca

Skill 1 :Blast Iron Fist

Gatotkaca shatters the ground in front of him, causes Magic Damage and slow affect to affected enemy units, while those at the center of Gatotkaca’s skill will experience speed reduction and magic damage every second.

Skill 2 :Unbreakable

Gatotkaca charges and shouts loudly towards a designated direction. Inflicts damage to enemies in his path and taunts enemy to use base attacks. Charging this skill increases the duration of its effects. After Gatotkaca receives damage, he will launch a devestating counter attack that deals magic damage to nearby surrounding enemies.

Ultimate: Avatar of the Guardian

After shortly charging his attack, Gatotkaca jumps to the designated area, causing a knock-up effect to nearby enemies, dealing magic damage. Enemies near the center of the attack are knocked up into the air for a longer duration.

Passive : Steel Bones

Lost HP will be converted to the hero’s physical defense. Attacking enemies that possess a greater percentage of their HP than the hero recovers HP.

Shadow of iga – Hayabusa

Skill 1: Phantom Shuriken

Hayabusa throws 3 shurikens forward, dealing Phy steal Damage to enemies in a small area and slows them. Hayabusa also recovers mana. If Hayabusa is in the damage area, he will recover some HP based upon the damage he has taken.

Skill 2: Quad Shadow

Hayabusa moves towards a designated direction and releases a phantom behind him. If the phantom hits an enemy, it will split into 3 phant oms that travel in different directions. When phantoms hit enemy heroes, they will slow the enemy hero, deal Physical Damage. and seep into the enemy hero. Hayabusa can reactivate this skill to travel to a phantom’s location. If that phantom happens to be in an enemy hero, Hayabusa will deal additional Physical Damage. Every time Hayabusa travels using Quad Shadow the cool down for Phantom Shuriken is reduced.

Ultimate: Ougi: Shadow Kill

Phantoms deal multiple, single-target damage to enemies in an area. Every attack deals physical damage.

Passive: Ninjutsu: Shadow Heal

Hayabusa’s ninjutsu damage will add 1 Shado w Stack. Every stack increases Hayabusa’s ninjutsu damage.

Professor of The Mystics – Gord

Skill 1: Mystic Projectile

Gord throws a magic bomb at a designated area that then jumps forward twice. Upon coming in contact with an enemy unit, the bomb deals Magic Damage in the area and causes a stun effect.Refined Gord’s origin story.
All new design and effects.

Son of Minos – Minotaur

As more new heroes join the battle field, Minotaur is becoming less effective in the current meta. Namely, we’ve found Minotaur can not easily achieve rage state. Therefore, we decided to make a few adjustments to this mighty hero, with a heavy focus on rage recovery. We hope this will help Minotaur achieve rage state faster and more frequently. Come try out the revamped Minotaur and he may just be your next main hero!

Skill 1: Despair Hammer

Minotaur jumps towards a designated location. Uponl anding, Minotaur deals Physical Damage to all surrounding enemies and slows them . Minotaur also recovers rage. If Minotaur is in rage state, the damage area of this skill becomes larger and deals a certain percentage of an enemy’s total HP in Physical Damage.

Skill 2: Motivation Roar

Minotaur motivates himself and surrounding allies. Minotaur regenerates HP based on the damage he has taken, while allies are healed by a certain amount of HP. After a few seconds, Minotaur recovers rage if attacked by a basic attack. If Minotaur is in a rage state, he recovers a regeneration effects, causing him to heal when attacked by basic attacks.

Ultimate: Minoan Fury

Minotaur enters a rage-save state where he continuously recovers rage. The longer Minotaur charges this skill the more rage he recovers. If in a rage state, Minotaur smashes the ground 3 times, sending shockwaves that deal Physical Damage to surrounding enemies and slows them. The last two shockwaves knock enemies up, while the final shockwave deals True Damage.

Passive: Rage State

Minotaur’s rage increases whenever his basic attacks and skills hit an enemy unit. Once Minotaur’s rage reaches its maximum, he will enter a rage state and gain bonus damage, armor, and magic resistance (increases with Ievel). Skills also gain bonus effects. After Minotaur loses his rage state, he can not recover rage for a brief period.


Weekly Free Heroes :

Tap the Settings button in the top-right corner of the home screen to check.

Server Time 06/29/2018 05:00:00 to 07/06/2018 5:00.00

8 Free Heroes :


6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes :


Server Time 07/06/2018 05:00:00 to 07/13/2018 5:00:00

8 Free Heroes :


6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes :


Server Time 07/13/2018 05:00:00 to 07/20/2018 5.00:00

8 Free Heroes :


6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes :


Server Time 07/20/2018 05:00:00 to 07/27/2018 5:00:00

8 Free Heroes :


6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes :


New Skins :

Bruno – Street Soccer Skin. Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount, Available June 28th (Server Time)


  • Lancelot
    • Adjusted Lancelot’s HP to 133 from 148.
    • Thorned Rose: Adjusted physical-damage buff to 1.2 from 1.5.
  • Cyclops
    • Stardust Shock: Adjusted Cyclop’s base damage to 200+ (Skill Level*20) from 185+(Skill Level).
    • Star Power Lockdown: Reduced base damage by 100 points (at all levels).
  • Akai
    • Thousand Pounder: Adjusted cool down to 11-8 seconds from 11-7 seconds.
    • Adjusted shield generation to 2.9 from 3.6.
    • Adjusted HP growth to 228 from 246.
  • Roger
    • Bloodthirsty Howl: Adjusted duration to 5 seconds from 4 seconds.
    • Open Fire: Increased projectile radius by 50%.
    • When in Wolf Form, the bonus damage of Roger’s basic attacks will be displayed. Can now be triggered by [Golden Staff]. Adjusted Wolf Form’s defense boost to 40/60/80/100 from 25/50/75/100.
    • Adjusted HP growth to 158.5 from 147.5
  • Gusion
    • Incandescence: The flicker effect of this skill’s second phase is reduced by 20%. Improved direction and distance indicators.
    • Sword Spike: Adjusted the first phase’s magic-damage buff to 0.5 from 0.8, while second phase’s has been adjusted to 1 from 1.5.
  • Martis
    • Mortal Coil: Adjusted CD to 10 seconds from 11 seconds. Adjusted damage reduction to 60% from 50%.
  • Hanabi
    • Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll : Adjusted base damage to 370 + Skill Level*30 from 260 + Skill Level*40 Adjusted basic attack’s damage area by 0.2.
  • Gatotkaca
    • Avatar of the Guardian: Camera angle will zoom out while toggling direction, but map visibility is unchanged.
  • Karrie
    • Adjusted basic HP to 2578 from 2498.
  • Balmond
    • Adjusted HP to 246 from 239.
  • Tigreal
    • Sacred Hammer : Resolved an issue that caused Sacred Hammer to activate the second stage after being broken.
  • Selena
    • Abyssal Trap: Traps are now visible on the mini map
  • Hilda
    • Combat Ritual: Resolved an issue with this skill’s description. Activating this skill will increase Hilda’s movement speed by 60%.
  • Sun
    • Endless Variety and Instantaneous Move: Improved the attack speed of doppelga ngers, which is now the same as Sun’s.
  • Kagura
    • Seimei Umbrella Open: Resolved an issue where Kagura is unable to throw her umbrella to the furthest point in the opposite direction
    • Yin Yang Gathering: Resolved an issue where the cool down guard did not take effect.
  • Fanny
    • Steel Cable: Resolved an issue where Fanny could not travel to a wall, targeted from the max distance.
    • Adjusted HP growth to 131 from 127.7
  • Resolved an issue where players can see the animation effects of skills despite being in the jungle.
    • [Miya] – Rain of Arrows;
    • [Gord] – Mystic Injunction;
    • [Sun] – Clone Techniques;
    • [Johnson] – Rapid Touchdown;
    • [Estes] – Planets Attack;
    • [Aurora] – Coldness Destroy;
    • [Vexana] – Nether Snare;
    • [Harley] – Space Escape;
    • [Grock] – Guardian’s Barrier;
    • [Diggie] – Time Bomb, Reverse Time;
    • [Lancelot] – Puncture, Thorned Rose;
    • [Zhask] – Mind Eater;
    • [Jawhead] – Ejector
  • Improved all hero origin stories and added paragraph spacing


Battlefield Equipment.

New Equipment Item

Twilight Armor

Raises maximum values for HP, mana, and HP regeneration.
Price: 2260
Passive—Defiance: After taking 900 points of physical damage, the hero will not take over 900 points of physical damage for 5 seconds. CD is 5 seconds.

Golden Staff

Raises physical damage and attack speed.
Price: 2300
Passive — Swift : Every 1% of critical attack rate will add 1% of attack speed.
Passive — [Endless Strike]: When the effects of Endless Strike reaches 2 stacks, the effects of the next basic attack will be triggered three times.

Spirit Scroll

Adds 10 points of magic damage.
Price: 500
Passive — [Soul Steal]: Eliminating heroes yields 5 Soul Stacks, assists yields 3 stacks. Every 15 soul stacks converts to an added 25 points of magic damage. up to 50.

Soul Scroll

Adds 10 points of magic damage, 15 points of magic penetration. Obtained through Spirit Scroll.
Price: 1500
Passive — [Soul Steal]: Eliminating heroes yields 5 Soul Stacks, assists yields 3 stacks. Every 15 soul stacks converts to an added 25 points of magic damage, up to 100.

Sky Guardian’s Helmet

Adds 1550 HP and 100 points of HP regeneration.
Price: 2400
Passive — Recovery: Regenerates 1.5% of hero’s total HP. Eliminating enemy heroes raises regeneration rate by 0.4%, while assists only raises the rate by 0.2% (includes eliminations and Assists prior to purchase), up to 3.5% This effect wears off after 5 seconds of the hero taking damage.

Demon Shoes

Increases hero’s mana regeneration and movement speed.
Price: 720
Passive — [Mysticism]: Eliminating enemy heroes and assists raises hero’s mana regeneration by 10%, while eliminating minions regenerates 4% of the hero’s mana.

Wind of Nature

Increases physical damage, adds life steal, and increases attack speed.
Price: 2060
Active — Wind Chant : Activate to become immune to all physical damage. Lasts for 2 seconds. Cool down is 80 seconds.

Revamped Equipment Item

Courage Bulwark

No longer carries HP recover effects. Adjusted Cooldown reduction to 10% from 5%.
New Active Skill — Encourage: Increases movement speed of hero and nearby allied heroes by 30%. Also raises physical and magic damage by 20%. Lasts for 3 seconds. Cooldown is 40 seconds.

Winter Truncheon

Adjusted physical defence to 25 from 40. Now adds 400 points of HP.
Passive — Frozen: After activating this skill, the hero is unable to move but is immune to any damage effects, lasts for 2 seconds. CD is 100 seconds.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Reduces damage taken by 50% when health is less than 40% and increases hero’s life steal by 30%. Effect lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown is 50 seconds.


Increases critical hit by 10% and attack speed by 40%.
Passive — Typhoon: Every 3.5 seconds, basic attacks hit 3 enemy units and deal 100 points of Magic Damage. This effect’s CD drops as your critical chance rises, while damage rises as attack speed rises.
Changed build map.
Adjusted price to 1920.

Scarlet Phantom

Increases critical hit rate by 25% and attack speed by 20%
Passive: Frenzy — Adjusted the attack speed bonus after landing a critical hit to 30% from 25%.
Changed build map.
Price is unchanged.

Demon Hunter Sword

Passive — Devour: Adjusted the duration of every effect to 3 seconds, maximum 5 stacks.

Corrosion Scythe

No longer boosts HP. Adjusted added attack speed to 25%. Now adds 5% movement speed.
Passive — Corrosion: Basic attacks have 50% pro*lity of slowing the enemy unit by 40%. Long-ranged basic attacks only slow enemies by 20%.
Passive — Impulse: Every basic attack that deals damage raises hero’s movement speed by 4%. Up to 5 stacks. Lasts for 3 seconds.
Changed build map.
Price is un changed.

Rose Gold Meteor and Magic Blade

Passive: Lifeline — Adjusted duration to 3 seconds and cooldown to 40 seconds.

Mystic Container

No longer adds HP. Adjusted added Magic Damage and life steal to 10%.
Changed build map.
Price: 500 gold.

Concentrated Energy

Adjusted spellvamp to 25% from 30%.
Changed build map.
Price is unchanged.

Ice Queen Wand

No longer adds mana regeneration. Now adds 10% spellvamp effect and 150 points of magic attack.
Changed build map.
Price: 2240 gold.

Exotic Veil

No longer adds magic penetration.
Price: 600

Glowing Wand

No longer adds magic penetration. Now adds 400 points of HP.
Passive: Scorch – Adjusted magic damage to 2%/3%/4% of enemy target’s HP, with at least 10 points of added damage.

Necklace of Durance

No longer adds HP. Now adds 10% spell vamp effect. Adjusted added cool-down reduction to 10% from 5%.

Fleeting Time

No longer adds mana regeneration. Adjusted cool-down reduction to 15% from 10%.
Passive: Time Stream – After an elimination or an assist, the CD of the hero’s ultimate is immediately reduced by 50%.

Calamity Reaper

Passive: Calamity – Now briefly raises hero’s movement speed by 10% after a basic attack.

Blood Wings

Adjusted added HP to 500.
Price. 3000
Passive: Nirvana – Adjusted the HP gained from converting magic attack to 1.5.

Feather of Heaven

Removed passive, Derive. Now adds 5% movement speed buff.

Lightning Truncheon

No longer adds mana regeneration. Now adds 300 points of magic attack and 10% of cool-down reduction.
Passive: Resonate – Every 6 seconds, hero’s next damaging magical ability will proc, maximum of 3 enemies will be hurt by up to 20% of hero’s magic damage.
Changed build map.
Price: 2250 gold.


No longer adds HP regeneration.
Passive: Bless – Raised shield absorption and HP regeneration effects.
Changed build map.
Price is unchanged.

Brute Force Breastplate

Activating a skill will increase one’s capabilities: increases movement speed by 3% and physical attack by 4%. This effect lasts 4 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Thunder Belt

Removed HP regeneration. Adjusted the added cool-down reduction to 10% from 5%.
Passive: Thunder Bolt – After the hero activates this skill, their next basic attack deals bonus attack that equal 2% of the hero’s total HP. The enemy target and surrounding units are slowed for 1.5 seconds. This effect can only be used once every 1.5 seconds.

Rapid Boots

Adjusted the added movement speed to 100.
Price: 750 gold.
Passive: Vicious Attrition – Enter a battle stance and reduce movement speed by 55 points when dealing or receiving damage. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Blade of Despair

No longer adds attack speed. Now adds movement speed.
Passive: Despair – Attacking enemy units that have HP below 50% will raise hero ‘s physical damage.
Changed build map.
Price is unchanged.

Removed Equipment Items :

  • Disaster Truncheon
  • Bloodthirsty King
  • Ancient Ghostatue
  • Boots of Tranquility
  • Heart of Steel

Battlefield :

  1. Added a feature that allows players to select their desired active skill when using multiple equipment items that possess active skills. Players can make their selection in the equipment basket. When using the active skill of an equipment item, all equipment’s active skills will enter CD.
  2. Flicker: Increased the width of the direction marker to make it easier to assess the targeted direction.
  3. Adjusted the role buffs types of some heroes: [Kaja] – Tank Buff; [Selena] – Assassin Buff.
  4. Role Buff: Support – Raised shield effects by 15%
  5. Role Buff: Assassin – Penetration buffs are now dependent on the hero’s level. Adjusted to 6-20 points from 15 points.
  6. Improved the hero selection of computer teams in AI Mode
  7. Adjusted the reward for killing Turtle to 100 from 150.
  8. Increased the bonus gold for kill streaks: Starting from a third kill, players earn a bonus of 40 gold for each additional kill, adjusted from 25 gold per kill. Adjusted maximum bonus gold to 400 from 300.
  9. Increased the size of targeting buttons (attack minions/tower) for greater convenience
  10. Game volume is reduced to 80% when using voice chat
  11. Improved the accuracy of using minimap
  12. We reintroduced [Pharsa] to Brawl Mode, after adjusting her performance in Brawl Mode. [Feathered Airstrike]: CD adjusted to 30 seconds from 8 seconds (Brawl Mode Only).


New Events :

  1. Revamped Heroes: Gatotkaca and hayabusa Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount
  2. New S9 Avatar Border. Obtainable by completing season tasks.
  3. Welcome returning players! We have prepared a special gift to our returning players. Partake in events to earn bonus prizes!
  4. MSC Tournament Coming on June 23rd
    Purchase the MSC Avatar Border during the tournament and participate in result guessing to earn a permanent tournament avatar border and the Space Explorer Skin – Jawhead.

New Features :

  1. New Game Mode – Survival Mode.
    99 People compete for survival on a map that is 10 times larger than the standard map. Coming in July.

    1. Players who are at least level 10 and can download the additional content will be able to take part in Survival Mode.
    2. You can play in solo queue or form a team with your friends to play Survival Mode.
    3. 3 players per team, for a total of 33 teams. 99 players will duke it out on an all-new map that is 10 times larger than the normal map, until only one team is standing.
    4. A safety zone forms once the game begins. The safety zone gradually shrinks and moves at set times. Heroes outside of the safety zone will suffer significant damage. Stay alert!
    5. Every player only has one life. Upon death, teammates have 30 seconds to revive a fallen hero. The game ends once there is only one team standing, who will earn the title of first place.
    6. In Survival Mode, acquire new equipment by eliminating enemies or creeps. Team mates can also share equipment by dropping them on the ground. Using the right equipment for your hero increases the pro*lity of victory!
    7. Added a new feature where collecting 3 or 6 of the same type of equipment activates equipment set effects. Please see in-game descriptions for more information. However, equipping 6 items will boost all of their effects.
    8. Killing Lord and destroying chests can grant you rare abilities. Using the most compatible skills greatly increases pro*lity of victory!
  2. Mentoring Program. Players can enter the Mentoring Program by visiting the game’s home page and tapping “Friends” then “Mentoring”. Further information below:
    1. Players who wish to join the mentoring program must be at least level 8.
    2. Requirements for Mentors: Level 8 or above; Rank must be Master III or above:Total apprentices must not be at the specified quota (including past apprentices)
    3. Completing Mentoring Tasks yields many rewards, in addition to fostering familiarity between mentor and apprentices. Players can learn the valuable skills they need to succeed in MLBB.
    4. Mentors will be ranked based upon the Mentor Points they have earned, both locally and globally.
    5. Player profiles will now have a Mentor page that displays information related to the Mentoring Program. Players seeking mentors can also apply through this page.
  3. Battle Effects: All-new Japanese Style Battle Alert Frame, called [Shinto Shrine]. Please stay tuned for in-game events.
  4. The battle performance screen will now include a chat function. Players can now communicate with allies and enemies to discuss their match.
  5. Added a function to view hero comics or videos. Tap Hero > Story > Comic.


  1. Redeveloped the Player Reporting and Punishment System:
    1. Improved the standard for determining purposeful poor play.
    2. Increased penalties for players who purposely play poorly or disconnect.
    3. Improved penalty follow up for players who reported offenses
  2. Added a feature that allows player to communicate their desired lanes with teamm aces (in Custom and Ranked games that do not require draft pick).
  3. Brawl Mode: The hero selection screen now displays hero roles
  4. Significantly reduced the required experience for players to reach levels 6 through 8. Players who accumulated enough experience, by the time the new system is implemented, will automatically level up.
  5. Adjusted the required level to switch accounts to level 3 from 8.
  6. Updated the Tips for Ranked Mode
  7. In order to protect the privacy of our players, as well as the safety of their accounts, players will no longer be able to see their friend’s server and game ID. If you want to share a player’s information with a friend, you can tap “Copy” on the player’s profile to get their nickname.
  8. Refined the home screen’s bottom-right corner: Adjusted the the blue chat assist nt’s position.
  9. Improved the UI of the Discount Shop and Live Stream Menu
  10. Refined Battle Performance Screen
    1. Added a “Commend All” feature, so players can conveniently commend their teammates.
    2. Added a cool sound effect when commending another player.
    3. Refined the battle performance screen’s aesthetics.
    4. Resolved an issue where the commend button is misplaced.
  11. Improved how the origin story of heroes are displayed
    1. Fixed 11 mismatched hero art.
    2. Optimized display for wide-screen phones.
  12. Standardized all share buttons within the game.
  13. Redesigned Event Page
    1. Resolved an issue where some events could did not properly display rules and other text content.
    2. Resolved overlapping text for pre-sale events.
    3. Resolved display errors of the returning players event page.
    4. Resolved misplaced text on the Starlight Membership page for some languages.
    5. Miscellaneous detail improvements.
  14. Improved Preparation page — The battle performance screen’s aesthetic effects.
  15. Created a special badge for players who acquired Gord’s Conquerer skin. (Visible in top-right corner of player profile)
  16. Refined the UI for the game’s primary interface.
  17. Collect & Exchange Event now features the option to remind players to exchange for prizes. Players can now select reminders for all prizes. If they deselect reminder s for prizes, they will not receive a reminder.
  18. Improved the animation of chest
  19. Improved the loading animation
  20. Season screen now displays prizes of the season
  21. Improved the order of resources to load on the home screen, which is now smoother.
  22. When opening the home screen, a popup will show when downloading large resources.
  23. Activity of group members can now be seen
  24. Group activity score can now raise group level. Active players will raise their groups level. Groups can have more members as its level rises. Please read the Group Rules for more information.
  25. Added function to invite players who played in recent matches to lobby.
  26. Improved the Champion Event: Players username will display the country the wish to support, under the following situations:
    1. within public chat and group chat
    2. within a lobby
    3. pre-match loading screen


  1. Resolved an issue with the Preparation section’s Embleme page sometimes overlays with another screen.
  2. Resolved an issue where players encountered an error when uploading their own avatar picture on some devices running Android 7.0 and 8.0.
  3. Fixed an issue where the team authentication icon did not display proper on player’s personal profile screen.
  4. Fixed an issue where game-related advertisement text was covered or cut off.
  5. Fixed an issue where an icon would shake on the top-left of the battle performance screen.
  6. Fixed an issue where solo players would be erroneously considered as disconnected by the system in Custom Mode.
  7. Fixed an issue where some skill names were not properly displayed when replaying one’s death.
  8. Fixed an issue where the system would delete season prizes in player’s inbox.
  1. Fixed an issue in draft pick. where team pick feature lead to the selection of too many heroes.

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