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GTA VI Gameplay Footage Leaked by Hacker

Yes you read the title correctly, someone has leaked multiple prebuild gameplay footage and development footage of Grand Theft Auto VI on GTA Forums. They are supposedly the same person who hacked UBER recently. The leak, posted early Sunday morning contains over 90 videos of gameplay and has been confirmed as real by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier who says he has verified the leak is real through sources at Rockstar Games. The footage shows everything from the map, the characters, cars and weapons. All footage is prebuild so most assets are reused from GTAV, which is normal in development stages.

For those of you who have just emerged from under a rock now, Grand Theft Auto is the second best-selling game to date and is expected to make a comeback soon. The developer Rockstar Games has previously confirmed that it is working on a new Grand Theft Auto game. And the total of 90+ videos that were leaked online is proof now!

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Based on a report from Bloomberg in July, what little is known of GTA VI appears to be in line with some of the assets spotted in the leaked videos. This includes multiple playable characters including a female character and the return of the Miami-esque setting of Vice City, last seen in 2002’s GTA: Vice City. Much of the gameplay footage in the leak is quite clearly still early in development — complete with unfinished textures and models all over the place, and code playing out in real-time across many of them.

As per the leaked footages by teapotuberhacker, the game will feature a Bonnie and Clyde-like couple (expected to be named Lucia and Jason) robbing a diner Pulp Fiction-style, and doing crowd control before the cops arrive. 

Another video revealed a character walking with a pistol in one hand and a rifle on the back. This might hint that the game developers will be using the Red Dead Redemption 2 inventory system, which only lets the player keep one single weapon. For those who don’t know, in previous versions, players could carry their own full arsenal in an invisible pocket.

One video shows another player character, a white male, engage in poolside conversation complete with extremely well-done voice acting and dialogue questioning the existence of Finland. However, much of the footage is in rough shape and contains mostly featureless placeholder characters moving around an empty landscape.

Another video revealed the proprietary tools for the players. There are chances that it might show dense crowds as one video has taken place in a strip club. A video shows one of the proprietary tools in action. Notably, a few of these videos are marked for 2021. Hence, if these videos are real, then the developers might still be working on them, so it might take some time before it is launched for everyone to play.

All the videos were taken from Slack, which is the employees communications app. The Game Physics appear to be very similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, which again, if real, will be completely different in the final build. The Debug UI shown in the videos is also the same that was shown when Red Dead Redemption 2 was leaked many years ago.

One of the many videos that were leaked shows two NPCS having a conversation about Jay Norris being dead. Jay Norris was the CEO of Life Invader in GTA V before being killed by Michael. This confirms GTA VI is set after 2013.

It was also pointed out, in some of the videos the Rockstar Internal development software was shown off, which is near impossible to fake, the videos also showed us a male and female main protagonist, which was leaked a few months ago. The clips also show some game mechanics, from driving cars, shooting a weapon, using boats and jumping. Crouching could also be making a return from GTA IV, as it can be seen in one of the videos. On a Police Car is also says V.C.P.D for Vice City Police Department, with the police force being part of ‘Port Gellhorn.’ A possible location in GTA 6.

The Possible Features in GTA 6

Here are some of the possible features confirmed from various videos and posts, although of course, with any pre-release game, any and all of this may be subject to change in the final product. 

– Map locations appear, seemingly set in series staple Vice City. 

– As reported previously, the game seems to feature dual female and male protagonists who may be a couple, perhaps taking cues from Bonnie and Clyde. 

– You’ll be able to rob interior premises while managing crowds, robbing hostages, and so on. Reminiscent of the opening scenes of Pulp Fiction. It seems to include restaurants, gun shops, gas stations, and more. 

– Police seem to recall and record stolen vehicles, potentially forcing you to be more creative with escaping law enforcement, ditching cars, etc. 

– Strip clubs and pawn shops return to the game. 

– An in-game “WhatUp!” messaging app appears, parodying Facebook’s WhatsApp.

– It seems players can take a prone position on the ground, a first for the series. 

– Character animations seem more advanced, with models reacting, bracing, and flinching while being shot at. 

– Vehicle interiors and exteriors reportedly feature impressive detail. 

So What Happens Now?

Well, Take – Two Interactive, have started to send out copyright and takedown notices for the leaked GTA VI videos posted online. Every single picture of video out there is being taken down as we speak. But that’s not all! Some say that this leak could also cause a massive delay in terms of a release date for the game.

The fallout continues from what many are describing as the biggest leak in video game history. The site of the original leak, GTAForums, has been contacted by Rockstar’s parent company and GTA owner Take Two, stipulating that any copyrighted material be removed. A large red banner has appeared across the top of the site echoing such. 

The hacker responsible for the leak reportedly also had access to Bully 2 developmental plans and has been jumping between new Telegram usernames as rival hackers and angry GTA fans spam up his groups. There are unconfirmed reports that the group behind this hack is the same team that used a similar method to breach Uber recently, “social engineering” their way into Rockstar’s Slack channels. Social engineering refers to the practice of essentially tricking a privileged user within a secure network into giving up his or her authentication credentials, allowing an attacker to gain access. 

Since the clips surfaced online, the leaker has now published a load of source code for Grand Theft Auto VI. Overall, if true, this could cause the game to be delayed even longer.

This huge GTA 6 leak is highly devastating to the game developer and investors. Even though leaks hype up the game among the players, they can also end up delaying their release by a good few months or a year or two.

GTA VI was initially rumored to be released in 2024, which would coincide with the the22nd anniversary of GTA Vice City.  As of filming this video, the story is still developing with the leaker threatening developers with a bigger GTA VI source code leak. So, our fingers are crossed, but if things go haywire, GTA 6 might get delayed to late 2025.

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