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Fortnite’s New Islands: A Gamer’s Paradise! (CODES)

Exploring Fortnite’s Islands of the Week: A Deep Dive into Wacky West Prop Hunt 2.0, Dungeons and Goblins, and Lucky Block Arena

The Fortnite Team has once again outdone themselves with the latest Islands of the Week for June 16, 2023. This week’s showcase features a trio of exciting creator-made islands, each offering unique gameplay experiences.

Wacky West Prop Hunt 2.0

First up is the Wacky West Prop Hunt 2.0, a creation by DWDFN. This island transports players to a wild west adventure filled with thrilling prop hunt games. Players can either hide as props or hunt down the hidden players in a western-themed setting. It’s a game of cat and mouse that will keep players on their toes.

Island Code: 2232-9505-5391

Dungeons and Goblins

Next on the list is Dungeons and Goblins, a brainchild of HERO Nabor. This island offers a dungeon-crawling experience filled with goblins and other mythical creatures. Players will navigate through treacherous dungeons, battling goblins and other foes along the way. It’s a test of skill, strategy, and survival.

Island Code: 0883-3721-4847

Lucky Block Arena

Last but not least is the Lucky Block Arena, created by Rafa To Ja. This island is a battle arena with a twist. Scattered around the map are blocks that, when broken, can either give players useful items or unleash dangerous enemies. It’s a game of luck and strategy that will keep players guessing and fighting till the end.

Island Code: 0650-3064-6915

These islands offer a variety of gameplay experiences that cater to different player preferences. From the hide-and-seek fun of Wacky West Prop Hunt 2.0, the dungeon-crawling adventure in Dungeons and Goblins, to the luck-based battles in Lucky BlockArena, there’s something for everyone. So, gear up and drop into these islands for a unique Fortnite experience!


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