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FIFA Mobile – RELEASED | Progression

In past explainers, we’ve discussed how gameplay has changed in the new season of FIFA Mobile. Additionally, we explained how chemistry works as well.

In this post, we’re going to discuss some changes to how progression and events work in the new season of FIFA Mobile.

Generally, the game structure has not received a drastic overhaul in the upcoming season. However, there are some key changes to events that we’d like to explain.

●     Quests: These replace achievements and objectives by giving you multiple layers of quests to complete. These quests may often work in conjunction with events, giving you additional ways to engage and earn rewards.

●     Team of the Week: one of the primary events that will tie into quests, Team of the Week has been changed and there will no longer be Team of the Week-specific events. Instead, quests will allow you to earn a Team of the Week player item once per week, and other Team of the Week player items will be acquired through special Team of the Week packs in the FIFA Mobile store. When acquiring TOTW player items, you will either earn Player of the Month points in addition to every new TOTW player items you receive, or you will earn TOTW points in addition to any duplicate player items you receive. Once you’ve earned enough TOTW points, you’ll be able to purchase a special TOTW pack that will guarantee you a unique TOTW player item (along with additional POTM points)

We’ve also added a new currency, called Gems. Gems can be earned from events, as rewards for competitive play, in Campaigns, and more, and they can be used to purchase packs in the store. FIFA Points will no longer be earned directly from engagement.

We’ve also made adjustments to Campaigns, Team Heroes, and Domination:

  • Campaigns are now split into multiple levels, through Master. Once you’ve completed all of the available Campaigns, a new weekly Campaign will unlock that you can play through every week for additional rewards and for Campaign points that you can use to purchase packs and Player Items.
  • Team Heroes is now 3 daily events that each reward team-specific crests. Once you’ve completed all 3 events for the day and have been awarded crests, you will receive a bonus pack based on the crests you received. Crests are the primary currency for Team Heroes, and will be used to acquire Team Hero player items. Once you’ve acquired a player item from a club, you will no longer receive his crests from events, accelerating your progression to the next level.
  • If you have 1 of every crest, you’ll receive an additional club crest.
  • If you have 2 of the same crest, you will receive one Gold player item from that club and 2 additional crests from that club.
  • If you receive 3 crests from the same club, you will receive 4 additional crests from that club and 2 additional Gold player items from that club.
  • Initially, you will be able to play Domination events to acquire and level up a special Neymar player item. However, we will be refreshing Domination multiple times throughout the season, so you will be able to bank Domination points and find them useful even after reaching the maximum level on Neymar.

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