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Europa Universalis IV – 1.35.4 Patch Notes | Stunning Art and Icons!



  • The Ordenanças government reform now properly grants Army Tradition.
  • The English Monarchy T1 is now available for Great Britain which has been formed by a different tag than England.
  • Tweaked the likelihood of the AI investing in Prussian militarization if they don’t have an abundance of military monarch power.
  • Added a fallback modifier for the Separate the Boyars from Court government reform.



  • Re-exported and added .dds files for achievement_chop_chop and achievement_kinslayer in the corresponding folder.


  • Fixed several issues with localization.
  • The parliament of Denmark will now be called “Folketing”.
  • Added a lot of missing description localization.


  • The Fleeing Serfs Cossack interaction now scopes to a random province, instead of a wrong province.
  • Fixed the tooltip for Flood events in China.
  • Improved tooltips for granting and revoking privileges.
  • Updated the Expel Minorities tooltip.



  • Added a on_heir_disinherited action.



  • The decision to form Siam no longer requires ADM tech 20.


  • The Chinese flood events now check for appropriate provinces to apply to in all circumstances.
  • There is now a 25% chance that the development does not get reduced by the flood.
  • The Chinese flood events can no longer fire for the AI.
  • The event “The Karma Kagyu School and the [Root.Monarch.Dynasty.GetName] Dynasty” now properly grants a subjugation CB.
  • The Iberian Wedding now requires that Aragon and Castile are monarchies.
  • The Castilian Civil War option that grants the Aragonese candidate, will now grant Isabel as it should, if possible.
  • The event “End of the Castilian Civil War” now correctly takes away stability based on its outcome.
  • The French event ‘Treaty of the Lily Flower’ now grants the option to refuse the treaty, but the AI will never pick it.
  • Fixed an error that incorrectly attributed Crimea as a Tributary State to the Ottomans for players who do not own the Mandate of Heaven.
  • Nurhaci is now spawned with his historical dynasty preset from the Manchu flavor events.
  • The Urban event for the Ottomans won’t fire until you have the money necessary to hire him in your treasury.
  • Advisors granted via English flavor events will now spawn with the Angevin culture in mind if you are Anglois.
  • The event Commercial Expansion in Alexandria will no longer fire continuously.
  • The event “The Baronial Revolt” will not fire for Naples while they are at war.
  • Nahuatl event Pochteca Spies now grants the Trade War CB for 10 years, instead of 152 years.


  • The French minor mission “Capture Paris” now properly grants claims on the French region.
  • Chinese EoC missions will now not be available to Japan, since the latter already has its version of EoC missions in their file.
  • The Angevin mission “Eliminate Burgundy” now takes into account land held by subjects of subjects.
  • The Brandenburg Prussia mission that grants access to the Polish Age Ability now only takes into account development you own directly in the Polish region.
  • The modifier “Tatar Vanguard” will not be removed for the Ottomans if Crimea is promoted to an Eyalet.
  • The Ottoman mission “End the Persian Threat” now requires 20 provinces owned by you or a non-tributary subject, instead of 20 provinces directly owned by you.
  • The Ottoman mission Collect the Siyasah now requires reform level 6 Government reforms while the Ottoman mission Expand the Devshirme requires reform tier 5.
  • Removed an excess claim from the Portuguese mission “Settle Indonesia”.
  • The mission “End the Eyalet Rebellions” will now check for only eyalets and core eyalets instead of all subject types.
  • The Korean mission “Defeat the Shogun” will now properly display its Harmonization reward when applicable.
  • Fixed an error for Chinese warlord missions that did not grant the mil tech bonus.
  • Improved the tooltip of the Mutual Trade System mission for the EoC for better readability.
  • The mission to handle the Eyalet Revolts will no longer require you to have provinces in the Egypt and Persia regions.
  • The mission to handle the Harem will no longer ask for ruler stats to be complete.
  • Reorganized the requirements of the Russian mission “Most Holy Synod” for better readability.
  • Emperor of China missions should no longer disappear if you already have access to them upon forming Manchu.
  • The general for the Russian mission Dissolve the Streltsy has been lowered from 20 pips to 15 pips as a requirement.


  • Every level of the Brandenburg Gate monument now grants the same amount of militarization.
  • The Prussian militarization tiers are now available to Germany as well as other countries that may gain access to it (modding).
  • Fixed an issue with the trigger conditions for The Times of Trouble for Muscovy / Russia.
  • Perm can now be annexed at the same date as other subjects under the starting setup of Muscovy.
  • The Great Council of Mechelen will now properly disable the Dutch Revolt from ticking.
  • The Unify China CB now targets all provinces in China, not just neighboring ones.
  • The “Expand into X” Agenda for Noble/Cossack/Maratha etc estates will now request provinces to be held by you or any type of subject, including Tributaries and Colonies.


  • The modifier “Empowered Junkers” now correctly grants militarization for Prussia.


  • The Slavic culture group has now dynamic names for the provinces.
  • The Sisterhood of Jeanne d’Arc” government reform is now limited to theocracies only.
  • The AI is now aware to pick the Yearly Mandate decree over other decrees to maintain the Mandate a bit easier.
  • Celestial Reforms now cost 70 Mandate instead of 80. The minimum amount of Mandate to take a Celestial Reform remains 80 for the sake of the AI.
  • The Potosi reward for Ming will now apply if the mine is controlled by a subject of the Ming.
  • Álvaro de Luna now joins the Royalists during the Infantes of Aragon disaster.
  • Flavor Events for new Rulers no longer fire when Junior Partner in a Personal Union.


  • The Ottoman Siyasah Tax System government reform now properly changes between manpower and tax based on province religion compared to your religion.
  • The Bektashi Order local organization no longer grants global Production Efficiency.
  • The Decentralized Reform reward for the EoC mission Examination System now correctly grants Development Cost country-wide.
  • Spawning Coal, while Smithian Economics is active, should now subtract 1 Base Production as the Manufactory of the old trade good is removed.
  • The Duchy of Finland, when released by Russia as part of the latter’s event Reward will now have proper borders.
  • Japan now has proper access to the Port of Dejima mission.
  • The modifier “Parliamentarian Authority” attributed to provinces, will now grant the proper amount of Monthly Devastation reduction.
  • The mission “Protect the South Slavs” will no longer remove the “Hegemony over the Carpathians” modifier. The mission “Partition Poland” now also gives you Slovak as an accepted culture and will no longer have +10% Manpower in accepted culture provinces.
  • The Russian decision “Proclaim the Emperor Title” will now properly request to have 90 Modernization.
  • The event Fate of the Peasantry for Russia will not fire if Russia has no nobility.
  • The Russian mission “Fate of the Peasantry” will now give 100 points for each category in case you complete it with no privilege active.
  • The event “Fate of the Peasantry” will no longer add the respective estate privilege if you have already picked one before.
  • Appease the Patriarchate now applies in every province that is part of a state with a Patriarchate.
  • Completing the Ottoman Struggle for Power disaster now gives the Modernized Ottoman Government if you did not weaken the Harem. This means you have the Harem when you finish the disasters again.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gascon Musket Company and the Order of Saint Joan didn’t have the new unit models from the Domination DLC.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Sisterhood of Jeanne d’Arc to have the proper government and ruler names if the modifier is missing.
  • The government reform “Bureaucratic Rule” now increases the Harmonization Speed instead of decreasing it.
  • “Reclaim Neumark” effect for Domination when the player is the Emperor is changed. Now, you gain 1 Imperial Authority for every 25+ Dev province you conquer.
  • The EoC mission “Grand Coordinators” now has a non-DLC alternative reward.
  • The tooltip information about gaining a PU CB on Portugal for Castile is now displayed better.
  • The Catholic reward for the French mission regarding the French Wars of Religion is now granted for the properly displayed duration.
  • The Spanish Armada mission now properly displays the conditions for getting the Restoration of Union CB on ENG/GBR.
  • The event “A new Imperial Capital?” for the Ottomans will no longer grant you territorial cores outside of Italy when you decide to move your capital to Rome.
  • The estate agenda “Befriend <Rival Country>’s Rivals” will not be available if you are at war with the rival’s rival country.
  • The Anglican Aspect unlocked by the English mission Piety of the State for the Protestant Faith is now correctly granted and unlocked.
  • Zimbabwe will no longer magically create production development by building and demolishing farm estates.
  • The Tribe’s estate privilege “Autonomy to the Tribes” will no longer prevent the Tribes from losing estate loyalty when you seize land.
  • The event “The Subjugation of Austria” will no longer cause Austria to be inherited by another Christian country in very rare situations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented advisors outside of your culture group to grant monthly modernization.
  • Land of the Christian Sun T1 is now properly logged as a T1 for Republic / Theocratic Japan.
  • The system of Councils for Spain will only allow one bonus at a time.
  • France has access to Strong Duchies after integrating all their Appanages.
  • The reform “Representatives of the Crown” will now work with Appanages.
  • The Sino-Altaic culture now has proper access to Subutai’s Strategies gov. Reform.
  • Fixed an issue of the “Protectors of Eastern Christianity” modifier being removed too soon for Japan.
  • Estate privilege “Noble Contracts” will now properly not subtract loyalty from nobles getting their land seized for Brandenburg and Prussia.
  • The Teuton AI will no longer kill itself by attacking other HRE members while inside the Empire under regulations by the Emperor.
  • Fixed issues regarding canals in savegames.
  • Reactivated base-game missions for Ming and East Asian countries in the absence of the Domination DLC.
  • Tibetan Horses will only be granted and permanent if a subject owns Lhasa.
  • Completing Mission Crisis of the Ming Dynasty no longer unlocks Government Reforms up to Tier 10.
  • Fixed AI not raiding Coast.
  • Fixed the overlap of the name and parliament button in the province view.
  • Support for conditional scaled modifiers for government mechanics.
  • Open Store Page will now use Steam Overlay Browser before opening an external browser.
  • Disinheriting your heir as Aragon will no longer create a personal union between Navarra and Castile.
  • Banner cavalry now has a static cost of 0.1 Corruption. The discount they get has been reduced from -0.1 to -0.04.
  • Banner cavalry cost can’t be brought down below 0 to remove corruption for free.
  • Dismantle HRE tooltip shows electors’ names again.
  • Prestige gain in Dismantle HRE tooltip is no longer visible if it’s 0.
  • Effects are now shown in the Dismantle HRE button tooltip.
  • Vassals no longer have a merchant icon next to them in the subject’s view.
  • Vassals now have a vassal-type icon in the subject view that shows what modifiers they get and give their overlord.
  • Added a missing new line in requirements to maintain a personal union tooltip.
  • Added missing localization for the history log about incidents starting in the HRE.
  • Fixed peace treaty terms changing after reopening the peace treaty interface with a province ceded in a state that is pillaged.
  • When two vassals that are allied to each other are being annexed, one declaring an independence war no longer results in the other being instantly annexed.
  • Fixed issue where forts un-mothballing cause movement to be recalculated.
  • Eyalet subjects are no longer displayed as automatically joining Overlords war.
  • Fixes so you can call on senior allies when going to war against a vassal.
  • Taking land in war no longer occasionally loses all crownland.
  • fixed AI over-prioritizing militarization.
  • Fixed state view interactions going out of the screen on smaller resolutions.
  • After accepting a Request to Share Maps from another nation, the popup that appears shows correctly who is the receiver.
  • Naval doctrine icon now shows the correct icon and the “No doctrine” icon is back instead of showing the first Naval doctrine.
  • Added an alert for Slacken Recruiting Standards.
  • can_use_peace_treaty now doesn’t check if both countries are at war.
  • Fixed Expand Empire Casus Belli not showing up.
  • Fixed fleets not being able to merge after repairing.
  • Fixed mine depletion resulting in decimal development.
  • Form Coalition action is now available at 50 Aggressive Expansion, not 51.
  • Fixed incorrect number for sailors increase in macro builder tooltips.
  • Added information about government power being frozen in the tooltip.
  • Galley flagships can now be built.
  • The “Wants your provinces” modifier can no longer overflow into positive values.
  • Reinforcement cost is now capped at 10%.
  • Fixed occupation priority to match that from the siege screen.
  • Ideas taken within 1 year of the first country now correctly give innovativeness.
  • Fixed fleet speed modifier applying two times for flagships.
  • Fixed heir not being removed as a military leader in define_heir effect.
  • Fixed special units not being able to be hired when below 0 Absolutism.
  • Fixed colonial range map mode showing incorrect effective distance.
  • Fixed provinces are colored green in the macro builder when trying to build special units even if the limit has been reached.
  • Mercenary companies no longer use the origin province owner’s land maintenance for their maximum morale.
  • Destroy and add building effects now update the building window properly if they are used together.
  • Added overflow checks to variable effects.
  • Sich Rada government ability now spawns Cossack cavalry and infantry in a 3-1 ratio.
  • Mercenary condottieri are now allowed to use the mercenary drilling modifier of the original country.
  • Random Candidate Bonus ability is now distributed in all categories instead of one.
  • CAT tag can be used again in the script.
  • Added a development cap for development-based growth of government power.
  • Tribal allegiance now can’t go down by more than 0.25 monthly from development.
  • Define ruler now changes the original dynasty.
  • Fixed Cavalry to Infantry ratio from Born to the Saddle leader trait not working.
  • Fervor will no longer decrease the upper limit when a Focus is selected.
  • Condottieri can’t loot provinces of countries that the renting country isn’t at war with.
  • Changed the text of unoccupied forts requirement in peace deals.
  • Enemy Zone of Control no longer extends to tributary land.
  • Special naval units no longer show the cost and build button on provinces with the inland sea.
  • Fixed outliner tooltip for why integration can’t progress.
  • The mandate Growth tooltip now includes the multiplier.
  • Fixed the wrong government name mentioned in the debate failed message.
  • Effects text in monument tooltips won’t be shown if there are no effects applicable.
  • Added information about overextension in Grant Province Screen when it would go above 100% for subjects.
  • Fixed overlapping text in the naval macro builder.
  • Added a missing line break in the Current Trade Power tooltip.
  • Cleaned the Found Indian Company decision reward.
  • Added a missing line break to the monument upgrade effect.
  • Fixed sorting by diplomatic cost in the peace treaty screen.
  • AI will ignore truces with enemy subjects in the war declaration screen as they do with manual call-ins via diplomatic action.
  • Add a finish date to the tooltip for vassal cores.
  • Declare war screen now shows HRE emperor allies and counts them into force summary. Setting them as co-belligerents is now allowed.
  • Fixed trade protectorates not being able to be canceled.
  • Expand Infrastructure Cost Modifier will be replaced for players without Leviathan DLC.
  • AI shouldn’t be able to call Players to war when they are already at war with a nation AI declared on.
  • Updated the Expel Minorities tooltip.

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