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Europa Universalis IV – 1.35.2 Patch Notes | Gamebalance Overhaul

Game balance


  • The government reform “French Feudalism” no longer needs 50% of Crownland to integrate subjects. Instead, the “Seize Land” effect has now a counter which allows you to start the integration of an appanage. In other words: to integrate Orleans you would need to seize land and start the integration. For integrating Armagnac you would have to seize land again. You can save up the seize land charges so you can integrate all appanages later at the same time.
  • Modernization has now a base decay of 0.3 per month.
  • Increased the yearly manpower gain from the “Mobilize New Order Regiments” interaction from 0.3 to 0.75 for the Russian Empire and its republican equivalent.
  • Increased the yearly manpower gain from the “Equip Streltsy” interaction from 0.2 to 0.3 for the Russian Principality and from 0.1 (which was a number bug) to 0.6 Years of Manpower.
  • The elective monarchy is now mutually exclusive with States General


  • The decadence mission “End the Eyalet Rebellions” now requires you to have 70 Absolutism if you are in the Age of Absolutism or Revolutions. “The Eyalet Rebellion” will now remove 100 Absolutism when fired.
  • Added an alternative trigger to the decadence disaster “Restructure Administration” which no longer forces you to have 2 Admin Idea Groups filled to complete this mission.
  • The decadence disaster “End the Eyalet Rebellion” will now request 60 provinces in the Europe continent instead of 50 in Western Europe specifically.
  • The Plot of the Harem disaster no longer reduces the stats of your heirs by 1/1/1.
  • The decadence event “Corruption of the Court” now costs 0.1 years of income instead of 0.2.
  • The mission reward of the decadence mission “The Eyalet Crisis” now lasts for 30 years instead of 19750 days.
  • The decadence mission “Handle the Janissaries” no longer requires you to make 9 Mil power per month.
  • Severely tuned down the Janissaries spawned from events of the Janissary Coup disaster.
  • Eyalets now count as your border, meaning you can core provinces next to them.
  • Missions that require you to have some idea groups of a category filled out have now alternatives. Also decreased the number of needed military and admin idea groups from 3/2 to 2/1 idea groups needed.
  • The Janissary Coup disaster now increases the Janissary Influence by 10% instead of 30% and Janissary Max Privileges by 3. It no longer decreases the Loyalty Equilibrium.
  • The events of the Internal Power Struggle disaster now have a lower increase of their penalties. Additionally, they no longer decrease the stability to their fullest strength.
  • The estate privileges for the Janissaries from the Janissary Coup disaster now increase influence by 10% instead of 20%.
  • The English Parliament Issue “Army Reform Acts” increases Army Tradition by 5 and Army Professionalism by 0.5% instead of 15 and 1% respectively.
  • The English Parliament Issue “Man-of-War Acts” increases Navy Tradition by 5 instead of 15.
  • The English Parliament Issue “Maritime Discipline Acts” adds 20 Military Power instead of 50.
  • The English Parliament Issue “The Black Act” will now increase stability by 1 instead of 3.
  • Restored Siamese ideas partially. They have their old traditions and ambition back as well as their cavalry combat ability.
  • Takeda ideas now grant proper Army Professionalism.
  • Restored Siamese ideas partially. They have their old traditions and ambition back as well as their cavalry combat ability.
  • Eyalets and Core Eyalets have now -5k Manpower and -5 Land Force Limit to reduce the benefits from having a high quantity of low development Eyalets.



  • Fars is now pink.


  • Thalassocracy (Government Reform) now has a proper icon.


  • Fixed typo in country colors that turned a lot of country unit models white. (Thanks for finding the solution @Gunthah)


  • Benefits from Celestial reforms no longer have a blank name in the country modifiers tab.
  • Fixed a tooltip error in the mission “Shield of Outremer”
  • Fixed an error that prevented the Divine Empire of Japan from granting the appropriate title of ‘Tenno’ to its rulers


  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Portuguese achievement ‘The Navigator’.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Forever Golden Achievement from being displayed as available to Castile for Golden Century or Domination owners
  • Aragonese missions are now properly cataloged towards the Forever Golden Achievement
  • The Achievement ‘Big Blue Blob’ now correctly highlights all non-French provinces in Europe
  • Fixed a few localization and requirement minor issues with 1.35 Achievements
  • Spain can now be diplomatically formed via 90 Republican Tradition or 100 Devotion so Aragon as a Peasant Republic can form it diplomatically.


  • Forming England will now grant you the English Monarchy as long your tier 1 is not locked / your government is not locked.
  • The decision to form the Angevin Kingdom no longer requires you to have 25 provinces in the French region.
  • Forming Siam through the decision now requires Administrative Technology 20.


  • Made the Yellow and Yangtze River floods less punishing.
  • English/British flavor events can now fire for the Angevin Kingdom too.
  • A Question of Faith event will no longer fire during the Shinto Christianity Incident.
  • The event ‘Question of Faith’ will also not fire during the Ikko Ikko and Neo-Confucianism incidents.
  • Hungary now has to be an independent country to be forced into a personal union under Austria.
  • Elective Monarchies now look for a Christian noble when the country is Christian itself. In other words, the House of Osman will no longer claim the Czech throne.
  • The Ottoman event ‘The Ottoman Line of Succession’ will now fire less frequently if you have already had this event with the same heir and will reduce its maluses for recurring instances of the event for the second option
  • Made it so if you choose to convert to Christianity via the Shinto incident event chain, you will always get the full Christian outcome (Land of the Christian Sun)
  • Revolutionary France will now properly be able to choose regarding the adoption of new national ideas upon embracing the Revolution in the event “The Storming of Bastille”
  • The Golden Bull Treaty event which subjugates the Pope for France, now also sets the Pope to start with much less Liberty Desire to account for Liberty Desire from Development
  • The event “Election of a New Ruler” for Elective Monarchies will now remove the heir if you decide to not elect your current ruler/heir.


  • The Qing mission ‘Ten Grand Campaigns’ now grants the necessary claims in the Burma region
  • Added proper highlighting for the Lower Burma area in the ‘Campaign in Burma’ mission for Qing in Domination
  • Adjusted the mission ‘Campaign in Burma’ for Domination’s Qing, to require 25 provinces in Burma, instead of certain set areas
  • Added Random New World triggers for 2 French missions
  • The mission “A Realm of Chivalry” now requires 100k troops killed in total instead of 20k troops killed in a single battle.
  • The Emperor of China mission Shengshi & Zhishi now has simplified requirements and rewards
  • The mission “Seize France’s Throne” now grants permanent claim on the areas of Britanny, Burgundy, Picardy, Lorraine, and Provence.
  • Added dynamic province highlighting for the French mission ‘Indian Dominance’
  • Added a new and improved version of the ‘Conduct Population Census’ to better reflect and display the +1 Monthly Administrative Power granted by the Reform Civil Registration mission of the Emperor of China.
  • Added a new version of the Expand Palace Bureaucracy to better reflect its empowered version granted by the Cornerstone of an Empire mission
  • Added alternative triggers for French colonial missions if Random New World is active
  • The Angevin mission will no longer request you to discover Canada and this is already covered when you colonize North America.
  • Added an easier to understand tooltip to the “Mainland Alliances” British mission.
  • Fixed an issue that made it unclear that you can’t cheese the upgrade of your Centers of Trade in the Swedish mission tree.
  • Added a sneaky missing bracket at the very end of the DOM_Spain_Missions file
  • The Brandenburg mission ‘Construct the Kiel Canal’ now properly grants access to the Canal even before Tech 22 and grants a supplementary bonus to your treasury
  • Fixed a trigger for a Revolutionary France mission
  • Added the Toulon Dockyard modifier to the correct province, for the Aragonese mission.
  • Fixed an issue that fired the failure event for the conquest of Franconia for Domination’s Brandenburg mission
  • Fixed an error that prevented the Japanese Divine Empire from being granted
  • Daimyo missions now have alternative requirements other than “Is Japan” to allow Domination players to complete the mission tree before forming Japan.
  • The Spanish mission ‘New Capital’ no longer highlights every single capital everywhere.
  • The Mission ‘Holy See Politics’ now properly scopes to the capital of the Papal States.
  • The modifier “Religious Stability” from the English mission “Piety of the State” now increases Tolerance of true faith by 0.5 and Yearly Patriarch Authority by +0.5.
  • The Russian mission “Break the Tatar Yoke” has now a secondary condition that allows you to get rid of the Tatar Yoke modifier if you have 85% Warscore.
  • Fixed an issue with the Angevin mission “Settle in America” which tells you to colonize Canada instead of colonizing the New World.
  • Fixed an error that prevented ‘A New Buddha’ from granting a new mission for people without other DLCs other than Domination.
  • Fixed a wrong scope in the Fortify the Coast mission for Chinese minors, Qing and Ming.
  • Adjusted the displayed tooltip reward for the Toulon mission of France, to reflect the actual reward granted
  • Reordered the triggers for the ‘Kingdoms of Spain’ for better visibility and fixed an error associated with its reward
  • Added a missing claim for Malacca in the Portuguese missions
  • The modifier ‘Reformed Haijin Policy’ now has a proper modifier scoped to the country level
  • Added a missing claim for the Majeerteen area in the proper mission reward
  • The Shinto Warriors modifier now grants 0.5 flat Land Morale instead of 0.1
  • The Portuguese mission “The Cape of Good Hope” now grants a claim on Zanzibar
  • Fixed an error that gave breakaway Chinese warlords 100 Monarch points instead of 150 in their Independence mission
  • Removed the positive gain of inflation from the modifier “Silver House of China” granted by the Single Whip Law mission
  • Fixed an issue between the Occitania and Provence missions for Aragon
  • Fixed an issue that prevent Qing from completing the “Dominate the Jurchen Tribes” missions due to the latter requiring “Be Manchu”
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some based game Qing missions from appearing without Domination
  • Reduced the refunding of corruption granted by the “The Eight Banners” mission available to Jurchen tribes, Manchu, and Qing
  • Provence will now always accept the subjugation offer by France in “Provençal Question” however they will not be instantly integrated by the “A House United” special mission reward.
  • Swapped the icons of ‘Fecho del Imperio’ and ‘Universal Monarchy’ for consistency’s sake
  • Readded the mission “Prepare Reconquista” for Castile, so they can have claims to Granada again
  • Fixed an issue regarding Golden Century Castilian missions appearing in the wrong place


  • The Single Whip Law privilege now offers a lot more national tax and a lot less increased inflation to make it more appealing
  • Replaced both instances of flat land morale for Japan and Portugal with percentage ones


  • Fixed an error that allowed the estate privilege “Factionalist Nobility” to be momentarily visible for Castile even without the Domination DLC
  • Fixed a missing national idea for Orleans
  • Adjusted the Banners-related Celestial reform. It now requires 15% Cavalry Combat Ability OR 25 Banners and grants 10% Ratio instead of 50% as well as 5% Cavalry Combat Ability
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Struggle for Royal Power from firing for the players who do not own Lions of the North


  • Changed the icon for “Control over Monetary Policy” so it no longer gets confused with “Indebted to the Burghers”.
  • The decadence bar now also mentions that it in- and decreases by stability.
  • The Decadence description now mentions that the ruler’s victories and defeats decrease and increase Decadence.
  • The privileges regarding liberating or enserfing the peasants will now block government reforms which would remove the Nobles or Burghers estate.
  • All countries which can get their name or color changed have now proper access to decisions that allow them to restore their original color and name. Former Eyalets will now also restore their original names and color.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tier 5 Tercios Government reform being instantly abolished but remaining available.
  • The Expanded Black Army reform is now correctly registered in tier 5.
  • The event “The Franco-Ottoman Alliance” can no longer trigger when France and the Ottomans are at war with each other.
  • Fixed a wrong scope for the Emperor of China for Chinese Warlord missions
  • Fixed the Spanish localization of a few missions.
  • Estate Privilege ‘Support the Brahmins’ now is only available to Muslim countries.
  • Fixed a tooltip error with the mission ‘Wine Monopolies’.
  • Fixed some issues with the German localization.
  • Improved the descriptions of some estate privileges.
  • The Franciscan order now grants base production instead of base manpower
  • Fixed one of the canals having the wrong development cost reduction
  • The event “The Franco-Ottoman Alliance” can no longer trigger when France and the Ottomans are at war with each other.
  • Fixed a wrong scope for the Emperor of China for Chinese Warlord missions
  • Forming Siam through the decision now requires Administrative Technology 20.


  • Fixed null subject type crash
  • Fixed no federal constitution advancement crash
  • Fixed crash not finding GUI for a dialog
  • Fixed issue with GOG Windows build not shutting down when restarting at the exit to the main menu.
  • Russia can no longer have 5 different variations of serfdom active at the same time.
  • Removed confusing triggers for the Plot of the Harem disaster.
  • The estate agenda “Expand Port Infrastructure” is now properly auto-completed by the Burgher’s privilege action instead of the one of the Clergy.
  • Damarwulan has enough of his imposters. Fake Damarwulans will no longer count in won battles for the Damarwulan event.
  • Buying subject upgrades for your colonies will no longer grant you admin power instead of costing it.
  • Fixed an oversight that would have allowed the Mamluks to integrate way too large vassals when they get turned into an Eyalet by the Ottomans.
  • Fixed a missing localization for the trigger “has_unembraced_institution”
  • Fixed a bug where under rare DLC circumstances you would see your ability to form Trade Leagues and Trade Cities twice as a Veche Republic.
  • Fixed a bug where the Russian Empire (and its Republican equivalent) would only give 0.05 Yearly Absolutism instead of 0.5 Yearly Absolutism.
  • It is no longer possible as Russia to have your peasants be enserfed and liberated at the same time.
  • Building and destroying farming estates will no longer increase your development under rare conditions. The “Expand the Fortifications” modifier is now properly removed from a province with a level 2 fort if said fort gets destroyed.
  • The mission reward for the Ottoman mission “The Cradle of Civilization” lasts now for 30 years instead of 29 years and 265 days.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Anglois countries to benefit from Stonehenge.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gokaido Reform and the Reform the Samuari government reforms would not show up in Japanese countries.
  • Fixed the Decadence jumps from winning or losing battles with your monarch.
  • Renamed the second add_stability_or_adm_power to add_stability_or_adm_power_per_stab to avoid overloading a single scripted effect.
  • Removed an unnecessary base_monthly_growht from the Mercenary militarization.
  • Removed the secondary_religion_group scripted trigger as it is no longer needed.
  • Removed an unnecessary made_monthly_growht from the Mercenary militarization.
  • The Order of Avis can now be established when you accept the Portuguese culture.
  • Fixed a display error that showed Russia paying nothing for modernization ideas.
  • Fixed an issue where Monthly Innovativeness gain was colored in red even if the gain was positive.
  • The parliament issue “Fund an Industrial Project” now actually constructs a manufactory in the province.
  • The parliament issue “Acts of Representation” now properly reduces the liberty desire of your subjects instead of your own.
  • Fixed an issue where the rewards were swapped for the mission “The Asian Trade” for Novgorod-Russia.
  • The Russian Rule ability no longer resets completely to 0 for the diplomatic and military abilities when a new ruler comes to power.
  • Forming England and following the Angevin Path will no longer allow you to complete the mission “The Angevin Kingdom” twice.
  • Fixed a missing localization for the trigger “has_unembraced_institution”
  • Fixed some minor localization issues.
  • Fixed the missing diplomatic action which allows you to call Trade Protectorates into your wars as advertised.
  • Mission or event effects which distribute Development for provinces of a certain area do this now the defined amount of times. In other words: Missions like “Establish the Pashas” for the Ottomans now give properly 10 development instead of randomly giving more or less.
  • The event “Competition with Nobility” now reduces properly the influence of the Janissaries if you pick the third option.
  • Events for Russia and England / GB which define a new heir or ruler now check that the country is not a junior partner in a personal union.
  • Elective Monarchies can no longer trigger the event for the Imperial Authority to gain twice should they be re-elected as the Emperor.

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