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Europa Universalis IV – 1.34.4 Patch Notes | Game Changer: Exciting New Features


Special thanks

We would like to personally thank @Genomega and especially @LiaLunare for their amazing contributions in regards to the icons for the new custom nation modifiers introduced in this patch. Thank you both, so so much!

Game balance


  • Consolidated Power government reform cannot be chosen if the head of state rules for life.
  • Venetian Doges will now die less frequently.
  • Germany now has access to the Prussian Monarchy T1 Government Reform either by becoming the Military Hegemon or by having 25% Discipline or by having 500 Development in provinces with the Prussian culture (the reform stays after you pick it.
  • Grabbing the Prussian monarchy as a custom nation will no longer remove it immediately after the game starts.
  • The government reform “Empower the Monasteries” now strengthens the Monastic Temples estate privilege, increasing the Karma gain and loss from 3 to 5, removing the influence and absolutism penalties and increasing Yearly Karma Decay by +0.03.
  • The government reform “The Social Contract” now gives -1 Global Unrest instead of Religious Unity. Additionally, it now removes the Max Absolutism and the Clergy loyalty penalty from the “Enforced Interfaith Dialogue” privilege.
  • The reform “Machiavellianism Reign” now hits -1 Stability on Declare War (which means a no-CB with that would give you -1 Stab instead of -2).
  • The government reforms “Centralized Bureaucracy” and “Centralized Monarchical Bureaucracy” now refund 50% of the cost of centralizing a state instead of 100%.



  • Fars is now slightly pinker.


  • Added proper tooltip for Guns Drums and Steel volume 3 on the lobby screen.
  • Fixed 2 tooltip errors in the “Loyalty of the Regent” event.
  • Renamed the modifier “+1 Tax, +1 Production and +1 Manpower when Colony Finished” to “+1 of §Yeach Development§! when Colony Finished.


  • Bahmani’s’ mission “Southern Frontier” no longer shares the same icon name as a Norwegian mission, they are now titled southern_frontier_dharma and southern_frontier_lotn.

User modding


  • The scripted triggers which ask you to have a building of a certain type now have a custom tooltip.



  • AI will now look to actively form Prussia after the Reformation has begun, to a reasonable degree.


  • The Teutonic Order should no longer be able to cheese its entry into the HRE via the mission tree after deciding to follow the Crusader of the steppes path.
  • The “Times of Need” event does not refer to a dynasty if you don’t have one.
  • The Burgher Estate agenda to expand your Trade Company does not fire for the Lapponian area since it does not have enough provinces that fulfill the criteria of the agenda.
  • The event “Bergen Riots” now correctly reduces Norway’s opinion of Denmark, instead of reducing Denmark’s opinion of Norway.
  • Picking the Holy Horde or the Crusading Kingdom as the Teutons no longer mistakenly replace a non-T1 reform for them.
  • The event “A Helping Hand” no longer mentions “nodynasty”.
  • The event “A Helping Hand” will not fire if all owned great projects are already fully upgraded.
  • Polish-Hungarian and Polish-Bohemian events now correctly reflect when the player is not playing as Poland and is instead playing as the Commonwealth.
  • Declaring war against the HRE will no longer cause the Illegal War event to fire if you are not the Teutonic Order anymore.
  • The Rigan event “Religion as a Business” adds instead of removing government reform progress and the estate loyalty if you refuse to take the government reform.
  • The Shadow Kingdom incident now informs you that you lose Imperial Authority per development which breaks away from the Empire.
  • The event “The Crown of Rome” will now only convert provinces in the Balkan region to your culture and religion.
  • The Spanish event “The Valladolid Debate” will no longer clutter your entire screen if you happen to have many colonial subjects.
  • The event “Repairing the Great Wall” now requires you to own and control Ningxia to fire.
  • Adjusted the localization of Incan events which revolve around Machu Picchu to reflect that the monument is actually in Abancay and not Cusco. Also, the event “Machu Picchu” will give Abancay 4 Base Tax and make it to your capital.
  • The event options of the Livonian event “Administrative Chaos in the Office” will no longer clutter the entire screen.
  • The Teutonic event “Fate of Moscow” and the Danish event “A new Capital for the North Sea Empire?” now give 100 diplomatic power if you cannot accept the culture.
  • The Spanish event “A Very Strategic Marriage” now grants all Austrian provinces in the Low Countries to Spain / Castile properly.
  • The event “Incompetent Cousin” now tells you which of your vassals has the incompetent ruler.


  • Norse national idea “Berserkir” now grants +20% Shock Damage, and “Norse Seamen” now grants +15% Morale of Navies and +1 Combat Roll off owned Coast.
  • The Norse National Idea “Norse Seamen” now grants +1 Combat Bonus Off Owned Coasts and +5% Ship Durability instead of +15% Morale of Navies.


  • Being a pirate no longer blocks progress in your East African-based mission tree.
  • Aragonese Mission “Integrate Naples” can no longer be autocompleted if you do not own Golden Century.
  • Fixed a typo in the Lithuanian mission “Enforce the Tribunal” so now it properly counts Noble Estate privileges.
  • Rearranged the Third Rome mission tree for minor Russian nations to fit more missions and enable a little more flavor.
  • The Polish mission “The Commonwealth” now correctly highlights provinces needed even if they are owned by a non-tributary subject.
  • Lithuania now has access to the entire Commonwealth tree’s branching path about developing Ruthenian lands.
  • The mission “Store Kopparberget” can now be completed without requiring prosperity if you do not own the Mandate of Heaven.
  • The Polish mission ‘Break Livonia’ now grants claims to conquer Pomerania.
  • The PLC mission Path of entering and interacting in the HRE now has alternatives in case the HRE is dissolved after picking your missions.
  • The Majapahit mission “The Porch of Mecca” allows you now to convert Muslim and Christian provinces through Propagating Religion.
  • The Danish mission “Eliminate Novgorod” can now be completed if subjects own the provinces instead.
  • The Danish missions “Integrate Norway” and “Integrate Sweden” now remove the diplomatic reputation hit from annexing subjects when completed.
  • The Livonian mission “Secularize the Order” no longer requires you to wait for Protestantism to spawn.
  • The Livonian Crusader mission “Heal the Schism” no longer requires you to own the Russian provinces yourself.
  • Fixed the encoding of the Swedish mission file. By Odin, Novgorod shall now be renamed Hólmgarðr.
  • Adjusted the tooltips of a few Danish, Gotlandic and Swedish mission requirements so they are easier to understand.
  • Made the first missions of Livonia available for Kurland too.


  • The game no longer steals your custom nation points by taking away the Great Veche Republic reform once you start the game as a custom nation.


  • The emperor will now always reject the Teutonic wish to join the HRE if they take the Crusader Path during the incident.
  • Republic AIs in the HRE no longer pick “Union of States” if they are an OPM so they do not refuse to become a Free City.
  • The scripted trigger “province_has_current_tech_fort_trigger” is now true if you have a fort that is ahead of its time in a province. This fixes an issue where missions like “Fortify the Caucasus” could not be completed.
  • The tooltip of the government reform “Regional Councils” now tells you what these state edicts for the ages are.
  • The Norse culture is now a valid culture for recruiting Carolean units.
  • The estate privilege “Grant Orthodox Autonomy” is now available to all non-Orthodox/Coptic Christian nations and is no longer locked behind mission tree rewards.
  • Adjusted the localization of the government reforms “Open Public Elections”, “A Dynastic Order” and “Lords of the Sea” to make them more fitting with non-monastic orders.
  • Government reforms which previously needed an idea group to be visible are now always visible. They, however, still require you to take the necessary idea group to be picked.
  • Poland and the Commonwealth’s modifiers now have descriptions.
  • The Monument “Dujiangyan” now gives only local dev cost in the area instead of global dev cost.
  • The progress list for the Dutch Revolt has been simplified so it does not bloat your screen anymore.
  • The Custom Nation idea for Expand Administration Cost modifier has been buffed now, decreasing the cost by 100% for each level.
  • Added new ideas available for Custom Nations.
  • The objective “Asian Trade” of the Age of Reformation can now be completed if you trade in Cloves too.
  • State Centralization now grants -20% Local Governing Cost and +0.25 Prosperity Growth instead of -25% Local Governing cost and +0.1 Prosperity Growth.
  • The Teutonic mission “Secularize Prussia” no longer requires you to wait until Protestantism spawns to be completed.
  • Lübeck will no longer get two events related to “Georg Giese”. The event which gives you him as your advisor as its only option will no longer fire.
  • Lubeck’s modifiers now have descriptions.
  • The Teutonic/Prussian mission “The Silesian and the Sorbian” can now be completed if there are no Silesian or Sorbian in North Germany and Poland present.
  • Finland’s modifiers now have descriptions.
  • Lithuania’s modifiers now have descriptions.


  • The triggered province modifier “Imperial Prussian Capital” is now working properly for the Stratocratic Administration reform.
  • Fixed an issue that made you lose the Prussian government if you form Germany.
  • Conquering a province with a temple or a cathedral while having the “Expand Temple Rights” government reform will now apply the modifier to the province.
  • Fixed missing strings for the unlockable Livonian governments. Also, fixed a bug for the Livonian Plutocracy where the Global Trade Goods Modifier was not applied correctly.
  • The events “The Situation of the Teutonic Order” and “The Situation of the Livonian Order” now triggers if you have Lions of the North instead of Emperor active.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Riga from maintaining the Propagate Religion trade policy.

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