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Europa Universalis IV – 1.31.1 Patch Notes | Gamebalance Overhaul!



  • Stopped native land from becoming totally devastated within 70 years.
  • Fixed the amount of manpower required to speed up great project construction.
  • Stop some subject types from having their development concentrated.
  • Trade good changes will destroy invalid manufactories.
  • Now centralize state reduces the governing cost of the entire state.
  • Fixed so manpower and sailors received from colonies are based on max values instead of current.
  • Rebalanced monuments.
  • Fixed so that all tribal land is settled when you enact the federal constitution.
  • Nations no longer lose their naval doctrine when failing to meet requirements.
  • Fixed so that colonial cores get affected by the minimum autonomy in territories modifiers.


  • Forming Shan no longer gives player’s state generic National Ideas.
  • Nerfed native federation reform rate.
  • Balanced federations values.


  • Stopped the ability to snowball ancestor personalities in totemism.
  • Fixed Esprit de Corps policy giving ridiculous missionary strength.


  • Fixed so you have docking rights for subjects of subjects.

War & Peace

  • Disabled Release Nation of a rebel you’re supporting, use Enforce Rebel Demands.
  • Demanding a country’s capital and forcing religion on them changes religion in their new capital instead of their old one.
  • Rebels set to be non-reinforcing won’t reinforce.
  • Attached armies now count as retreating if the main army retreats.
  • Force converted nations are now granted the global_holy_war_released_modifier modifer.
  • Threatening war now takes into account guarantors.
  • Tributary Overlord now joins coalition war if it is declared by their Tributary.
  • Nerfed primitive war score cost for taking provinces.
  • Nerfed AE for primitives.
  • Fixed so you can use the cb_push_back_colonizers casus belli to use it against non tribal nations bordering them.
  • Fixed exploit where you could call to arms rivals of your enemies without being allied.
  • Fixed dismantle the revolution peace treaty having different warscore cost and prestige depending on which side offers it.
  • You can no longer pillage development from natives’ capitals with no losses.


  • Disallowed heir for favours for some government types.
  • Fixed the climate of some provinces in north america.
  • Favors from relative alliance strength works the right way around.
  • Favours for x now uses the lowest monthly income of both actor and recipient country to determine how much is transferred.



  • Added AI for selection of trust usage actions between AI countries.


  • AI no longer prioritizes Trade Company Investments too high compared to buildings.
  • AI will now look to release vassals and create trade cities if their governing capacity is over or if their overextension is large.
  • Fixed an issue where AI controlling Merchant Republics never creates Trade Cities.
  • Added AI for concentrate development.
  • Fixed so AI countries will give more priority to monarch points if they have short term needs.


  • Fixed AI not attacking easy rebels in a country they’re at war with.
  • Fixed AI joining wars when bankrupt.
  • Fixed AI only looking for adjacent provinces in peace deals instead of including provinces that were adjacent over a sea province too.



  • Allowed settled tribes to acquire tribal land from the colony window.


  • crosses of the Great Britain flag have slightly nicer proportions.
  • Ulster flag colours made a little bit less garish.
  • Ulm flag made slightly higher quality.


  • Missionary tooltip for subjects shows their modifiers instead of overlord’s.
  • Added tooltip for not being able to save uncompressed saves with random new world.
  • Improved tooltip for not being able to sell province due to debt.
  • Improved “Average non-overseas autonomy” tooltip to state that it’s only core provinces.
  • Improved tooltip for selecting culture in nation designer.
  • Fixed tooltip for war exhaustion in battle view.
  • Improved description for average unrest and average effective unrest triggers.
  • Improved tooltips for browsing subject mission trees.
  • You can now see the effect of the monument in the ledger page.
  • Relocating monuments now states that distance is a cost factor.
  • Added a descriptive tooltip to heir claim strength.
  • Improved tooltip for introducing new heir.
  • Improved tooltip for promoting cultures if there are modifiers affecting its cost
  • Fixed tooltip text to include information about losing the title if you lose a war to infidels.
  • Added a tooltip for production increase when there are no trade companies.
  • Added tooltip to show claim strength growth.
  • Fixed confusing tooltip when attempting to demand the last province when war reparations are already demanded.
  • Improved tooltip for federation cohesion.
  • Fixed so that relocating great projects specifies where they would be relocated.

Unit models

  • USA unit pack now uses dynamic colours.
  • Tweaked USA country colors to match the palette of the original American Dream unit models.
  • Ayutthaya unit models spread to countries with Siamese culture.
  • Brunei unit models spread to countries with Bornean culture.
  • Champa unit models spread to countries with Cham culture.
  • Lan Na unit models spread to countries with Khon Muang culture.
  • Luang Prabang unit models spread to countries with Lao culture.
  • Majapahit unit models spread to remaining cultures in the Malay culture group.
  • Malacca unit models spread to countries with Malayan culture.
  • Pagarruyung unit models spread to countries with Acehnese or Sumatran culture.
  • Brittany, Cornwall, Normandy, Scotland, Wales units are now tied to the appropriate cultures in addition to their tags.
  • The old Byzantine unit models are now used by Greek minors.
  • The old Byzantine unit models are no longer overridden by the Imperator unit pack in the Nation Designer.
  • The old Byzantine unit models now use dynamic colours.
  • All countries with Turkish as primary culture now use Ottoman units.
  • All countries with Dutch, Frisian, and Flemish primary cultures now use Netherlands units.
  • Normals on the Malacca Tier 1 unit model fixed so it appears correctly.
  • The Isles and Gaeldom use Leinster Tier 1 gallowglass instead of generic Western units.
  • Mann swapped to Ulster units instead of Ireland units, because their design is a bit less specific to their country.


  • Added to war peace description if a Hegemon will lose their status as a result of the peace.
  • Event windows now move to the front when you click on them.
  • Fixed “Suggest Demands” option generating a peace offer that will be rejected when occupying an OPM with allies who are not defeated.
  • Can now use either shift key for templates.
  • Can now upgrade existing buildings through building construction screen in province interface if the province has no free building slots.
  • State macrobuilder now specifies which state you’re changing the edict for.
  • Fixed GUI for Sikhism.
  • Trade favors for trust notification now disabled by default.
  • You can now double click monuments in the ledger to center on their location.
  • Fixed so you can right click culture and core creation in the outliner to cancel it.
  • Fixed nations that could decline a call to arms being added to estimated enemy strength when declaring war.
  • Fixed so that monarch dynasty names are added to the list of future possible leader names.
  • Fixed so that message about gaining/losing casus belli appears for every affected nation.
  • Fixed so extend regency doesn’t show up for non-monarchies and non-hordes.
  • Fixed so you can browse subject upgrades without fulfilling requirements.
  • Fixed so icons for federation advancements are highlighted when you have 100% cohesion.



  • Improved errorlog printout when failing to read a modifier type.


  • Added support to use “all” for estate_influence trigger.
  • Added trigger num_of_free_explorers for checking unassigned explorers.


  • Number of sprites in nation designer can be raised with new variable MAX_ARMY_SPRITE_LEVEL_IN_NATION_DESIGNER in defines.lua.



  • Abolishing slavery now changes trade goods to a random goods instead of unknown.


  • Decline of Hanseatic League event: Free Cities no longer only join Lübeckian Trade League if Lübeck has at least 1% trade power in their home trade node.
  • The event “A Political Marriage” now grants you a consort from the married country and the localization makes now sense.
  • Calvin becomes the Spiritual Leader of Geneva can trigger for any nation and convert the Papal States to Reformed.
  • Fixed nobles_estate_events.7 triggering when you have a regency.
  • Fixed issues with consort events triggering when you have a regency.


  • Rename Ngati Awa.
  • Renamed Te Tai Tokerau to Ngapuhi.
  • Moved Waitaha from 1109 to 2738.
  • Fixed Missing reforms of Polynesian Kingdom and Polynesian Tribe.


  • Fixed the incident_shogunate_authority where it was using absolutism without checking if it was a revolutionary nation.


  • Events or missions granting development now work for native countries.
  • Female heirs are now generated without relying on female advisor chance.
  • Fixed inheriting country during war disables all occupations from that country on enemy.
  • Fixed no penalty for setting as co-belligerent a nation you have a royal marriage with.
  • Fixed the Dhimmi agenda to build a temple may have been impossible to complete.
  • Ming no longer loses the Celestial Empire mandate after going to war with any non-asian country.
  • Monuments no longer get downgraded when a province changes owner peacefully.
  • New ruler popup now correctly reports on ruler personality.
  • Stopped leaders converted into monarchs having 0,0,0 skills.
  • Subjects are now called into wars inherited by forcing personal union through peace offer.
  • Totemism ancestors now have an effect.
  • Trade power now transferred from colonies.
  • Upgrading a territorial core no longer ignores former claims on the province.
  • Upgrading colonies/changing colonial types no longer count as monthly expenditure.
  • Fixed dialog on settling natives showing wrong development being added.
  • Closed “support independence” loophole when forming a new nation with subjects, so their attitude initially stays the same as it was.
  • Concentrate development cooldown is persisted in all states.
  • Estate_vaisyas_disaster no longer incorrectly references estate_rajput.
  • Fixed inconsistent units when Rajput nation is created.
  • Fixed not being able to concentrate development in one state from more than one subject.
  • Natives who reform leave federations, reforming federations removes all members.
  • Special regiment modifiers applied to drilling.
  • Now sprites are applied after loading the initial state of all countries. This fixed primary_culture working again in the sprite pack’s triggers.
  • Now when playing the same nation with a friend you don’t have to play twice a tribute.
  • Now second step in Spanish Empire A New World tutorial guides player to the correct province.
  • Now the recruit tab in the province view is closed when the player closes the view and opens it again.
  • Fixed an error blocking dismiss or detach of military leaders.
  • Added a Leviathan DLC requirement to the potential of the fall_of_majapahit disaster.
  • Fixed so majapahit.2 event can be triggered from the on_battle_won_unit onaction.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the event personality_events.47.
  • Added the correct age to Queen Shin Sabwu and added a minimum age to Dhammazedi so there is not a huge difference of ages between one option and the other.
  • Fixed second step in Spanish Empire A New World tutorial guides player to the incorrect province.
  • Fixed problems with Consort Events.
  • Fixed Portuguese and Spanish missions being blocked for player.
  • Consort should not fire west_african.27.
  • Fixed issues found while testing Dynamic Historical Events.
  • Fixed issues found while testing tribal casus bellis.
  • Fixed issues with Event trade_policy_events.7.
  • Fixed localization for mission gc_cas_spa_new_spain mentioning states instead of provinces.
  • Fixed No Current Cult alert using Fetishist icon for Alcheringa religion.
  • Fixed popup when diplo vassalizing a country mentioning we now receive half their tax incomes.
  • Fixed When zero days are left to get the innovation boost for teching it gives no info on time remaining.
  • Fixed province view fabricate claims stating duplicate text.
  • Fixed text in continue game overflowing.
  • Fixed issues in dynasty events.
  • Fixed text for supremacy over the crown going out of bounds.
  • Fixed text for colony name going out of bounds.
  • Fixed text for supporting rebels going out of bounds.
  • Added missing localization for opinion modifier when pillaging a state for someone.
  • Fixed issue with event mnd_khmer_4 with Ayu pillaging itself.
  • Fixed issue where Spanish Empire tutorial may ask to select a fleet in a province without any fleet.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong type of advisor would be generated.
  • Fixed a desync related to converting a leader to monarch.
  • Fixed issue where seizing land from an empty estate can cause revolt.
  • Fixed the HRE cast vote button covering the top crest.
  • Fixed bug where becoming a junior parner in a PU would cancel vassal annexation.
  • Fixed so that annexing a country in a peace deal doesn’t teleport the diplomat.
  • Fixed issue where forming Italy may force nation into HRE.
  • Fixed a potential crash for AI handling ancestors.
  • Fixed so ledger doesn’t show absolutism for revolutionary nations.
  • Fixed a crash when hovering nonexistent great projects in the ledger.
  • Fixed hotkeys not working in units macro builder.
  • Fixed a potential CTD when hovering temple icon in technology view.
  • Fixed an out of sync when removing the leader from their federation.
  • Fixed oddities in province panel after changing government type away from native.
  • Fixed score screen showing revolutionary flags for nations that previously went revolutionary.
  • Escape menu game options now correctly preserved, displayed.
  • Fixed a case where attaching to an army fails with no feedback.
  • Fixed so tech screen shows correct cost for buildings.
  • Fixed icons of active privileges not being centered properly.
  • Fixed broken english with revolutionary country names for country names that start with The.
  • Fixed tributary subject UI elements overlapping icons.
  • Fixed an issue where you could extend regency without an heir.
  • Fixed an issue where federation members would leave the federation at game start.
  • Fixed an out of sync related to combat modifiers.
  • Fixed an out of sync related to language configuration.


  • Added Leviathan DLC country recommendations (NA tribes, Colonial nations, East Indies and Oceania countries).
  • Fixed so credits screen expansion name is in bold.
  • You now need to select a valid username before attempting to join a lobby.

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