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Just as happy to blow your legs off with her trusty scattergun as to fill your belly up with a deliciously-dangerous cookie, Beatrix Snapfire delights in riding into battle with her dragon toad Mortimer, always ready to mow down their enemies with her homemade heavy artillery or finish them off with a steady barrage of Mortimer’s firespit globs.

● Shadow Fiend removed from chess pool temporarily.


● New Chess: Snapfire ($5, Goblin, Knight)
● Reborn Chess: Slardar ($2, Naga, Warrior. Now the corrosive haze first targets on Slardar’s current attack target if possible.)
● Reborn Chess: Kunkka ($5, Human, Warrior. He now brings a torrent storm since its ghost ship has been destoryed.)
● Modified Chess: Damage type of Enigma’s pulse has changed into magical in dota2, but it keeps pure in auto chess now.
● Modified Chess: Leech Seed of Treant Protector has changed together with dota2 (Saps life from nearby unit).
● Modified Synergy: HP bonus of Orc’s (6) Synergy decreased from 8x to 7x.
● Fix Dagon bug
● Fix Dismember bug of Pudge


The Candy Store just got larger!

● The expanded Candy store now offers a 12-slot gallery: 1 for Courier Gatcha, 5 for Courier exchange, 3 for Courier ambient effects, 2 for projectile effects and 1 for Courier pet.
● Each Courier now has XP based levels. Earn your Couriers XP by playing Ranked or Casual DAC games! The better you are, the more XP your Courier gets! You can get 1.5x XP with a battlepass.
● The max Courier level now is Lv.30. Identical Couriers can be combined. Combing or exchaning Couriers can retain and stack the Courier levels.
● Couriers now have 3 cosmetic item slots: Lv.1 unlocks ambient effects, Lv.10 unlocks projectile effects and Lv.30 unlocks a pet slot.
● UI optimizations in Candy Store and Courier interface.
● DAC Pass owners receive an exclusive 50% extra Courier XP per game.
『Item Optimizations』
(In summary: Reworked effects and bonuses of many items. Added Agility items and simplified mana-regen items to distinguish items from each other and balance over-powering items.)
● Opening multiple Loot Treasures no longer voids the previous ones. You will now select your rewards in sequence.
● Slightly decreased item level obtained from Loot Treasures.
● Items that grant bonus mana regen from dealing damage can now stack their effects. There are no longer items granting bonus mana regen from receiving damage.

Detailed items changes

New droppable items:
● Blade of Alacrity: +10 Attack Speed, +15% Evasion.
● Talisman of Evasion: +25% Evasion
● Eaglesong: +20 Attack speed, +25% Evasion
New combinable item:
● Diffusal Blade: +10 Attack Speed, +15% Evasion, +10% Spell Damage. Attacks burn 20 mana from the target per hit.
● Lotus Orb: Gains 40 mana when battle starts. +15 Health Regeneration, +50% mana gained by dealing damage. Reflects unit-targeting spells.
● Satanic: +15% Health, +500 Health. Active: Gains +200% Lifesteal for 10 sec.
● Eye of Skadi: +500 Health, +200% mana gained by dealing damage. Slows enemy attack and movement by 100 on attacks.
● Radiance: +50 Damage. Scorches enemies within 3 cells for 30 pure damage per sec and causes them to miss 30% of their attcks.
● Butterfly: +60% Evasion, +25 Attack Speed, +5 Damage. Active: Gains +100% Evasion for 5 sec.
● Combination Change: Javelin now requires 2x Quarterstaff. (2x Blades of Attack previously)
● Combination Change: Sacred Relic now requires 3x Mithril Hammer. (3x Broadsword previously)
● Void Stone: +50% mana gained by dealing damage. (down from +100%)
● Ring of Health: +15 Health Regeneration. (from +10)
● Ring of Regeneration: +10 Health Regeneration. (from +5)
● Staff of Wizardry: +20% Spell Damage. (from reducing enemy’s magic resistance)
● Robe of The Magi: +10% Spell Damage.
● Quarterstaff: +5 Damage, +5 Attack Speed. (from +5/+10)
● Javelin: +10 Damage, +10 Attack Speed. (from +15/+0)
● Broadsword: +20 Attack Speed. (from +20 Damage)

● Mithril Hammer: +20 Damage. (from +15))
● Cloak: +30% Magic Resistance. (from +15%)
● Ultimate Orb: +250 Health, +100% mana gained by dealing damage. (from +50% mana gained when taking damage)
● Mystic Staff: +20% Spell Damage, +50% mana gained by dealing damage. (from +100%)
● Demon Edge: +20 Damage, +20 Attack Speed. (from +30/+0)
● Tranquil Boots: Equipped piece now jumps. +25 Health Regeneration. (from +30)
● Kaya: +50% Spell Damage.
● Blade Mail: +5 Armor, +20 Attack Speed (from +10 Damage). Active: Duplicates 100% of the damage taken back to the unit that dealt the damage for 4 sec.
● Crystalys: +20 Damage, +10 Attack Speed (from +15). 20% chance to critical hit for 150% damage.
● Perseverance: +15 Health Regeneration, +50% mana gained by dealing damage. (from +10/+100%)
● Vanguard: +250 Health, +15 Health Regeneration (from +10). 50% chance to block 70 damage on melee pieces, and 35 on ranged. (from 50 damage on all pieces)
● Mask of Madness: +10% Lifesteal. Active: Gives 60 attack speed, but reduces armor by 10 and silences the bearer for 5 sec. (from -8 armor, +80 attack speed and 8 sec)
● Poor Man’s Shield: Blocks 25 damage. (from 20)
● Hood of Defiance: +25 Health Regeneration, +50% Magic Resistance. (from +15/+30%)
● Pipe of Insight: +25 Health Regeneration, +50% Magic Resistance. (from +15/+30%). Active: Grants allies in 3 cells with 25 health regeneration and 30% magic resistance for 10 sec.
● Maelstrom: +30 Damage, +10 Attack Speed(from +25/+0). 25% chance on attack to release a bolt of electricity that leaps between 3 targets, dealing 100 magical damage to each.

● Mjollnir: +30 Damage, +40 Attack Speed(from +50/+30). 25% chance on attack to release a bolt of electricity that leaps between 5 targets, dealing 200 magical damage to each.
● Dagon: -40% enemy Magic Resistance on attacks (from -30%),+100% mana gained by dealing damage. Active: Deals 400 magical damage to a random enemy chess piece.
● Daedalus: +30 Damage, +40 Attack Speed(from +40/+0). 10% chance to critical hit for 400% damage.
● Black King Bar: +20 Damage, +15% Health. Active: Grants spell immunity and 100% magic resistance for 7 sec. (from 8 sec)
● Desolator: +40 Damage, -10 enemy Armor on attacks. (from +30/-12)
● Monkey King Bar: +60 Damage, +35 Attack Speed (from +80/+10). Attacks pierce through evasion.
● Shiva’s Guard: +10 Armor, +50% mana gained by dealing damage (from +100%). Active: Emits a freezing wave that slows the attack speed of enemies within 5 cells by 40 for 4 seconds. (from -50 speed)
● Battle Fury: +20 Damage, +20 Attack Speed, +15 Health Regeneration, +50% mana gained by dealing damage (from +30/+0/+10/+100%). Melee attacks deal 30% cleave damage in a range of 2 cells.
● Refresher Orb: +30 Health Regeneration, +100% mana gained by dealing damage (from +20/+200%). Active: Resets the cooldown of abilities.
● Scythe of Vyse: -40% enemy Magic Resistance on attacks, +200% mana gained by dealing damage, +250 Health (from -20%/+50%). Active: Randomly transforms an enemy piece into a harmless animal for 8 sec.
● Assult Cuirass: +5 Armor, +10 Attack Speed. Aura: Grants +5 armor and +10 attack speed to allies within 1 cell. Enemies within 1 cell suffer -5 armor and -10 attack speed. (from a +10/+10 allied aura with no self bonus)
● Divine Rapier: +200 Damage, +20 Attack Speed (from +300/+0). Drops to another random player when failing a home battle.

Synergy Changes

● Balanced Elves’ Evasion bonus from 25%/15%/45% to 20%/20%/45%.
● Balanced Warriors’ Fortified Armor bonus armor from 7/5/11 to 6/6/11.
● Balanced Mages’ Magic Vulnerability magic resistance decrease from 35%/30%/45% to 33%/33%/45%.
● Congratulations to Venomancer for winning this week’s least wins prize!
● Venomancer is now both Beast and Aqir.

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