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● Updated cosmetic items for Shadow Fiend, Juggernaut and Necrophos from 2019 Collector’s Cache II.
● Balanced Nature’s Prophet Nature’s Call cooldown from 7 to 7/8/9 seconds.
● Removed the latest change with colored Health bar display.
● Slightly adjustly the map to soften light effects in the day.
● Wrlr mlwmlw wigr rigmwa…(A little fishy creature has sneaked into the Chessroom in deep darkness…)


『Further Quality of Life Improvements』
● Introducing the Loot Treasure: You will receive a Loot Treasure after deafeating neutral creeps in round 10/20/30/40/50. Opening the Treasure allows you to choose 1 item as reward from random 3 loot items. To balance the amount of items with regards to this change, item drop rate from individual neutral creeps is reduced to 75%~80% of the original rate.
● New item added: Summoning Stone(Combined from Vitality Booster + 2*Blight Stone): +250 Health, 3 armor reduction to the target. Units summoned by the bearer have +250 Health and 3 armor reduction to the target on attacks.
● New game mode: 2×4 Ranked match. This mode introduces ranking points as it does in 1×8 ranked matches. Ranking of you and your partner will be affected by the final position of your team in the match. Currently the ranking point rippling coefficient in 2×4 Ranked matches will be lower than that in 1×8 matches, and the greater your ranking differ from your partner’s, the lower the coeffecient will be. Therefore we recommend playing this mode with a partner who has a similar ranking to you.
● Health bars in Player Panel are now have a more distinctive view. (Red for enemy and Green for ally)
● Slight adjusted some UI and visual effects.
● Fixed a bug with incorrect Scythe of Vyse cooldown.
● Fixed a bug with ranking indicators being displayed as … due to long texts.
● Fixed a bug with failure to exit the game after being eliminated in single player mode.


『Quality of Life update』
● Chess pieces will now be highlighted in the recruitment panel if you already have their ★ or ★★ pieces! They don’t want to be missed!
● Chess pieces on the board will now join auto combination during preparation phase when [Auto Combination] is enabled.
● You will now be notified your opponent for the round, his synergies and battle history against him before a battle round starts.
● Optimized Change of Target: If the current target is at low health but protected by Shallow Grave, chess pieces will now attempt to attack other enemies.
● Shamen’s Hex (Class Perk) now randomly chooses the target, instead of targeting higher-leveled pieces at priority.
● Decreased Grimstroke’s Stroke of Fate cooldown from 20/15/10 to 16/12/8 seconds. Soulbind effect on the pieces now fades after replicating a unit-targeted ability from its enemy.
● Decreased Terrorblade’s Metamorphosis bonus damage from 100/150/200 to 80/120/160.
● Increased Axe’s Berserker’s Call bonus armor from 5/10/15 to 10/15/20.
● Increased Axe and Beastmaster’s base health by 50.


● Added item combination/disassembly among lower-tier items: Chainmail*2 = Platemail, Blades of Attack*2 = Javelin, Javelin*2 = Demon Edge, Broad Sword*3 = Sacred Relic, Ring of Regeneration*2 = Ring of Health, Robe of the Magi*2 = Staff of Wizardry, Staff of Wizardry + Void Stone = Mystic Staff, Vitality Booster + Crown = Ultimate Orb, Orge Axe*2 = Reaver. You can view these combinations in game by right-clicking on the items.
● Optimized minor visual and sound effects.
● These guys are given Immortal Treasure II: Timbersaw, Luna, Grimstroke and Dazzle.
● Fixed a bug with failing to reward the players when the winnner and the runner-up players die at the same instance.
● Congratulations to Nature’s Prophet for winning this week’s least wins prize!
● Nature’s Prophet’s Call of Nature now summons 1 Treant/2 Treants/2 Greater Treant, instead of summoning 1 treant with increasing attributes.
● Claim your rewards for the last season in Leaderboard panel if you haven’t done so!
● DAC Custom Pass can’t be activated repeatedly to extend its expiration date. Please purchase the pass after your current one has expired if you would like to support us. You may request a refund by consuting Steam Customer Support if you bought a new pass while your currnet one is still active.

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