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Dota Auto Chess – February 2023 All Update & Patch Notes

Update: 28 Feb @ 5:50pm

● S24 Cat Deacon has kicked off! Claim your rewards for S23 in Event Panel.
● You’ll need 5 ranked game to settle your ranking in S24 as usual.
● Malefic Rapture: When your courier takes damage, immediately gain (the amount of alive enemy units) experience points.(instead of damage taken)
● Unstable Shrink Ray: There is a 50%% chance that your recruited pieces will only cost 1 gold and use the -2 level courier’s recruiting chance.(instead of 60%)
● Death Prophet: Armor 6 instead of 8
● Centaur: Stun duration 1.25s instead of 1.5s
● Fix bug

Update: 27 Feb @ 5:57pm

● The last day of the season will be the off season break to award the execellent players. Games played on the day does not affect Rankings. S24(Cat Deacon) will be kicked off on Mar 1st 0:00 (GMT+8)
● Fix bugs

Update: 26 Feb @ 5:46pm

● Legendary Pool: At the beginning of each game, the random pool of legendary chess pieces has been increased from 8 to 10.
● New Piece: Leshrac ($5, God/Centaur/Druid), Ability: Pulse Nova
● Centaur – Stampede: added (4) Centaur effect.
● God – Overweening Superiority: added (6) God effect and adjusted values and triggering conditions
● New Item: Aghanim’s Shard (T4, Soul Booster + Energy Booster + Energy Booster)
● New Relic: Malefic Rapture


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