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– Increased Enigma’s Midnight Pulse percentage HP damage from 5%/7%/9% to 6%/9%/12%.
– Decreased Medusa’s Stone Gaze side angle from 85 to 60 degrees.
– Increased Terrorblade’s base HP by 50.
– Increased Venomancer’s base HP by 100.
– Decreased Chaos Knight’s base HP by 50.
– Decreased Mask of Madness bonus attack speed from 40 to 30.
– Decreased Assult Cuirass attack speed bonus and reduction from +15/-15 to +10/-10.
– Increased Robe of the Magi magic resistance reduction from 20% to 30%.
– Updated early end mechanism: Top 3 ranked players in a game now have 2 votes when proposing ending the game. The game terminates on 4 total votes.
– Fixed some bugs and tweaked some visual effects.
Congratulations to Ogre Magi and Lich for achieveing the least wins prize for the week!
– Reworked Ogre’s Two Heads: Instead of +10% max HP for allied Ogres, Two Heads now grant +5% max HP for all allies.
– Temporarily removed Lich from the piece pool, and will be added back later after rework.


– New Season: Claim you reward for S0: Mystery now in the game! The higher the ranking achieved, the better the reward will be. April 30 will be an off-season day, games played on the day will not contribute to your ranking, and all players will play as unranked. New season begins on May 1.
– UI updates: Added new post-game panel and loading screens. During the game you can expand the droplist on the right-hand side player info panel, to view the current team make-up and synergies of other players.
– New pieces added: Dazzle($3, Troll Priest), Io($5, Elf with NO CLASS)
– Reworked Blade Mail: +5 Armor, +10 Attack damage. Acitve: Damage Return: Duplicates 100% of received damage as pure damage back to the attacking unit. Lasts 4 sec.
– Reworked Knights’ Divine Protection: (3) Knights: All friedly knights have 40% chance to proc a damage-reducing shield. (6) Knights: All allies have 35%% chance to proc a damage-reducing shield.
– Increased Assassin Pieces’ initiation delay from 0.5 sec to 0.75 sec.


-Slight change at backend
-New chess will come later


-You can pause/unpause the game by press F9, 5 min cd for each player.
-2 Collect couriers and 3 Effects will be refreshed in Candy Store everyday.


– You can now disassemble a combined item on your Courier by right-clicking the item.
– Fixed a bug which Mars cannot raise his shield against enemies in diagonal directions.
– Added seasonal information in Leaderboard.
Congratulations to Venomancer for achieveing the least wins prize for this week!
– Decreased Venomancer’s Plague Ward cooldown from 5 to 5/4/3 sec.


– Added cloud players difficulty selection at loading screen in solo plays.
– The Lock function in recruit panel now only affects one subsequent round.
– Increased Warlocks’ Leech Soul lifesteal from +10%/+20% to +15%/+25%.
– Decreased Nagas’ Scale Armor bonus magic resistance from +40% to +35%.
– Increased Orcs’ Battle Hardened bonus HP from 200/300 to 250/350.
– Knights’ Divine Protection no longer affects hexxed(Hex from Shadow Shaman, Shaman’s Perk and Scythe of Vyse) Knights.
– Decreased Assassins’ initiation delay by 0.5 sec.
– Decreased Phantom Assassin’s base attack damage by 5.
– Decreased Dragon Knight’s Elder Dragon Form attack projectile speed to 800 (consistent with other ranged pieces). In compensation, added an awesome exploding visual effects for splash attacks from ★★ and ★★★ Elder Dragon 🙂
– Slightly weakened visual effects when Knights’ Divine Protection triggers. Reworked some cosmetic appearances for Dragon Knight, Anti Mage, Lone Druid and Slardar.


-fix data for perfect world

-multi-language pack

– Rewinded the pre-loading process of ★★ and ★★★ pieces’ models. This attempts to address the over-time loading issues on players with lower hardware specs.
– If a higher tier item drops from a eliminated player, it will be disassembled into lower tier components and dropped accordingly.
– Increased Venomancer’s Plague Ward base HP from 200/300/400 to 250/400/550.

-reworked some cosmetic items for chesses
-multi-language pack


– Now when players are eliminated, half of the items on their Couriers and pieces will drop to random boards, and be picked up by other existing players.
– Reworked player list panel on the right hand side. Now the panel displays the current level and gold of each player, and shows the player battling with your team.
– Reworked Tiny: Toss now launches the target at the farthest enemy at least 3 squares away from the victim, or at the farthest square from it, to deal damage and stun where they land.
– Fixed a bug which Toss does not stun other enemies near the landing location.
– Decreased (6) Assassins’ Coup de Grace critical strike chance from 25% to 15%.
– Increased Death Prophet’s base armor from 0 to 5, increased base HP by 50.
– Increased Bounty Hunter’s base attack rate by 0.1.
– Improved Templar Assassin’s base attack rate by 0.1.
– Decreased Battle Fury’s pure cleave damage from 50% to 30%.
– Increased Scythe of Vyse’ Hex duration from 5 to 8 sec.
– Increased Heart of Tarrasque bonus HP from 1000 to 1200. Decreased bonus HP regeneration interval from 2 to 1 sec. Fixed descriptive texts.
– Fixed a text bug. Crystalys now correctly has 20% critical strike chance.
– Fixed a bug which Zeus’s Thundergod’s Wrath has a chance to strike a target twice.
– Fixed a bug with Techies which Remote Mines placement can fail if the square is taken by other units at the instance Mines are placed.
– Fixed a bug with Doom and Mirana’s targeting logic.

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