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Diablo IV – Race to 100 | Against the Clock

Imagine hitting level 100 before the official release… in hardcore mode! That’s exactly what one skilled Twitch streamer managed to do. But what really went on behind the scenes? This insider information will give you an exclusive look at the gameplay and strategies used to achieve this impressive feat.

For any uninitiated gamers out there, Twitch is a popular platform where gamers can stream their gaming sessions while building a dedicated following. Gaming has grown into a vast, multimillion-dollar industry, and Twitch streamers have turned their content into a career. When it comes to Diablo 4, this upcoming action role-playing game, hardcore mode is where the true test lies. Why? Because it’s a one-chance-only deal. If your character dies, you’re out for good – permanently. An impressive challenge, especially since level 100 has been reached ahead of the game’s official release.

Update 06/05/2023 07:00:
A gamer has achieved level 100 in Diablo 4’s hardcore mode, despite the game not being fully released until tomorrow, June 6. Twitch streamer Carn_ has managed to climb to level 100 which will supposedly immortalize him as one of the first 1,000 players on the Lilith statue that Blizzard plans to build to celebrate and honor the accomplishment. However, there has been some criticism aimed towards Carn_. Some players have accused him of exploiting the experience point system, which has been covered in the original article below.

Original Story 06/05/2023 05:00: The race to reach the maximum level in Diablo 4’s hardcore mode is in full swing and the competition is fierce, with a number of players closing in on the impressive feat. Although the game officially launches on June 6, the early access began on June 1, and in just a matter of a few days, several players achieved level 100. Twitch streamer Rob2628 was the first player to reach this level through the use of the Barbarian class and focus on the whirlwind skill. Some players are utilizing an experience-boosting trick that involves the lead player of a group leaving the party and triggering a dungeon reset in the process, which increased their chances of success. However, there is a possibility that Blizzard may fix this glitch in the future.

More noteworthy is the hardcore character’s 100-level race because achieving it includes permadeath, which means if your character dies, it will be gone forever. Blizzard plans to celebrate and immortalize the first 1,000 players to reach this challenging goal on a statue of the game’s antagonist Lilith. Diablo YouTuber and streamer Wudijo, using the Rogue class, is carefully progressing towards the objective. Wudijo is a well-known Diablo 4 player who hit headlines in May for single-handedly defeating the Ashava world boss in hardcore mode during the server slam open beta event. Wudijo’s race to the level 100 on hardcore is a solo attempt, without using grouping or exploiting dungeon resets. Over 10,000 viewers are watching Wudijo’s slow grind through the final levels with bated breath, and he even dared to delve into Diablo 4’s PvP areas where could face enemy players.

Diablo 4’s leveling race coincides with Blizzard’s issuance of numerous game updates, including the first big balance patch

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