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Dead Cells – 1.5.1 Patch Notes | Castle EXIT


  • Added an exit to Castle after the Giant’s Lair.
    The exit to the Throne Room still exists and has 2 triple scrolls to compensate for the loss of a level.
    The Cavern and the transition from Forgotten Sepulcher lost 2 scrolls each to balance everything out.
  • Add a triple scroll to Ancient Sewers, Ramparts and Ossuary.
  • Clock Tower lost a dual scroll but got two triples. Cavern and Sepulcher got one more triple scroll.
  • Buff Networking base and cap value
  • Community suggestion Decreased the number of buzzcuters in the Ramparts.
  • Community suggestion Bosses have decreased health, and Gigantus, the Concierge and Conjonctivius hit slightly less harder.

Level design

  • Prison Depths and Corrupted Confinement were added more fight rooms, a shop and old Prison Depths’ key system (minus the golden key which provided a scroll.) There is now a door closing behind you after you leave the Cursed Chest room, so don’t leave without your gear kids!

Graphics & UI

  • Add a Mutations page in the stats panel.
  • Improved the display of mutations on the Pause menu when you equip more than three thanks to the Custom Mode.
  • Prevent Tactical Retreat VFX from playing more than once per dodge.

Music & Sfx

  • Added a missing SFX on Rampager‘s jump back movement.
  • Fixed Rampager running SFX playing even when not runnning and tweaked how it sounded. She was hurt by all the teasing on her weight and decided to start a diet. A prisonner’s diet.
  • Polished perfect dodge SFX.
  • Added a SFX for Adrenaline triggering.

Bug fixes

  • Made sure alpha saves had access to Giant’s Lair from the Sepulcher right of the bat.
  • Fixed a crash on pause menu with no mutation.
  • Change the kill count door after Giant’s Haven into a Perfect Kill door.
  • Fixed the bug preventing elites to spawn in Prison’s Quarters, Prison Depths and Corrupted Confinements.
  • Friendly worms no longer appear on the map when Explorer’s Instinct is active.
  • Fixed missing and incorrect translations.
  • Fix the exit to the Guardian’s Haven not appearing in the Sepulcher’s level in the 100% alpha saves.
  • Fixed star and skulls icons not appearing on altar items with corresponding affixes.
  • Fixed missing and incorrect texts.
  • Removed tutorials from alpha saves.
  • Fixed Custom Mode locking achievements when mutations were locked. Only weapons and skills are taken into account.
  • Fixed a certain spoiler item hitting through walls.

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