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Dead Cells – 1.4.6 & 1.4.7 Patch Notes

1.4.7 Patch Notes


  • Community suggestion The Giant Whistle should stop targeting shielded enemies when non-shielded enemies are in range. The Giant really hates elites, and blinded with rage he tried to punch them even though they were shielded…
  • Removed hard damage cap on the Giant WhistleThe Giant Whistle becomes the first item in the game allowed to deal more than 99999 damage. This exception was made so it can stay useful at higher levels. Damage cap on bosses is still in effect though, don’t dream.

Bug fixes

  • FlintPanLightspeedTelluric ShockPredator, and Bombers 1.4.6 behavior’s tweaks weren’t actually pushed with the 1.4.6 patch. Commits went wrong.

1.4.6 Patch Notes


  • Community suggestion Elites created by the Hunter’s Grenade no longer have elite skills.
  • Community suggestion Elites Stompers and Rampagers will now cancel their elite skill when jumping to follow the player.
  • Elite Demons can no longer spawn with the rotor elite skill.
  • Elite Stompers can no longer spawn with the shield pylons elite skill.
  • Elite Golems will no longer spawn with the shield pylons elite skill.
  • Community suggestion Lightspeed iframes now last 0.2 sec after the end of the dash. Just enough to react in case you end up in a mine field
  • Community suggestion Telluric Shock now also provides 0.2 sec of i-frames on landing.
  • Community suggestion Predator maximum duration lowered to 3.5 sec instead of 5 secondes.
  • Community suggestion Flint damage slightly increased.
  • Community suggestion Pan damage slightly nerfed.
  • Community suggestion Bomber’s take off take juuuuust a bit longer so that it shouldn’t be possible for him to take off in-between two of your melee attacks using quick weapons.

Quality of life

  • Community suggestion Rolling before touching ground while stomping will no longer get the player stunned when falling from high ground. Note that the stomp must still be in effect, and that the stun immunity only last as long as the roll.
  • Cursed Gems are no longer automatically picked up.

Bug fixes

  • Fix preview lines of elite skills sometimes not displaying correctly.
  • Multi-state items (TonicVampirismGreat Owl of WarLightspeed, etc.) don’t swap places when used on the left slot anymore.
  • Automaton various fixes: it should not clip into walls and stop getting stuck after dashing anymore. Strong AI is a myth that might never come true.
  • Bombardiers‘ bombs will no longer detonate early in certain specific cases.
  • Fix Bow and endless quiver not appearing in custom mode equipment selection.
  • Bombers should not get stuck mid-flight anymore.
  • Fix Failed Experiment hitting through walls.
  • Fix enemy attack animations being mismatched with the actual attack after the enemy had been frozen.
  • Remove Hunter’s Grenade icon above enemies after it was successfully used to extract a blueprint.
  • Zombies jumping through friendly worms can now correctly be parried and will inflict damage to the player when they are touched.
  • Using Phaser on one of the Giant’s fist when it’s swiping will now prevent you from getting hit.
  • Scheme bonus now applies correctly to all enemies hit by the buffed attack.

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