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Dead Cells – 1.4.5 Patch Notes


  • Community suggestion Predator base duration increased but scaling lowered.
  • Flint regular strike’s charge time reduced.
  • Community suggestion Bomber minimal height before diving increased and maximal decreased.
  • Community suggestion Failed Experiment jump attack cooldown increased.
  • Community suggestion Lightspeed cooldown reduced.
  • Community suggestion In BC4+ ennemies don’t lose aggro when going invisible. That means that they will now follow you around while you are invisible, but resume their chase when you turn visible again.
  • Hook cooldown now resets when missing.
  • Giant Whistle cooldown reduced.

Level design

  • Community suggestion Shieldbearer no longer inhabits the ramparts after BC2 and the number of cannibals in BC4+ was greatly reduced.

Graphics & UI

  • Added a discreet feedback when going invisible thanks to Predator.

Bug fixes

  • Skeleton‘s fire wave do not cross gaps anymore.
  • Remove an unwanted damage cap on Sewer Tentacles.
  • Fixed empty Tonic being different color than full one.
  • Phaser will now correctly targets the hands or the eye of the Giant. Phasing through a swiping blow will still cause the player to take damage though, we’re working on it.
  • Empty Tonic has now the correct color scaling.

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