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Dead Cells – 1.3.4 & 1.3.5 Patch Notes

1.3.5 Patch Notes


  • Community suggestion Oiled Sword speed reverted back to previous state, critical damage reduced.
  • Community suggestion Quick Bow shoots faster and arrows travel quicker.
  • Community suggestion Ramparts invulnerability duration slightly reduced.
  • Community suggestion Spartan Sandal always deals fall damage to enemies and splash damages to enemies around them.
Graphics & UI
  • Community suggestion Reduced and recolored Friendly Worms teleport visual effects.
  • Tweaked Oiled Sword FX.

Music & Sfx

  • Community suggestion Reduced Friendly Worms attack volume. Quiet, you worms!

Bug fixes

  • Community suggestion Fixed a hole in a platform creating wall runes in the ground.
  • Community suggestion Fixed some archs not displaying correctly on prison roof.
  • Community suggestion Cleaver no longer applies bleed effect on bubble-shielded enemies.

1.3.4 Patch Notes

  • Community suggestion War Javelin now comes back immediately if no enemy were hit when throwing it.
  • Community suggestion Swift Sword damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Rampart parry damage has been reduced to be on par with Cudgel.
  • Community suggestion Wave of Denial cooldown increased. :'(
  • Community suggestion Frenzy and Adrenaline base value slightly increased.
  • Bombardier‘s grenade will now only detonate after touching the ground.
  • Community suggestion Blood Sword speed and bleed damage increased.
  • Caster‘s HP have been reduced.
  • Community suggestion Caster‘s orbs now keep the same speed after being countered.
  • Community suggestion Cleaver damage and length improved.
  • Community suggestion Cursed Sword damage improved and lock after reduced.
  • Community suggestion Explosive Crossbow speed decreased.
  • Community suggestion Fast Bow ammo count increased from 10 to 15.
  • Community suggestion Flamme Turret now attack ennemies within their range with no downtime.
  • Community suggestion Forge cost has been reduced. New content in which sinking cells and easier BC0 Dead Cells make us think that we should make advancing the forge level slightly faster.
  • Community suggestion Giant Killer base damage has been substantially decreased, however the weapon is as good as ever to take bosses and elites down.
  • Community suggestion Heavy Turret damage substantially reduced and cooldown slightly increased.
  • Community suggestion Hook lock time reduced when no enemy were hit.
  • Community suggestion Infantry Grenade damage reduced.
  • Community suggestion Knockback Shield: enemies that hit walls take a lot more damage than before.
  • Magnetic Grenades now repel enemy grenades.
  • Community suggestion Necromancy base and maximum value slightly lowered.
  • Community suggestion Nutcraker critical damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Oil damage multiplier on Fire increased.
  • Community suggestion Oil can now be spread and set ablaze on water.
  • Community suggestion Oiled Sword have seen its speed increased, its ability to breach enemies improved and now inflicts critical damages for a time after hitting a target on fire.
  • Community suggestion Open Wounds bleed duration increased.
  • Community suggestion Parry Shield is now a Survival/ Tactic shield, but the parry damage has been reduced.
  • Community suggestion Powerful Grenade damage and range reduced.
  • Community suggestion Pyrotechnics lock after the second hit of the combo substantially decreased.
  • Community suggestion Repeater Crossbow damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Sadist’s Stiletto is now a Brutality/ Tactic weapon and inflict more critical damage.
  • Community suggestion Seismic Blade damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Speed Buff duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Community suggestion Shrapnel Axes damage and ability to breach improved.
  • Community suggestion Sinew Slicer health pool and bleed damage improved.
  • Community suggestion Stun Grenade damage and stun duration improved.
  • Community suggestion Sonic Crossbow bolts now crit on targets beyond the first.
  • Community suggestion Swarm Grenade now spawn 4 worms instead of 2 before, but the cooldown has been doubled too.
  • Community suggestion Friendly Worms now teleport to the hero if they’re not attacking an ennemy.
  • Turrets can no longer be grabbed by the homunculus. Its chiropractor told it to stop any heavy lifting…
  • Community suggestion Twin Daggers speed increased.
  • Community suggestion Reduced The Boy’s Axe recall damages, but waiting for the end of the root effect now deals recall damages as well.
  • Community suggestion Valmont’s Whip critical hit zone improved.

Level design

  • Community suggestion
    Inquisitors are making their comeback into higher difficulties (3BC +) to fill the lack of long-distance shooters let by the Arbiter‘s retreat into their original lair. A few more change in the bestiary of some biomes have been done to make it more consistent. Details below.

    Prisoners’ QuartersInquisitors added to BC3+, Rampager added in BC4 and BC5.

    Toxic SewersScorpions added to BC3+, Grenadiers added in BC2 and BC3, Zombies replaced by Rampager from BC3 to BC5.

    RampartsInquisitors added to BC3+.

    Stilt VillageMaskers replaced by Knife Throwers from BC1 to BC5. Rampager added on BC3+.

    Slumbering SanctuaryInquisitors are back in BC3 (but not in BC4 or BC5). Zombies removed from BC3. Knife Throwers removed. Grenadiers added to BC1.

    Clock TowerInquisitors are back in BC4+, Bombardiers added in BC3+.

    CastleInquisitors added in BC3+.

Bug fixes
  • Malaise can no longer reach negative values (we are looking at you Necromancy…)
  • Fixed rerolling legendary items in BC3+ losing all tier bonus. 99 little bugs in the code…
  • Fixed being able to summon more than two Great Owl of War at the same time. As fun as it was, some residents started to complain about the noise.
  • Fixed traps and turrets despawning when using a changing items (Vampirism, Tonic, Owl, etc.)
  • Death Mages Skulls will no longer push the player while picking up a scroll.
  • Fix Flawless first strike hitbox not matching animation.
  • Rampager will now restart their combo when interrupted.

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