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Dead Cells – 1.3.1 Patch Notes

Important features

  • The Rampager has been tweaked and balanced, to bring it closer to what we had in mind.
  • The Thunder Shield has been nerfed, to make it less destructive but give it more utility.
  • Community suggestion Adrenalin and Frenzy have been reworked. Their previous implementation was clearly too strong, most of all in high difficulty where damages go crazy. You can have a better understanding of how they work now in the Balancing section.
  • Disabled auto-climbing small steps with Spikes on them.


  • Community suggestion Thunder Shield nerf:
    – Drastically reduced the discharge damages (but damages are flat now, no matter how much charge time is left).
    – Slightly increased the Stun time.
    – Charge and discharge damages no longer go through walls.
  • Rampager balancing:
    – Now chains 4 attacks instead of an unlimited number.
    – Bump on each attack has been reduced.
    – Individual attack damage has been lowered.
    – Stays motionless for a short time after its combo to allow melee attacks.
    – No longer automatically jumps away after attacking.
    – Blocked some elite skills that would be useless or too powerful.
  • Community suggestion Some enemies which can follow the player around on their own can no longer use the elite teleportation: the Runner, the Dark Tracker, the Slammer and the Rampager.
  • Heal given by doing melee attacks with Frenzy or Adrenalin is now a percentage of the player’s HP. This percentage is scaled with Brutality and raw damages dealt by the attack, and capped starting at 35 Brutality for Adrenalin and 40 for Frenzy. Critical hit, affixes and all other damage modifiers are taken into account, but we look at the attack’s damage before tier scaling. This means late game weapons with multiple modifiers will always be more interesting than the early game weapons without going overboard. It also means than a broadsword hit will always give more health back than a sandals hit.
    Unfortunately, the complexity of the formula made it impossible for us to clearly indicate in the mutation description how much health will be given back.

Graphics & UI

  • Reduced the Thunder Shield‘s charge and discharge FX for better readability.

Bug fixes

  • Rampager fixes:
    – Can no longer attack without raging first.
    – Attack FX has been adjusted for less clunkiness.
    – Added missing picture in the stats window.
  • Lore rooms in ████████ will no longer mess up the end of the level.
  • In levels where keys can be dropped by mobs, Ancient Sewers and Prison Depths, keys will no longer be dropped by mobs being Boss Cells door.
  • Players should no longer be able to lock themselves out of the elite room in Ossuary.
  • Failed Experiments can now be parried properly when jumping.
  • Slightly improved the hitbox matching the animation when climbing a ledge. You should no longer be hit by attacks while you are clearly not on the platform yet.
  • Adrenalin now triggers correctly when rolling through charging Shield Bearers and rolling Thornies.

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