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Dead Cells – 1.2 Patch Notes

Important features

  • You’ll now get access to the Cavern level after you beat the game for the first time. Look for this place inside the Graveyard… This whole new level is filled with nasty traps, perilous lava pools and violent new enemies. New ways to die!
  • Community suggestion Custom Mode will be now unlocked after few runs (no need to beat the final boss anymore).
    Custom options were adjusted accordingly.
  • A new boss has arrived. Right after the Cavern, you will have access to this epic battle, so be prepared!
  • A new shiny Skinning system was added to the game, giving you access to more than 50 new character outfits.
    You can unlock by paying for amazing loot boxes in our new Premium Shop using your credit c… Oh wait. No no no. We don’t do that anymore.
    They will just drop as classic blueprints from existing enemies (in higher difficulty modes) and bosses. You might also find a few ones in specific hidden area of the game. You can customize your outfits in the Flask Room.
  • 10 new enemies types were added to the world! Some will wait for you in the Cavern or the hidden level, but many were also added to Hard / Very hard / Expert / Nightmare modes, for your sadistic pleasure. They will gladly bury your face into the ground, burn you to death and slice all your useful organs.
  • 3 new skills, including a flying pet and a single-use scroll that will reveal the current level map.
  • 10 new weapons, including the Giant Killer, the Boï Axe or the Thunder shield, for your violent needs.
  • A new Specialist shop replaces the old Hunter Grenade door in Prisoners’ Quarters. It’s still unlocked the classic way through the Collector shop. You can buy a Hunter Grenade, a Map or a nice shinny skin there.
  • new complete hidden level was added for very advanced and skilled players to explore (did someone say Boss-Cells 5?). Unveil a whole new ending to your story by beating the crap out of the mysterious big bad guy that awaits for you there… Yes. There is an hidden boss fight too.
  • A new cursed gem might now drop from enemies that will grant tons of gold, but also curse you.
  • [Custom Game] Added an option to let the fountain always available in BC 1 and + (but will lock achievements)


  • Community suggestion Dash shield velocity no longer reduced when hitting breakable props
  • Community suggestion NutCracker no longer removes stun/root/frost when it deals a critical hit.
  • Blueprints dropped by the Hand of the King will now be unlocked immediately, as you pick them (there’s no Collector shop behind him).
  • Decoy explosion now creates multiple small bombs.
  • Hero pets should now attack invisible enemies if their invisibility is temporarily suspended.
  • The Purulent Zombie in graveyard now has a whole new gameplay.
  • The Purulent Zombie in sewers now has a whole new gameplay.

Level design

  • New lore elements were added all around the world.
  • Community suggestion Toxic Sewers now have 2 cursed chests instead of 1 at BC4.
  • Community suggestion The exit to Ancient Sewers in PrisonDepths is now right before Ossuary exit.
  • 2 new keys were added to Prison Depths: they will give access to a scroll (the one that used to be in this level) and extra rewards.
  • New special rewards (including cells, gold and items) were added at the end of the Ancient Sewers. You’ll need to find specific keys to get these rewards.
  • Community suggestion Fixed dead-ends without teleporters in Ancient Sewers.
  • Community suggestion Removed many useless empty corridors in Ancient Sewers.

Graphics & UI

  • Minor polish in the Ossuary and the Sewer Depths
  • Community suggestion Camera follow speed slightly increased
  • Community suggestion Invisible mobs now appear with more clearly when their invisibility is suspended (ie. when you hit them). Their HP bar will also be visible.
  • Improved legendary forge locked message (more precise)
  • The Ossuary Entrance hab been pimped !
  • Added a new cool Hand of the King death cinematic.

Bug fixes

  • [Custom Game] Fixed fixed seed (no more lore rooms will spawn if you enable it).
  • Community suggestion Hero worms should no longer attack doors.

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