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Dead Cells – 1.2.3 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Community suggestion Only in Alpha 12.3, you can force the game to Stem Cell 5 in custom mode if you’ve got the Stem Cell 4


  • Community suggestion Reduced a lot aggro distance for many elite mobs (Arbiters, Demons, Inquisitors etc.).
  • Community suggestion You can’t received more than 1 infection marker every 1 sec (used to be capped at 0.2 sec).
  • HotK no longer drops ammo stuck on him when using its own stomp attacks.
  • Community suggestion You can now exit a level even if there are enemies nearby.
  • Community suggestion Owl can no longer receive “Fire trail” & “Heal 15% HP on use” affixes.
  • Balanced owl damage, duration & cooldown.
  • Damage from the Retaliation affix on Talismans can no longer be blocked by a Shield.
  • Community suggestion FailedExperimentation cannot use its dodge move more than once every 15 sec. Its first attack and its jump attack charge time were also increased.

Graphics & UI

  • Added a red selection outline on some UI when the option is unavailable.
  • [Custom Mode] Added a lock achievements icon next to “unlock fountain” option.
  • [Custom Mode] Fixed ammo still show up after setting a weapon with no ammo
  • Fixed wrong description in Collector UI
  • Owl will now stay in the background most of the time.
  • Two owls should no longer overlap on screen.
  • Community suggestion Added the sprite of the Bomber and the █████████ in the Stats UI
  • Community suggestion Cinematics now properly interrupt player held attacks.
  • Enemies should no longer spawn behind secret passages walls.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed running still possible when activating the curtain in Skinning room.
  • Fixed homunculus not coming back when Giant’s eye disappears.
  • Fixed homunculus not coming back when Conjonctivius becomes invincible.
  • Fixed crash on TitleScreen
  • Owl no longer attacks a target that cannot be hit (eg. protected by a shield, or out of combat).
  • Boi Axe should now properly stick to all bosses.
  • Better “in danger” detection (stuff that prevents some actions when enemies are nearby).
  • Fixed a bug that did reset item cooldowns for no reason, specifically when picking other items.
  • Many Level Design fixes
  • Fixed few exploits with ParryShield (eg. dodging to cancel control locking).
  • Fixed an exploit with all shields (except Assault Shield) that allowed control-lock canceling by using dodge while holding the shield up.
  • Kicking away a grenade from a Bombardier BEFORE it explodes will no longer generate 3 smaller grenades. If you kick/parry it away after the explosion, it’s still too late.
  • Minor potential fix for Lava disappearing.
  • Fixed lava floating in the air in Caverns.

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