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Dead Cells – 1.1.3 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Community suggestion [Custom Game] You can now choose the quality of the starting items
  • Community suggestion [Custom Game] You can disable Hunter’s Grenade unlock
  • [Custom Game] You can choose the mutations locked/unlocked
  • Fighter Endurance is a new mutation that increases your HP by a percentage which scales with your Brutality.
  • Community suggestion Balanced BC3 difficulty.
  • Upgrading items in Forge now costs a fixed flat price that doesn’t scale with difficulty. Upgrading “from ++ to S” for example should now be more affordable in BC3 & BC4.
  • The Homunculus will now retract if it touches traps like Spikes.
  • The 5th money blueprint is now available ingame.
  • Open Wounds mutation now applies bleed on all melee attacks (not only critical hits), the bleed duration is much shorter.


  • Community suggestion [Custom Game] Added permanent light bulbs in Flask Room for the gameplay “Follow the Light”
  • Community suggestion [Custom Game] Added Fire Blast in “Some just want to watch the world burn” preset
  • “Triplex” bow has a slightly increased attack breach (stagger) chance.
  • Community suggestion Dead Inside mutation now increases your HP by +50%.
  • Community suggestion Mobs attacked by the Homunculus will now aggro the hero in BC4.
  • Masochist mutation now reduces all trap dmg to 1 single dmg instead of a percentage-based reduction.
  • Special elites like the Archer in Promenade or boss side-kicks can no longer have unique Elite skills.
  • Community suggestion Impaler spear now has knockback effect when hitting enemies.
  • Infantry Grenade now deals about twice more damage.
  • Community suggestion Stomping on a Thorny mob no longer inflicts damage to your character.

Level design

  • Fixed LD issue in “Promenade of the Condemned”
  • Added permanent lights near boss-cell locked doors in Sepulchre.

Graphics & UI

  • Community suggestion Better Distance CDR mutation description. It now reads: “Reduces the cooldown of your skills by X sec for each enemy killed without using melee attacks”.
  • Updated Tonic and Vampirism descriptions and added a better error message when trying to use a depleted item.
  • Long-press feedback (like when recycling items) now shows up on top of everything.
  • Removed Spite perk “penalty” description.
  • Fixed Ice bow not showing ammo in UI.
  • Added an optional kill count on HUD (disabled by default, you can activate it in the options)
  • Removed incorrect text popping up on Liposuction.
  • Arrows shot by the “triplex” bow are now slightly more parallel.
  • Timed doors now display the target timing instead of a delta.
  • Community suggestion You can now break hidden wall blocks using the “Activate” button/key (useful if they are difficult to hit with your current weapons).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed PoisonSkin affix (poison enemies if you receive dmg) affecting mobs that shouldn’t be affectable.
  • Fixed LegendaryAltar crash upon player death.
  • Fixed a crash when grabbing a gem with the Homunculus.
  • Community suggestion Acid Cloud should no longer prevent “oil on ground” from applying.
  • BC4 teleportation should no longer happen during a mob attack.
  • Fixed a bug with items dropped from Cursed Treasures being lower quality than intended.
  • Fixed a crash with Concierge boss.
  • Fixed a crash with HotK boss.
  • Fixed a crash in Underground Forge when you have no items to upgrade.
  • Fixed some other crashes.
  • Boss Cell should no longer drop in spikes after HotK combat.

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