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DCS World – Patch Notes | Improved Missile Guidance!


DCS World has just released a new set of patch notes, and gamers everywhere are buzzing with excitement. The latest update brings extended cooling physics and additional damages to some of the game’s most beloved aircraft, including the Mosquito, P-47D, P-51D, FW 190A-8, and FW 190D-9. But that’s not all – the patch also fixes a range of issues, from incorrect exhaust plumes to bomblets not detonating properly. And for those who love a good dogfight, the P-51D now comes with an intercept task, adding a whole new level of intensity to the game. With these updates, DCS World is taking the gaming experience to new heights, ensuring that players have the most realistic and immersive gameplay possible. So buckle up, grab your joystick, and get ready to take to the skies in style.

DCS World

  • The extended cooling physics and additional damages are added to Mosquito, P-47D, P-51D, FW 190A-8, and FW 190D-9
  • Weapons. Corrected R-60 exhaust plume.
  • Weapons. CBU-97 some bomblets not detonating – fixed.
  • ME. P-51D Added the intercept task.
  • Weapons. R-40 AA missile. Corrected FM and DLZ.
  • F10 map. All Directional Beacons have a null angle in F10 view – fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-84A incorrect glide height randomization – fixed.
  • Input. Added possibility to assign keyboard or joystick combo for Camera transpose mode (cells in INPUT are inactive).
  • AI aircraft. MQ-9 Reaper armed with Hellfire missiles would miss sometimes. Adjusted AGM-144K and launch conditions.
  • AI aircraft. F/A-18C. Hornets would fall from the sky if arriving before a tanker – fixed.
  • AI aircraft. AI flights would perform a random S pattern after a certain length of flight – fixed.
  • AI Submarine. Weapon Type ‘Torpedo’ is now available in ME under the ‘Attack Group’ action.
  • Voice Chat. Mic mode button disabled after slot changing – fixed.
  • Voice Chat. Added voice level normalisation
  • Ground AI. SON-9 arty radar will be able to be detected on the RWR and HARM.
  • ME. Trigger event set to ON MISSION START doesn’t work – fixed.
  • Weapon. Corrected AGM-84E guidance at terminal stage.
  • ME. late activation SAM with set option ALARM STATE RED – fixed.
  • Weapons. Kh-31 missile explodes short of target – fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Planes fails to A-A refuelling – fixed.
  • Sounds. Fixed a bug with the rain sounds in the helicopter’s cockpit.
  • Fixed some bugs that can cause CTD in certain conditions.
  • Static objects. Added 2 containers 20ft and 40ft.
  • Descent. Infantry told to embark in ‘ALL’ vehicles won’t embark in ground vehicles – fixed.
  • Weapon. CTD on AGM-84E explosion when launched in pair – fixed.
  • Campaigns. Spitfire IX. Operation Epsom campaign. First mission does not run correctly – fixed.
  • AI F/A-18A is invulnerable for cannon and ram attack – fixed.
  • Fixed some MP CTDs.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Crash when trying to drop GBU-38 JDAM, from a severed wing.
  • Fixed: AGM-84E has a huge undershoot
  • Fixed: Slant range cue should not be fixed at 5500
  • Fixed: Marking an offset places a markpoint on at the original designation
  • Fixed: User track shows TWS contacts jumping around wildly
  • Fixed: Check TACAN CPL behaviour when using Magnetic heading
  • Fixed: TACAN CSEL with true/magnetic heading
  • Fixed: ASL and DIL flash logic error
  • Fixed: “CPL SEQ” message displays incorrect number
  • Fixed: User track shows free fall bombs colliding and exploding
  • Fixed: Updates to Lessons 24 & 25 – TOO and WPDSG
  • Fixed: PPLI symbol missing from AZ/EL page
  • Fixed: Harpoon guides to OAP instead of O/S in R/BL
  • Fixed: Upon STT donor target data is lost
  • Fixed: Incorrect offset bearing set by UFC
  • Fixed: Investigate Gun being fired with JDAM selected
  • Fixed: Rearmed JDAM is already aligned
  • Fixed: AGM-84E final phase manual correction is broken

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed Possible crash in avionics and weapons
  • Added FLCS BIT (work in progress to be further adjusted)
  • Added ALT Release button functional
  • Added SIM indication on HUD
  • Added DTE static page
  • Added ECM centerline adapter for ALQ-131
  • Added TGP Attitude Advisory Function (AAF)
  • Added Gun Gas Purge Door animation
  • Added Gun barrels rotation
  • AoA bracket and VV adjustment
  • Refined flight model for STR and ITR
  • Fixed: TGP not working after cursor zero
  • Fixed: Second Detent on trigger does not fire laser
  • Fixed: Incorrect DTOS Solution Cue
  • Fixed: Max Toss Anticipation Cue Errors
  • Fixed: Missing CCRP Loft Scale
  • Fixed: Incomplete LASER DED Page
  • Fixed: TMS Forward hold not working for Mavericks
  • Fixed: Broken ASL
  • Fixed: Depressible Reticle Switch not affecting HUD
  • Fixed: Incorrect type of fire for LAU-3 after rearming(unlimited weapons).
  • Fixed: Wing pylons not jettisoning with wing external fuel tanks.
  • Fixed: RWR Priority mode with search reverts to open mode
  • Fixed: IFF LOS does not interrogate until release of TMS Up Long
  • Fixed: SMS page doesn’t show gun, if Mode changed to another page
  • Fixed: EMER Jettison not functioning with only EPU running
  • Fixed: General HOTAS Short and Long Press behaviour
  • Fixed:Magnetic heading not showing in DED only true heading
  • Fixed: AIM-9 Sound during startup and NAV mode if ACM switch toggled before startup
  • Fixed: Odd canopy texture with wing vapour
  • Fixed: Spotlight Search mode
  • Fixed: “Ghost bomb” remain on TER when selective jettison
  • Fixed: Stores drag excessive on takeoff
  • Fixed: Selective jettison not working with ground jet enabled
  • Fixed: Selective jettison works with Master Arm set to safe
  • Fixed: Tail light is different on left and right, only one shows the bloom
  • Fixed: Radar AGR (CZ added if cursor is moved)
  • Fixed: Target found via LSS doesn’t cue sensors as SPI
  • Fixed: Specific Mach number for endurance does not display in HUD
  • Fixed: INV option in MFD
  • Fixed: CBU-97 in CCIP isn’t dropping cue within parameters
  • Fixed: GBU-12 fails to release in CCRP if released after GBU-38
  • Fixed: Bombing Mode HOTAS Selection Remove redundant modes
  • Fixed: GBU-12. Incorrect MLE
  • Fixed: Steerpoint data not updated until cycling steerpoints
  • Fixed: Unable to carry weapon pylons in stations 4 and 6 from ME
  • Fixed: TMS-Right for Radar CRM mode
  • Fixed: ECM containers appears on INV – S-J page
  • Fixed: HMCS Sensor not seen in external view
  • Fixed: Japanese fuel tank not correct on livery
  • Fixed: Gaps on fuselage near gear doors
  • Fixed: Gaps in the canopy when open
  • Fixed: Threat ring turns red, number in ring should also turn red
  • Fixed: Crash on avionics and weapons

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: glitches and double switches
  • Refined Lod 0 and added Lod 1 and Lod 2.
  • Fixed: RAD and BAR ALTITUDE HOLD signals
  • Fixed: Damaged engine 2 will not work even after a repair
  • Fixed: AIrcraft “ORIGINATOR” PAGE behaviour
  • Fixed: TADS Shut Down Errors
  • Fixed: Bezel Button Options and Sub-Pages
  • Fixed: FREEZE TEDAC/TDU Function
  • Fixed: Viewport error – pilot seat
  • Fixed: Cued LOS dot in the Field-Of-Regard box should always be visible on the TADS
  • Fixed: Stored point is slightly offset when slaving back to the point.
  • Fixed: Multi monitor setup – AH-64D Displays remain active even after full shut down
  • Fixed: Can slave to deleted target point
  • Fixed: BRU’s should not function If the IHADSS is turned off
  • Fixed: Underlay selection should remain when returning to the VID page
  • Fixed: No radio presets
  • Fixed: Friendly Patriot site showing as threat on TSD even when hidden on MFD selected
  • Fixed: Desync Between Pilot and Gunner in the Ah-64 on the Engine Page
  • Fixed: Some training missions load in gamemode when launched from training menu
  • Fixed: M Button functionality for XPDR, COM and COM PRESET
  • Fixed: Wrong vertical speed reading (all displays)
  • Fixed: COORD page behaviour when expanded ACQ source is selected
  • Fixed: TGT/THRT points added during mission are missing threat rings
  • Fixed: ENG page issues
  • Fixed: DTV WFOV Slew rate too high
  • Fixed: Crosshairs on TADS don’t align with units when George points
  • Fixed: Tbilisi Guard mission wingman will not engage
  • Fixed: REMOTE logic/messages in High Action Display
  • Fixed: Desync issue between server missile and client (Hellfire)
  • Fixed: SA-19 Grison/Tunguska is shown as “GU” in TSD
  • Fixed: When using PAN on TSD, ASE deltas hover almost above targets
  • Fixed: Altitude fluctuations when turning on Alt Hold at speeds above 100 knots
  • Fixed: Flashing icons and black square of ASE threats in TSD
  • Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS STOW Barrier Error
  • Fixed: TEDAC Grayscale (G/S) Button Errors
  • Fixed: TADS: Limit Indication Error
  • Fixed: Screen Save Mode
  • Fixed: Discrepancy in cockpit temperature status
  • Fixed: Maximum digital readout of Engine Torques should be 255%.
  • Fixed: The windshield wiper knob behaves incorrectly with no generator power

DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added. First wave of voice-overs for Petrovich AI. Same amount as in AH-64D, more coming with future updates.
  • Added. New ATGM sight texturing and FOV changes, adjusting it closer to real specs.
  • Added. New routine for Petrovich AI, when S-5 rockets used with bombs Petrovich will choose appropriate mode with bomb/pods switch (for this system to work bombs should be on racks 1 and 4)
  • Added. Kord gun iron sights deployed
  • Added. New ATGM and empty rack icon for weapon payload manager
  • Fixed. Weapon Selector control mapping duplicates
  • Fixed. R-60 missile panel hints and control buttons remain when R-60 equipment is disabled
  • Fixed. Client camera not moving to Kord gun place if Kord is added after rearm
  • Fixed. Petrovich AI “Designate target/open fire” button function bugged
  • Fixed. Petrovich AI NATO AI target list color scheme works as Coalition AI color scheme

DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. Engine: too easy main bearing damage
  • Fixed. Water Injection is not filled on Rearm/Refuel

DCS: Mosquito FB Mk VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Engine failures are completed

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Improved: AA radar look-down penalty model
  • Adjusted: LS6-500 code in SMS changed to 650 (by following IRL rule for rocket/bomb codes). Prepared for LS6-250 (625) and LS6-100 (610)
  • Fixed: DGFT STT not return to prev mode after losing track
  • Fixed: ghost hpt symbol when STT spt from DTT mode
  • Fixed: AA radar antenna will not follow TDC after losing track due to out of limitation
  • Fixed: GMTT kept tracking after target stopped
  • Fixed: SD-10 nozzle exit area size

DCS: Mirage F1 by Aerges

Input and cockpit controls fixes:

  • Fixed keyboard/joystick operation for the following cockpit clickable axes and multi-position switches:
    • Chaff and flares dispenser ALE 40 control unit:
      • Program selector switch
    • Sight system and recording camera:
      • Reticle intensity rheostat
      • Moving and Target Reticles intensity rheostat
      • Attitude Reticle intensity rheostat
      • Exposure time repeater
      • Overrun select thumbwheel
    • IFF:
      • All “Mode 1A…” selectors
      • All “Mode 3A…” selectors
      • Mode 4 selector switch
      • Function selector switch
      • IFF fault light
    • Radar indicator scope control box:
      • Indicator lights brightness
      • Strobe brightness
      • Distance markers brightness
      • Horizon and radial velocity marker brightness
      • Horizon symbol vertical position
    • Radar detector indicator:
      • Indicator lights intensity adjusting switch
    • Cabin lighting:
      • Map light rheostat
      • Miscellaneous instrument integral lighting rheostat
    • Lighting control unit:
      • Light and panel lighting rheostat
      • Ultraviolet lighting rheostat
      • Dual instrument panel lighting rheostat (Floodlights)
      • Dual instrument panel lighting rheostat (Integral)
      • Dual console and pedestal lighting rheostat (Floodlights)
      • Dual console and pedestal lighting rheostat (Integral)
    • TACAN control box:
      • TACAN mode selector
    • Omnibearing and VOR/ILS-TAC selector box:
      • VOR/ILS-OFF-TACAN selector
    • Air conditioning system:
      • Temperature control rheostat
    • Warning lights intensity:
      • Combat flaps light
      • Nose wheel steering light
      • Airbrake light
      • Standby receptacle light
      • Jammer detection light (animation is absent now)
      • (C + M or SW) R light
      • Cannons too hot light
    • Incidence indicator lighting rheostat
    • Air data instrument controls:
      • Mach/Airspeed indicator reference airspeed knob
      • Slaved altimeter barometric pressure setting knob
      • Standby altimeter barometric pressure setting knob
    • Heading control unit:
      • Heading and vertical reference system control switch
    • Radio selector unit:
      • MISS potentiometer
      • TAC potentiometer
      • VOR potentiometer
      • U + V potentiometer
      • U potentiometer
      • RAP + CME potentiometer
      • MKR + TP potentiometer
    • V/UHF control unit – TRAP 136:
      • All “Frequency select thumbwheel”
      • Frequency selector switch
      • Channel selector
  • Fixed clickability of the following clickable controls:
    • IFF:
      • All “Mode 1A…” selectors
      • All “Mode 3A…” selectors
  • Pedal toe brakes now animated.
  • Keyboard/joystick controlled independent left and right toe brakes now operational.
  • TRAP136 KHz can now be set correctly
  • Fixed flaps input commands toggle option (F key).
  • Removed radar control stick keyboard default assignments.
  • Fixed “U/C light” that was erroneously named as “Combat flaps light” in inputs.
  • “Horizon framing” command was renamed to “Horizon symbol vertical position” (to make it consistent with the name of the clickable control).
  • Fixed RWR “Indicator lights intensity adjusting switch” spelling.
  • Fixed seat height adjustment controls that were reversed.
  • Removed delay in the preset channels counter animation of both radios.
  • Fixed TACAN and VOR/ILS channel selectors animation direction when set with keyboard/joystick.
  • Changed cannon 300-600 m and missile lock/unlock button default binding.
  • Armament panel buttons operate now as on/off buttons when using keyboard/joystick bindings.
  • Added VOIP PTT (“custom”) keyboard command, as an alternative for standard VOIP commands.

Flight model, aircraft systems and weapons:

  • Adjusted engine thrust with AB on.
  • Added an option (Special Options menu) to automatically reset the countermeasures and fuel (detotalizer) counters upon rearm or refuel.
  • Fixed alternator failing outside intended failure regimes. Alternator failures are now recoverable, adjustments are still being made.
  • Permanent destruction of the alternators is possible again.
  • BIP trim directions switched.
  • Brake light now on when the brakes activate during retraction of the gear.
  • Adjusted oil failure, warning doesn’t appear so easily with negative G forces.
  • Corrected problems with the calculation of weight of the CLB4.
  • It is now possible to load the Mk-83 bomb.
  • Pylons damage is WIP.
  • Increased yaw and pitch dampeners strength, following SME feedback. Fixed bug introduced in the previous update.
  • Adjusted thrust at very high speeds and low altitude. Added a new type of partial engine failure.
  • Improved anti-slip behaviour, following SME feedback.
  • Fixed mass handling issues after refuelling and when dropping the external fuel tanks.
  • FM tweaks related to pitch abnormal behaviour at very negative AoA:
    • Adjusted drag coefficient at very negative AoA.
    • Adjusted pitch coefficient behaviour at extreme AoA.
    • Adjusted yaw coefficient at extreme AoA.
  • All internal fails trigger the repair process now.
  • Operating roll trim with AP on no longer changes the roll trim state.
  • Optical Sight and the Radar are consuming electric power now.
  • Connected a missing electrical bus to UHF radio.
  • Fixed a bug with TACAN range channel operating even if the system is turned off.
  • RWR is now connected to electrics.
  • Implemented the RWR Lights Test function (‘T’ pushbutton).
  • Implemented RWR “Pulse”/”CW” self-test functions (only indication, no actual failures yet).
  • Updated RWR antennas positions.
  • Min/max RWR antennas detection elevation was reduced to +/-45 degrees.
  • Fixed accelerometer reset function: The min/max reached pointers are correctly reset at the current G pointer position.
  • AIM-9B seeker head now always remains caged, until it is launched.
  • AIM-9B seeker head has now an instantaneous FOV of 4 degrees.
  • Reduced AIM-9B seeker head detection range.
  • Updated all Sidewinder missiles audio. Removed the steady high pitched tone when a target is tracked. It should be present in AIM-9M only.
  • AIM-9B now gets no audio tone when the tracked target is centred in the missile FOV.
  • Reduced all Sidewinder missiles launch delay down to 0.8 seconds.
  • A/A heat seeking missiles restore now correctly when the unlimited weapon flag is set in options.
  • Corrected alternator load calculation.
  • Battery now recharges when repairing.


  • TRAP-137B radio is now functional in the radio menu.
  • Volume controls are now enabled on the Radio Selector Unit panel.
  • Radio Selector Unit panel “Green” and “Red” lights are functional now.
  • “Alternate PTT” now serves as the ‘VOIP PTT’ button.
  • Updated Radio Selector Unit switches initialization at mission start.
  • Added JTAC support to radiocommunications menu.
  • Easy Communication operation fixed. Now both radios function selectors, and V/UHF radio frequency mode switch, are forced to correct positions at the transmission start with “Easy Communication” option enabled.
  • Both radios are not accounted as “powered” anymore if function selectors are set to “F1” or “H” positions.
  • Radio Selector Unit now correctly selects the transmitter according to the radio that is being talked on in Easy Communication.
  • Radio Selector Unit “TP” light (“ground crew available”) is made functional now, instead of the previously lit “MRK/TP” pushbutton.
  • Radio Selector Unit amplifiers are now connected to the corresponding buses. Ground crew now can be contacted in a completely cold cockpit with amplifier 2 selected.
  • Radio Selector Unit audio amplifiers electric consumptions are now taken into account.
  • Radio Selector Unit push-buttons lights are connected to AC bus 2. “TP” light will operate in a completely cold cockpit (if the battery is alive).


  • Fixed typo in startup mission (Sdes should read Sdef Fs).
  • Fixed Marianas landing single mission briefing, should read ILS RWY 06L instead of 06R.
  • Added Quick Start Caucasus dogfight practice mission.


  • Cockpit dark panel is being worked on, there is a provisional fix for now.
  • Fixed Iran and Iraq Liveries.
  • Deleted Libyan old skin version.
  • Some fixes made to the cockpit textures.
  • Updated texture of French liveries.

3D model:

  • Updated Cockpit PBR materials and textures overall darkness. The cockpit is now much lighter.
  • Updated SAAF liveries.


  • Added missing A/A refuelling capability to AI F1EE.

Other fixes:

  • Corrected AI thrust tables.
  • The engine now uses the correct ATAR sound again, instead of Su-25 and Su-27 engine sounds.
  • Added padlock controls.
  • Special options tooltips added.

Warning: due to changes in input commands some user local assignments may have disappeared.


  • Fixed: TPOD relative position indicator not accurate.
  • Fixed: CTD caused by misclicking on button when entering Waypoint coordinates.
  • Fixed: Cannot enter new Waypoints.

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM

  • Fixed : PCA ordering
  • Fixed : MISSION ACCOMPLIE livery mipmap
  • Fixed : Radalt 3pos bind
  • Fixed : PCA jettison issues
  • Fixed : hot start VTB startup animation
  • Fixed : FPM with crosswinds in A/A or high alt NAV modes
  • Fixed : MGRS first in TAF Kneeboard channel names
  • Updated : increased engine smoke


  • Fixed: Engines now are unable to start at the same time
  • Improved: Pitch damping dynamics and pitch control feel behaviour
  • Improved: Aileron failure due to excessive roll rate enhanced behaviour
  • Fixed: Afterburner texture bug

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • AIM-54 Overhaul, Part 2:
    • Increased PN gain for all variants.
    • AIM-54A will now only update guidance when the target is illuminated (you will see the missle periodically update).
    • Corrected motor impulse (reduced MK47 a bit and the MK60 significantly).
    • Reduced MK-60 burn time from 30 to 20 seconds.
    • Both motors have the same total impulse now. The MK60 has a slight advantage during motor burn time, while the MK47 has an advantage in burn time. With increasing altitude the difference becomes smaller.
    • MK47 Mod 1 has now the same thrust/impulse and burn time as the Mod 0, but with reduced smoke (was previously weaker than the Mod 0).
    • AIM-54C should go active by default (even when losing lock from STT).
    • Increased AIM-54C chaff resistance.
    • Reduced AIM-54A chaff resistance.
    • Added option for AIM-54C with MK-60 motor.
    • Adjusted AIM-54 missile empty mass.
    • Adjusted MK-60 motor propellant mass.
  • Set the JESTER option for automatic PDSTT -> PSTT to disabled by default.
  • Fixed several issues with damaged avionics and flight systems (including jammed flaps for example) not allowing a repair to be triggered.
  • Potential fix for CTD with F-14 AI (was not applied correctly in the last patch).
  • Fixed emergency sweep logic:
    • Fixed commanded wing sweep position being saved over to a new aircraft spawn.
    • Fixed emergency wing sweep handle moving to spider detent on new aircraft spawn.
    • Fixed wing sweep indicator commanded position bit mismatching with the actual indicated position.
    • Fixed emergency sweep handle able to be moved between 68° and 75°, after being stowed at 75°. Now it has to be lifted to move it again after it has been stowed.
    • Fixed wing sweep indicator raising EMER / OVER flags when wings get swept past 67 degrees.
  • Fixed turn indicator needle deflection rate.
  • Fixed mach buffet not dying off beyond M 1.3.
  • Fixed an issue with the AWG-9 track logic to avoid tracks being thrown by aircraft launching air to air missiles.
  • Fixed LANDING CHK light remaining illuminated after touchdown.
  • Fixed Manual Throttle not unlocking after disengaging the Autothrottle.
  • Fixed all mission versions of “Watching the Devil Dog” not being able to be completed successfully.
  • Fixed VF-31 AE-200 and AE-205 1991 by Mach3DS – thank you.
  • Fixed VF-14 AB-100 and AB-103 1796 by VFlip – thank you.
  • Added Top Gun 114 by LanceCriminal86 – replaces previous Top Gun livery. Thank you.
  • Updated Rogue Nation by YaeSakura – thank you.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed BK-90 yaw stability.

Caucasus Map by ED

  • Batumi – fixed collision with buildings when spawning large aircraft in parking lot N10
  • Nalchik – fixed position of taxiway edge markers
  • Tbilisi – fixed glitches of airfield building models
  • Fixed railroad display in FLIR mode in winter
  • Improved TAD maps at 1:500k scale (used on MFD in A-10, F-16, F/A-18)

South Atlantic Map by RAZBAM

  • New – Added Animated Nodding Donkey Static object.
  • New – Added SkiRamp 01 (less angled version for hornets)
  • New – Ski Ramps can be found in Airfield Deck Equipment Category (missions that did include the first iteration will require adjustment)
  • New – Sounds enabled for all Frigates & invincible
  • New – added Launchers with New weapon number for torpedo
  • Fixed – Added Both Ski Ramps; Ski Ramp 01 Rotated thru 180 Degrees in Model
  • Fixed – Ski Ramps can be found in Airfield Deck Equipment Category
  • Fixed – Adjusted position of Offshore Wind Turbines to now sit at their Pivot Point on the surface of water
  • Fixed – Standardised naming convention
  • Fixed – Swapped Achilles LOD Commented out error
  • Fixed – removed the “common” from the ships all individual entities.
  • Fixed – Landing point on Invincible – AV-8B NA now lands on the flight deck instead of in the sea. Set landing runway as per value recommended by ED.
  • Terrain Changes:
    • New – Added Airfield Aeropuerto Internacional Comandante Armando (El Calafate Airport)
    • New – Added Airfield Aeropuerto de Santa Cruz
    • New – Added Airfield Aeropuerto Guardiamarina Zanartu(Puerto Williams)
    • New – Added Aerodromo Guardiamarina Zanartu (Puerto Williams)
    • New – El Calafate
    • Fixed – Collision with Hanger R04 with some plains
    • Added – development of new ground detail textures (WIP)


Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of a Hero Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Mission 10 – First target kill triggers fixed
  • Mission 5 – triggers checked fixed
  • Mission 11 – bug fixed Mission failed

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Mission 3 Old friends – IL-76 landing trigger now works correctly, the mission continues

DCS: MAD Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Mission 7 Battle for Lar – target destruction triggers fixed for two helicopters

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Shamrock gets shot down prematurely – fixed

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Tanker TACANs fixed

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600

  • Adjusted weather in missions 4 and 8.1 for both campaigns.
  • Corrected Text which doesn’t match V.O.’s in many of the missions.
  • Corrected a number of spelling errors found in mission briefings.
  • Corrected a few cases, in briefings, of incorrect aircraft named for F-86 version.
  • Adjusted various triggers in certain missions to help prevent V.O.s from stepping on each other.

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