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DCS – 5 May 2023 Patch Notes | Unleash Your Inner Maverick!

Introducing new campaigns:

DCS: F-14 Speed & Angels Campaign by Reflected
DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign by Stone Sky
DCS: Mosquito FB VI – V for Victory Campaign by Reflected Simulations
DCS: AV-8B Kerman Campaign by Ground Pounder Sim
DCS: F/A-18C Inherent Resolve Campaign by Looking Glass

DCS World

Weapon. MIM-104 missile guidance error has decreased.
Weapon. BLU-97/B penetration warhead and damage effect has increased.
Weapon. CBU-87 with HOF 300 had no effect on tanks. This has been adjusted so it will at least damage them now (see F10 view damage levels).
Weapon. Corrected nozzle flame of rockets at the moment of launch.
Weapon. AMRAAM fixed an issue with Home on Jam (HOJ) mode.
Fixed liveries name for ground units (this fixes seasonal textures for some units).
Added Ropucha-class landing ship BDK-775.
Removed dust effect when ships are firing.
Fixed incorrect unit direction when mounted on a ship.
New sounds for AK-series, M249, L94A1, PKT, 2A72, 2A42, M242, GSh-6-30K, M240C, ZU-23-2, ZU-23-4, Rheinmetall Mk20, KPVT, 2A38, Vulcan, Oerlikon-KDA, L21A1, Utes, MG3, M2 Browning.
Fixed inability for submarines to attack ships.
Fixed crash when the “Unit AI set life” trigger is used for EWR AN/FPS-117.
Fixed stuck SON-9 radar when aircraft fly directly overhead it at high altitude.
AI Aircraft. Removed old and unusable Kh-28 missile from payloads from the Su-17.
F10 map. Big Smoke is always shown on the F10 map regardless of ‘show’ setting – fixed.
AI Aircraft. Corrected damage and collision model of the CH-53.
AI Aircraft. F-15C cannot AAR in right turn – fixed.
AI Aircraft. Incorrect negative AOA of slow planes in formations appears in some cases – fixed.
Crash when vehicle destroyed during task Embarking – fixed.
AI Aircraft. Su-34 damage model corrected.
MP. Server panel, players pool. Added clients counter.
All weapons still visible on multiple weapon mount if base runs out of that weapon – fixed.
Resource manager of air bases has been corrected.
Scripts. StaticObject.getByName fails if the unit name contains a dot – fixed.
ME. Ka-50. GUI Error when you press delete on INU Fix Point (NAV target point) – fixed.
ME. Ka-50. Comment in NAV target point remains from last mission – fixed.
Weapons. Jettisoned racks don’t die when hitting the ground/sea – fixed.
SA-19 Tunguska. The power of warheads has been reduced so that it cannot destroy tanks.
Input controls adjustment window now preserves user state layout and selection during the mission session for convenience.
Module Manager now allows to uninstall and install Caucasus terrain.
Mk-82 bomb fuse on Mirage-2000 fixed
FC aircraft. Cyclic target Lock On by Enter key like easy avionics style – removed
OpenXR is removed from autosearch. DCS has a chain of VR vendors in priority oculus, OpenVR, Varjo, etc. OpenXR was in that chain in top priority, now it is removed from this chain and only available when you explicitly specify it in command line of DCS.
if you wish to use Open XR, a shortcut with the following commands will need to be created: –force_enable_VR –force_OpenXR
Game Options. Game avionics mode removed
Rain in cockpit fixed on numerous modules
Added LODs to Hangar on Caucasus Map
Runway craters cause no damage to aircraft taking off/landing – fixed
Weapons. AGM-84. The minimum launch altitude has been reduced to 200 feet
AI Aircraft. B-17G. Ailerons are deflected as flaperons on landing – fixed
Weapons. Improved AA missile launch catapult mechanics F-15, F/A-18
Weapons. AIM-7 and AIM-120 autopilot tuning for FLOOD mode
Weapons. Corrected AIM-7E warhead data
Weapons. Adjusted aiming errors for 9M39, FIM-92C and MIM-72G
CTD. DCS crashes on heavy missions without pagefile – fixed
Added grass to some terrain shelters
Fixed excessive amount of triangles and objects when terrain objects shadows set to FLAT/OFF
Corrected shadows by mountains
ME Triggers. Aircraft 3D model gets corrupted if its given Unit AI Set life equals 0
Fixed M-60 MBT
Fixed model UAZ-469
SON-9 radar elevation fixed
Added BDK-775 for Ukraine and Yemen
Fixed max speed for BDK-775
Added flir details for old model
Expanded the list of countries for historical mode for AN/FPS-117
CTD. Animation crash in MP, client hangs caused by M1097 Avenger – fixed
Campaigns. Custom campaigns shown in the “My Campaigns” menu sometimes won’t let the user click the End Mission button – fixed
CTD. Crash on server if client is used as leader for a task Big Formation – fixed
CTD. Crash during landing at some airfields – fixed
Weapons. 8K14 SCUD missile. Explosion very small – fixed
Weapons. Low damage from FIM-92C Stinger – corrected
AI aircraft. AI can’t properly use HD bombs – tuned
ME. Error in case of file MissionTheatreCache.lua is empty – fixed
AI ground. Dead ground vehicles keep emitting engine sound – fixed
TF-51. Fixed flap lever movement
AI aircraft. Fixed CBUs distribution along vehicle group
Weapons. AGM-62 Walleye missile will not be able to hit targets in pitch-black night
AI aircraft. Tuned defensive behaviour in the SAM danger area
AI aircraft. MQ-1A can’t land in some case – fixed
AI aircraft. AV-8B goes ‘zombie’ when dropping GBU-54 – fixed
ME. Triggers Add Radio Item for group and coalition don’t work for neutrals – fixed
Cockpit. MFD surface render increased from 80 to 150 km range
Settings. Add item for Blur Flat Shadows to graphics options
VR. Upper part of FOV become black in VR when head pitching down – fixed
Helicopters. Sling load feature stuck when unhooking same cargo twice – fixed
Current User Aircraft Mods crashing in Multithreading version
RWR stops registering SAMs with multiple users
Scripting: crash on output to log with formatting symbols
F10 map. Added direction and speed vector to aircraft and help symbols.
F10 map. Add tooltips to new icons.
F10 map. Add Show/Hide buttons for labels
AI ground units. AA Unit stuck after firing – FIXED
AI ground units. Distance error for the sights with laser rangefinder corrected.
AI ground units. User set invisible receives no RWR warnings from SAM.
AI ground units. Fixed accuracy of KS-19.
Ground units. Units dying with agony do not burn after explosion – Fixed.
Ground units. Georgian EWR radar does not respond – Fixed.
ME Setting ‘COLD AT START’ now working as intended for FLIR rendering. Not selecting this option will allow units to have infrared signatures at mission start rather than first needing to heat up.
AAR basket jittering around probe – fixed.
Mi-24 AI. Sometimes it would not attack targets – fixed.
MQ-9 AI. Reaper doesn’t maintain Altitude – fixed.
AI jet aircraft. Proper implementation of thrust reversing. Engine mode and deceleration has been tuned.
AI helicopters. Helicopters collide on the runway after landing. Reassign holding/cleared for landing.
AI helicopters. Helicopters fall through the deck on landing in some cases – fixed.
AI aircraft. E2D collision when trying to taxi from parking on deck – fixed.
AI aircraft. Sound update for C-17A.
AI aircraft. Aircraft without off-boresight lock ability can do off boresight IR missile launches – corrected.
AI aircraft. Su-25T. Corrected wrong suspension of the right ECM pod. Corrected old naming of payloads.
AI aircraft. Su-27, fully extended leading edges at wingmen 2, 3, 4 in cruise flight – fixed.
AI aircraft. There is a plane in mission with option “No report waypoint pass” in mission. On the next waypoint it performs the Orbit task. The plane sends a message about taking a zone each time if it sends a trigger message using radio. Fixed.
AI aircraft. Attacking AIs with GBUs stay on the attack course forever after bomb run – fixed.
AI aircraft. A-10C AIs can’t use the whole range of ARC-210 and ARC-186 – fixed
AI ships. Some submarines fly when setAltitude is given a negative value – fixed.
MP. Scripting: fixed crash on output to log with formatting symbols.
MP. There is no notification about the request for permission to join the MP crew in some cases – fixed.
MP. Disconnecting from the server when controlling a vehicle in CA causes the vehicle to become immortal – fixed.
MP Events. onGameExit event fires 2x on mission_end – fixed
MP Events. Base captured events each time a player joins the server – fixed
LAU-10 rocket pod weight inconsistency – corrected LAU-10 mass to represent LAU-10D/A.
Weapons. GWS-30 Sea Dart doesn’t give an RWR warning – fixed.
Weapons. ASM Kh-31A does not guide to ships – fixed
Weapons. Anti Ship missiles will extrapolate the ship’s speed for intercept point calculation.
Weapons. Adjusted GWS-30 Sea Dart fuze and guidance parameters.
Weapons. R-27R/ER and R-33 missile seekers are synchronized with fighter radar. If target tracking fails, synchronization is lost and lock recovery becomes impossible.
Weapons. Kh-31 booster phase corrected. No guidance at booster phase.
Weapons. Fixed rate of fire for 127mm and 130mm naval guns.
ME. GUI Error when click on group in Suppliers list in some case – fixed.
ME. Ground units sometimes jump around and change heading when increasing group size – fixed.
The burning time of the destroyed weapons depot is limited to 40-70 minutes instead of infinity.
Setting “forestDistanceFactor” to negative value hides all trees – fixed.
Fixed inability to use FM modulation to communicate with AI wingmen in some cases.
Fixed typos in Encyclopedia texts (RU mainly).
Craters from bullet impacts cause FPS drop over time – Fixed.
MP. Dedicated server. Crash reports will send in silent mode without host interaction
Fixed a core’s layout on AMD processors like AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D (core group with lesser L3 cache size now used by IO pool only)
Scripting. Added world.removeJunk. Taking volume as first arg, returning amount of deleted objects.
Volume declaration is same as for world.searchObjects.
Usage: local volS = {id = world.VolumeType.SPHERE,params = {point = {x = -303780,y = 5,z = 629149},radius = 1000}}
VR Mask in native OpenXR is upside down – fixed
F10 map. Draw function setMarkupTypeLine only works once in a mission – fixed
Crash on EagleFM – fixed
MP. User don’t get any notification on connect to a full server – fixed
Weapons. Kh-29 missiles loft down after launch – fixed
MP. Added a real-time procedure for checking the required modules in mission loading

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