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CS:GO Patch Notes 11.12.2018 – 13.12.2018


[ UI ]
– Fixed scoreboard sometimes not populating correctly.

– Reduced waiting for players time in warm-up.
– Improved matchmaking times for Danger Zone.
– Added a new sound cue when explosives on the safe detonate.
– Lowered volume of selected rappel destination sound and rappel helicopter.
– Fixed an incorrect parachute sound playing during warm-up.
– Several fixes for client-side behavior of Frag Grenades and Fire Bombs.

[ MAPS ]

– Fixed see-through model near picnic area.
– Fixed players getting stuck in tree in town.
– Smoothed out underwater displacements to fix players getting stuck.
– Fixed floating item spawn point near outlet.

[ MISC ]
– Updated Alpha on UMP-45 Momentum.


– Fixed precache error when loading Blacksite map on clients with default settings.
– Fixed Danger Zone exploration money progress HUD indicator from jittering when switching tablets or spectator targets.
– Fixed viewmodel animation interpolation error observed on some high-latency clients.
– Adjusted first-person rappel animation to accommodate widescreen aspect ratios.
– Fixed a regression in weapons equipped by certain community training maps logic.
– Fixed an error model appearing when applying a name tag to inventory items.
– Fixed particle materials for rupturing money bags to match the money stack materials.
– Fixed sv_prime_accounts_only setting not having effect on certain community servers.
– Fixed searching tooltip showing incorrect prime status for lobby.

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