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Black Desert Online – 14 October 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events]

  • October Events
    • Event 1. Hexe Marie and the Dark Rift
    • Period: October 14 (after maintenance)–October 28 (before maintenance)
      • Defeat Hexe Marie who will make a special appearance from the Dark Rift located in Hexe Sanctuary for a chance to obtain special items like Box of the Silent Dead and Remnants of the Rift!
    • Event 2. Collect Autumn Leaves
    • Period: October 14 (after maintenance)–October 28 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, defeat monsters and gather to obtain [Event] Autumn Leaves at a chance which can be sold for 50,000 Silver.
    • Loyal Attendance Rewards Refreshed
    • Period: October 15 (00:00 UTC)–November 18 (23:59 UTC)
      • Simply log in daily to claim awesome rewards including [Event] Enhancement Help Kit, Advice of Valks (35–45), Fine Accessory Box II, and more!
  • Bonus! Halloween-themed background and music!
    • Period: October 14 (after maintenance)–October 28 (before maintenance)
    • Halloween-themed backgrounds will be placed and Halloween-themed music will be playing in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Valencia, and Grána.
      • Halloween-themed music will play during night only.
      • Duvencrune and O’draxxia are excluded.

[Ongoing Events]

  • O’dyllita Launch Events
    • Event 2. Travel with Rulupee: October 7–October 21 (before maintenance)
    • Event 3. Flower in the Darkness: October 7–October 21 (before maintenance)
    • Event 4. Flower of the Burning Moon: October 7–November 11 (before maintenance)
  • O’dyllita Attendance Check: October 7–November 11 (before maintenance)
  • Refer-a-Friend Promotion: October 7–November 4 (before maintenance)
  • Monthly Loyalty – October 2020: October 1 (00:00 UTC)–October 31 (23:59 UTC)
  • Conquer Red Battlefield!
    • Event 1: A Win-Win Situation: September 23–October 21 (before maintenance)
    • Event 2: Daz’s Special Quest: September 23–October 21 (before maintenance)
  • Level Up Again with Hashashin
    • Event 1: Level Up Again!: September 16–October 28 (before maintenance)
  • Collect Commemorative Coins
    • Event 1: Collect by Playing!: September 17–October 29 (23:59 UTC)
    • Event 2: Collect by Leveling Up!: September 16–October 28 (before maintenance)


[Ended Events]

  • Playtime Challenge: Available until October 14 (23:59 UTC)
  • Make your choice! Awakening or Succession?
    • Event 3: Special Challenges
  • O’dyllita Launch Events
    • Event 1: Event 1. Trade with the trio


  • Added two new Guild positions.

*The new “Advisor” position was added to assist the Guild Master. Most of the Guild Master duties will be granted to the Advisor.

    • The Advisor will have all rights excluding Disband Guild, Guild Auction House, Request the Final Battle (or to accept it), Reset Guild Skills, and rights to destroy Guild Mounts.
    • There can only be one Advisor in a Guild, regardless of the Guild size.
    • The Advisor can use Guild Crafting.
    • The Advisor can distribute Allowance and Bonuses.
    • The Advisor can increase Guild Protection Capacity, and can also enable or disable it.
    • The Advisor can carry out Guild Contract Renewals for himself/herself and also for the Guild Officer, Quartermaster, and normal Guild Members.
    • Excluding Command to Gather, the Advisor can obtain and use all Guild skills and can also use Battle Command to Gather. However, if the Guild Master is online, they can only be used within the same server.

*The new “Cannoneer” position was added to actively play a role in starting Guild Wars, as the position is intended to be specialized in Node/Conquest War rights.

    • There can be multiple Cannoneers in a Guild, regardless of the Guild size.
    • The Cannoneer can install annexes during Node/Conquest Wars just like the Quartermaster.
    • The Cannoneer can purchase Node/Conquest War goods at the Guild Shop using the allowance provided by the Guild.
  • The rights for the following Guild positions were changed.
    • The rights to destroy Guild Mounts (Galley and Elephant) used to be given to Guild Officers or higher positions. These rights will now only be given to the Guild Master.
    • The rights to equip/unequip gear for Guild Mounts used to be given to Quartermasters or higher positions. These rights will now only be given to the Guild Master and Advisor.

*However, repairs for the equipped gear will only be possible through Guild Officers or higher positions like before.

Revised Rights by Positions
  Master Advisor Officer Quartermaster, Cannoneer Normal, Apprentice
Appoint Master O O
Disband Guild O
Change Guild Name O
Guild Auction House O
Destroy Guild Mount O
Reset Guild Skills O
Request/Accept Final Battle O
Appoint Position O O
Set Allowance O O
Change Guild Emblem O O
Use Guild Skill Points O O
Use Guild Crafting O O
Distribute Bonus O O
Set Guild Protection Capacity O O
Increase Guild Member Capacity O O
Apply/Reserve AOA O O
Ban Guild Member O O O
Install Guild Mount Equipment O O
Promote Guild/

Recruit Members

Guild Boss Subjugation O O O
Declare/Withdraw from War O O O
Post Guild Notifications O O O
Collect Guild Support Funds O O O
Hire War Hero O O O
Set Guild Member Protection (On/Off) O O O
Renew Guild Member Contract O O O
Accept/Complete Guild Missions O O O
Use Guild Skills O O O
Hire Guild Members O O O
Edit Guild Description O O O
Edit Saying of the Day O O O
Repair Guild Items O O O
Install/uninstall annexes for nodes O O O O
Use Guild Storage O O O O O
Guild Processing O O O O O
Use Guild Shop O O O O O


  • The Appoint Master button becomes available to the Advisor and Officer(s) if the Guild Master hasn’t logged in for 15 days.
    • Any guild member can deposit into the Guild Storage, but only certain guild positions may retrieve from the Guild Storage.
    • Any ranking guild member may install/uninstall annexes for nodes, but Guild Officers or higher positions may use the annex’s function to begin the process.
    • Guild members of Advisor or higher positions may summon the guild boss Khan for Guild Boss Subjugation, while other bosses require guild Officer or higher positions to summon.
    • Any guild member can purchase in the guild shop within their set allowance, but specific items will be restricted to certain conditions.

We’ve added the new Advisor and Cannoneer guild positions.

The Advisor position is granted even greater authority than the Guild Officer position, as the Advisor can even renew Guild Officer contracts. Guild Masters can appoint their most trusted Officer as an Advisor, and so we’ve added this position in hoping that it will allow for more flexible and convenient guild management.

Cannoneers are quite important for a guild that enjoys Node/Conquest Wars. We’ve added the Cannoneer position not only to identify that appointed guild member as the Cannoneer, but to grant them some bragging rights, too. At the moment, there are no special powers specific to this position. However, we are currently in the middle of preparing something.

We plan on developing even more positions to diversify the roles of guild members in their respective guilds. We are especially taking into consideration how to make each position unique, so we ask for much of your suggestions and feedback as well.

  • Improved the Navigate feature for areas bordering Valencia and the desert.
  • The number of Total Likes for all Chat Groups will be reset on October 21 (Wednesday) maintenance.
    • Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons will receive a temporary title for 90 days for their diligent participation.
    • Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons in any of the 20 Hall of Adventurers Chat Groups will receive temporary titles as well.
    • Please check the full announcement .

[Game World]

  • A new Dairy Cow Ranch will be added near Grána in Kamasylvia during next maintenance on October 21, 2020. Thus, the location of the upcoming dairy cow ranch will be changed from its current status as a “Combat Zone” to a “Safe Zone” with today’s maintenance and any garden fences and crops planted in this location have been removed and moved to Heidel Storage.


  • Fixed the issue where the voices of Viorencia Odore, Yamu, and Salanar in O’dyllita were not being played.

[By Class]

  • Black Spirit: Thunder Storm – Fixed the issue where a combo from Voltaic Pulse to Thunder Storm would not activate the skill.
  • Added a feature which allows you to sell all junk items in a character’s Inventory at once.
    • A button for selling all junk items will appear on the bottom of the Inventory UI when activating the Shop menu with an NPC.
    • When you click on the Sell button, all the junk items inside the Inventory will be sold.
    • This feature will also be available for Guild junk items sold for Guild Funds, but only through Guild Shop NPC’s.
    • This feature will also be available for junk items for Crow Coins, but only through Crow Coin Shop NPC’s.
  • Fixed the issue at Olun’s Valley where golems summoned by Olun’s Golem would occasionally appear from beneath the ground.
  • Improved the location of the refresh button on top of the event window to be more visible.
  • Fixed the issues where the Archer and Shai Skill Enhancement UI was displayed abnormally
  • [Witch] Fixed the graphical issue on the ankle part of the Weenie Looney outfit.
  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue where the shoes would not be displayed when wearing the Calpheon Noble Dress.
  • [Sorceress] Fixed the issue where the right gloves would disappear when wearing the Dobart Gloves while equipped with a main weapon.
  • Fixed the issue where the knowledge icon of an NPC unobtainable from O’draxxia and Starry Midnight Port would appear.
  • Fixed the issue where conversation buttons would appear under certain circumstances when they shouldn’t when interacting with Tunn Verdun, the Node Manager of Mountain of Division.
  • O’draxxia’s Skill Instructor icon was fixed in the World Map to properly indicate the Skill Instructor.
  • [Maehwa, Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Sorceress, Witch] Fixed the graphical issue on the skirt which occurs during Imperial Packing and Gathering when wearing the Venecil Dress.
  • [Kunoichi, Mystic, Dark Knight, Ranger, Shai] Fixed the graphical issue when wearing the Vediras Outfit.
  • [Archer] Fixed the graphical issue where the hat part would look awkward when wearing the New Year Hanbok Outfit.
  • [Berserker] Fixed the graphical issue where the hair part would look awkward when wearing the Lahr Arcien Helmet.
  • [Witch] Fixed the issue where certain hairstyles wouldn’t allow the equipped Cantabile Headband to be dyed.
  • Fixed the issue where you could participate in a Red Battlefield that had less than 10 minutes remaining.
  • We are aware of the issue where the [Striker] New Year Hanbok Outfit Set is not showing the hat and outfit parts separately at the Pearl Shop.
  • We are aware of the issue where crystals transfused into Pearl outfits sometimes cannot be extracted. This issue will be resolved shortly.

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