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Black Desert Mobile – 17.12.2019 Patch Notes | ITS OUT NOW !

Tis the season in Black Desert Mobile for the holiday celebrations to begin! The festive mood is in full swing with a new theme, some jolly quests, and events now being live in this week’s update. Check out the details of the patch (and how you can deck yourself out for the celebrations too!)※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


The holiday season is here!

Let the celebrations for the festive holidays begin!

Feel the festive themes in the Camp, Node Manager, and towns.

The BGM has also been changed to suit the seasonal holiday.

Period: After 12/17 maintenance – Until 12/31, 23:59 (all servers).

New Outfit: Noel Armor Outfit
Period  After maintenance on 12/17 (Tuesday) – 2020/1/7 (Tuesday), 23:59
Price  960 Pearls
Purchase Limit  No limit


New Pet: Snowkid
Period  After maintenance on 12/17 (Tuesday) – 2020/1/7 (Tuesday), 23:59
Price  400 Pearls
Purchase Limit  No limit



– Made improvements to item grades when selling items to vendors.

– Fixed an issue where the item descriptions were not showing when receiving quest rewards.

– Improved the detection and censoring of prohibited words when accessing content (chat, name creation, etc.).


– Reduced the overall time when exiting the camp.


– Changed the rewards of Blood Kin quests so that they are different based on your Black Spirit level.


– The effects of red Spoils of Battle has been improved.



– Fixed an issue with Adventurer’s Fame rankings not showing properly.

– The reward box for Adventurer’s Fame has been changed.

– The wording for “Rank 1” in Adventurer’s Fame Reward pop-up window has been fixed.

– Fixed an issue where the Add Friend list would be in two rows.

– Fixed an issue with the number of [Raw Sugar] and [Horse Taming Rope] items not showing properly in areas where horses can be tamed.

– Fixed an issue where the Gather icon will occasionally not show properly.

– Removed the ‘Store Food’ button for fish that cannot be stored.

– Fixed an issue where the Blacksmith window would occasionally appear instead of the Adventurer’s inventory or Alchemy Lab window.

– Fixed a UI issue where in-game currency in [Pearl Shop] – [Pets] was not properly aligned.


– Fixed an issue where Ramoness matching would function abnormally and not match teams based on their average CP.

– Fixed an issue where transferring the enhancement of equipped items will show that equipped item in the inventory and not be equipped after Transfer Enhancement was performed.
– Fixed an issue where adventurers who have received exactly one recommendation will not show in the rankings.
– Fixed an issue where the weather in certain areas will change abnormally.

– Minimum device requirements for iOS has been updated to include the following devices: iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2


■ New Events (12/18, 08:55 UTC-8 Update)

– Mediah Pre-Release Event

– Treants’ Winter Mayhem Event

– Santa is Coming to Town This Winter Event

– Grand Launch Celebration Attendance Event


■ This week’s new products:

– Lucky Chest

– New Pet: Snowkid

– New Outfit: Noel Outfit

– Rookie Development Package

– Growth Support Package

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